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  1. I don't hate Gordon in the lineup, but I find that every hit is a surprise (that's not good). Since Gordon has versatility, lets keep him on the roster, but not at the expense of Kiriloff or Larnach (since he's hitting, this year) or Miranda (love him
  2. I think you are showing us that Columbe (with a b) will not continue his current good results unless he gains better control of his pitches. I say, keep him pitching against the bottom of the order guys, but take him out when the top of the order comes to bat.
  3. If they are pitching well now, keep them. If not, senfd them down. This means Thielbar might go down. This means Duffy could be released...nahhh - not going to happen.
  4. I agree with most people. Godoy has to stay until both Sanchez and Jeffers can catch. Celestino needs to play every day in St Paul. Larnach should go down when Kiriloff is ready. The one change I;d like to make is to send down Garlick and bring back Cave. Cave fields better, throws better and hits better even though his at a disadvantage vs lefties.
  5. Right now, only Grey is out, and hopefully he'll be back in the rotation, come summer. Give it another month and we'll know who we don't want to start for us...or we will be having a very happy summer.
  6. I thought Wes was brilliant last year. He had little to work with. Ober got better as the year progressed. Jax was usable, without real good stuff. Ryan did what Ryan does. All this in a terrible year. This year he has more to work with.
  7. I'd hope we can win 3 of 5 games against Det & TB and finish out the month with a + record. I don't remember us doing that once in '21.
  8. Since our pitchers are only pitching 2 times thru the batting order, why not eliminate the poorer performing pitchers and settle on the 4 best? That way Winder can have some help in long relief and perhaps Jhon Duran will get a chance to start. (I love him as a reliever, but I feel he may be too good to be used only in relief. Wouldn't you like to see our best pitchers more often? I understand that this may not be practical for OBer and RYan because of their youth and the desire to protect their arms, but since they are only pitching about 70- 80 innings or so, why not use them more often>
  9. Sano always has slow starts. Nothing new here. He'll heat up as the weather warms up.
  10. If Arraez can play first base, Gordon can play it better. Don't get me wrong, I love Arraez' bat, but his only position is 2b.
  11. Fortunately, it is so early in the season that we can't tell if these numbers are trends or aberations. Lets look at these again, at the end of May.
  12. After watching Kiriloff last year, I became convinced that he will be the most natural left-handed power hitter the Twins have had since Mauer & Morneau. I ain't worried at all.
  13. That was an interesting short update on some of our fast starting prospects. I hope yoou keep writing like this about the minors for those of us who otherwise wouldn't be up to date.
  14. Dump Garlick, Play Rooker. Rooker could be the Twins future.
  15. We will need 2 starters and 4 relievers from this group. hmmmmmmm. I don't see them? What are we gonna do??
  16. Not enough time for someone to stand out that fits the criterea. BTW - What is the criteria any way?
  17. Ryan did well, and that was a HUGE Red Flag for me. The coaches know these pitchers better than I do, so I guess if they think he should start for us, I guess I have to have faith. In any case, Ryan will never be looked at in the same way we looked at Franky, because of those 5 games he pitched in '21.
  18. I've been hoping for this move. I'd like to see how Archer does with Wes Johnson & company coaching him.
  19. I think having a 28 man April roster might affect the FO's thinking. Let the best pitching Minor Leaguers in ST go with the club and use them. The best one becomes the 5th Starter. Maybe Jax can use what he learned last year and prove to be a competent starter. I like what I've seen of Duran. Our pitching is what makes the late innings of ST games interesting. (btw. Why did we sign Cotton?)
  20. Yahoo! Yippee-Ki-Yay !! Wonderful !!! (In case you wondered, I like this deal. )
  21. Now the Twins need a spot for Arraez. Left field? (I hope not.) Will Polanco or Arraez be traded? Perhaps Miranda will be traded, since KF plays a Gold Glove 3b? Please, don't trade a major league hitter for any kind of hitter. Please.
  22. My immediate impression is YES!!!! We've got a solid fielding SS who is an OK hitter, and he will be able to fill the whole until the system can provide an upgrade. Its too bad about Garver, but we saw last year that he is replaceable. Please, let this be just the first of a flock of trades.
  23. I remember seeing Twins Daily being promoted on the Strib. (Maybe that was the TwinsCentric column.) Anyway, I read it and joined and I read you most every day since. By the way. The TD staff has done an excellent job providing content during this *!@#!!! lockout.
  24. Control. I hope they find out at what speed he can throw, while hitting his spots around the plate. Control is at least as important as speed. Once he has that control and then increases his speed... then we have a potential major league pitcher.
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