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  1. So I must have missed this somewhere, but what was the impetus for making Gant a starter? Is it basically just an experiment since the season is shot anyway?
  2. You beat me to it, so I'll post my comment here and delete my thread.....
  3. I have ZERO issues with Donaldson. This team has needed someone to light a fire under their proverbial asses for some time....unfortunately, this particular team is a 9th Ward hoarder's house during Hurricane Katrina. Delmon Young has to be near the top of any list of unlikeable Twins.
  4. Dave Gassner Played at a golf course in Appleton, WI where his brother was working in the pro shop days before he made his first start. Gassner won that first start and I remember the brother saying how excited he was to go to Minneapolis to pitch his next start. How did that start go? 1.2 IP 6 H 4 ER I believe he was injured in that start and never seen or heard from again.
  5. Because this is the way sports work in Minnesota. If the Twins trade Buxton, he will rarely see the IL again and become David Ortiz 2.0.
  6. He'd have to be, wouldn't he? And don't look now, but I suspect Bailey Ober will be back soon considering Pineda's arm issues.
  7. I'd have to imagine Ian Hamilton and Danny Coulombe will be the next bullpen retreads to take the Green Line over.....
  8. Would he be worth a shot in the bullpen? Or is he more suited to starting since he doesn't throw gas?
  9. I'm really curious to see how Ober does today... He seems like a good option for some bullpen help.
  10. He's also the guy in your local golf league who has an $8,000 set of clubs, but can't hit the ball in the air. He also likes to tell everyone he has an $8,000 set of clubs.
  11. At this point, see what kind of prospects it would take to get Francisco Liriano and Ian Kennedy. I'd much rather run one of those two out there than Kohl Stewart.
  12. The Twins are 7-9 since retiring Joe Mauer's number. Somewhere Jim Souhan is laughing maniacally.
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