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Game Thread: Twins vs. Cleveland, 6/23/22 @ 12:10PM CT


Good morning Twins fans and welcome back to the ever popular Game Thread!

After last nights punch to the gut, the Minnesota Twins will try to put up a "W" in the win column to prevent a sweep from the Cleveland Guardians. Just typing that makes me sick to my stomach. I'm going to repeat what many here on Twins Daily have already echoed too many times this year, this bullpen needs some help.

Falvey and Levine, I know you read this site multiple times a day. Please hear our advice and bring some help to this bullpen. Bring up some younger arms or start making a few trades. This team has a ton of potential but please don't let it go to waste with an anemic bullpen...Please!

OK, enough complaining. Today's game features a pitching match up that could be interesting to watch. Taking the mound for the Twins today is lefty Devin Smeltzer (3-1, 3.52 ERA). Smeltzer will be competing against Cleveland's righty Zach Plesac (2-4, 4.41 ERA). I know a lot of people will be at work today but please don't be shy about commenting while at work. The Twins Daily website rarely comes up on any "NSFW" lists. If anyone gets push back from their IT department about the TD site just explain its a family oriented website that helps increase your productivity. 

Let's GO Twins!!

Today's lineups:


1. L. Arraez, 2B

2. C. Correa, SS

3. M. Kepler, RF

4. G. Sanchez, C

5. A. Kirilloff, DH

6. G. Urshela, 3B

7. T. Larnach, LF

8. J. Miranda, 1B

9. N. Gordon, CF

SP - Devin Smeltzer, LHP



1. O. Miller, 1B

2. A. Rosario, SS

3. J. Ramirez, DH

4. O. Gonzalez, RF

5. F. Reyes, LF

6. A. Gimenez, 2B

7. E. Clement, 3B

8. L. Maile, C

9. M. Straw, CF

SP - Zach Plesac, RHP

Weather: Partly cloudy and warm, 90 degrees, 6mph winds


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Verified Member
Just now, FlyingFinn said:

Why Kirilloff at DH and Miranda at 1B?

Agree. C'mon Roc...think about it a little bit. AK is much better defensively. Just baffling. 

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58 minutes ago, twinssporto said:

My pick-to-click today is Larnach.  Huge day coming!

Huge day for Cleveland, today they start separating from the rest of the division. The Twins won’t get first place back. I predict by the end of next week the Twins are 5 games back. Does anybody really think Smeltzer is a major league pitcher… only on the Twins

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Community Leader
1 minute ago, Irishman said:

Why didn’t Buxton play lately?   Hurt again?  How did he get hurt?

Still the same knee injury that they've been managing for most of the season.  Appears that he's had a setback with it.

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Community Leader
2 minutes ago, Mill1634 said:

Is game day tripping or has there been a 5+ minute break for some reason between innjngs

I haven't had any issues.

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Community Leader
5 minutes ago, Vanimal46 said:


I wonder how much another series with Cleveland influences that.  I have to imagine quite a bit.  If they can't have him for that 5 game set, what does another couple of days on the active roster really cost them?

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