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  1. I still have my number 33 shirt from back in the day. I still occasionally we & ar it and think fondly of how he would drive doubles to left-center & right-center.
  2. Saturdays game shows why we do need to resign Big Mike for 2022. He throws this kind of game again and again. Perhaps this years injury will persuade him to come into camp next year in better shape. Perhaps being in better shape will make him less prone to injury. I can picture him consistantly pitching this kind of game for several years to come.
  3. 2 games does not a season make. I hope that next year I am writing: 1 season does not a career make.
  4. What does this mean? Fort Myers Mighty Mussels placed SS Keoni Cavaco on the temporarily inactive list
  5. This is all very interesting, however, it completely ignores the fact that most of these pitchers did not want to relocate to Minnesota. Their reasons may or may not have been valid, but it is my understanding that Minnesota wasn't even on the radar as a desirable place to play. Perhaps if the Twins had a better defense. I had hopes that Donaldson-Simmons on the left side would tighten up our defense, but alas, it was not to be so. Since the top pitchers would not move here, even if we matched their top-dollar offers, what strategy do we have left?
  6. and in his last outting he thru lots of ground balls. Thats what I wanted to see.
  7. What has happened in Cavaco's life? Was he emotionally ready for this huge change in living? Was he physically ready? Particularly after the lockdowns? How's his love life? Do the Twins have the people to help young players adapt and develop? Do the Twins have the people to help him grow into the player he might be? Baseball is a results oriented game. Perhaps Cavaco will never be ready to make the big leagues, but I want to know if the Twins are doing the right things to help him succeed.
  8. Your thoughts about Albers mirror mine. However, I am a bit more hopeful. I believe he can be a competent #5 starter for the next couple years, allowing us to focus on signing premier pitchers during the off-season.
  9. I always have to remind myself, that I don't know what is really happening with these guys. We only see the results of their day to day efforts. It is easy to mistake a lucky outting for a good outing & an unlucky outting for a bad outting.
  10. I am looking forward to watching this game. I fear, that no matter how he throws, the Twins will have him in the rotation next year and by the end of the year he will no longer be in the rotation. How many pitchers can you name that throw at this low velocity and find a permanent spot in a good rotation? I hope I am wrong.
  11. Reusse has been a negative writer from the beginning. Even back to his Pioneer Press days. When he is talking negative he is at his best (or worst) depending on your viewpoint.
  12. Don't be so quick to jettison Albers. He could be the Twins version of Jamie Moyers. Lets see what he does for the rest of the year.
  13. Closisng with Colome is as mistifying as leading off Kepler or batting Rooker 2nd. If Arraez is playing, he should be leading off. His OBP alone screams that.
  14. The current situation is terrible, but it does make for some interesting games.
  15. Celestino is a perfect example of our current "wait and see" Twins. They aren't going to win anything so we must watch and wait and see what they can do. Celestino is showing promise. So was Jax until the Yankees lit him up last night. Now we will have to wait and see what he does in his next start. Many players that looked like failures after their first exposure to MLB (see Berrios) come back and dominate. Let us hope that Celestino is one of those. We need more good hitting, speedy, good fielding players.
  16. Neither. Go for 1 reasonably priced arm and resign Pineda. Let Polanco play SS so Arraez can play 2B Lets see how these AAAA pitchers play out.
  17. Designate 60% of baseball revenues to the players union. The players union will then pay the players based on results from the previous season and time spent in MLB. This would mean that players would not move based on competitive bids from teams. This would mean that a team from a smaller population could compete with the large metro areas. This would probably mean less player movement and more fan loyalty. Lots of other interesting things would happen, but when players are paid based on production the emphasis will be put on productive baseball.
  18. I remember Carew when he was a rookie. He was good, I liked him, but he didn't show his magic bat until he had been in the league several years. With Arraez, I felt he was something special, right from the start. Maybe its because batting is so much more difficult now. Maybe its because I watched Carew during his best seasons and Arraez gave me memories of Carew. Maybe, its because Joe, wonderful as he was, gave off a different vibe, but Arraez gives me hope when he is at bat and hope is a wonderful thing to have.
  19. One can hope that this will provide him with a little humility to go along with the natural arrogance of an elite athlete. Perhaps the game will slow down a bit so he can find his stroke against all those breaking balls.
  20. Maybe for better and in some ways for worse. My wife watched the 91 highlights and she was surprised by the collisions at home and 2b. She doesn't want to see players hurt. Maybe now its better in that way.. An above poster mentioned that baseball tends to drift between the extremes. I think that is true but they had to lower the mound to bring back the balance last time (along with adding expansion teams which weakened the talent pool. Maybe moving back the pitching rubber 6" or a foot might bring the balance. However, I'd prefer to see players get paid more for hits and runs scored than for solo HomeRuns.
  21. Seriously folks. How many innings has Miranda played at SS in the minors? What makes anyone think he is a solution to the Twins SS needs?
  22. The way I see it, these pitchers did something in the minors to make their former clubs think they would be able to pitch at the major league level. All of them have a small sample size of innings pitched in the majors. Maybe one or more of them will find that magic sauce that will make them a competent major league pitcher. If they find one good one, great for Falvine. If they find 2 or more throw a parade and bring on the dancing girls.
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