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  1. Remember David Ortiz!!!!!!! When he was oft injured, Twins decided to let him go. As Red Sox player David Ortiz was playing like a MVP. Sign him or I am not watching Twins game!
  2. Sign him or I will not watch Twins game! If Twins trade Buxton, then I’m done with Twins.
  3. Johan Santana, Tony Olivia and Jim Kaat should be in HOF. Must be conspiracy!
  4. I’m in favor of firing Falvey and Levine. Both Falvey and Levine ruined the team. Their draft strategy failed. The scouts failed. All the Pohlad family want is MONEY!! Unless Falvey and Levine are fired, I will not come watch the Twins game.
  5. Rob Manfred might be ordering umpires to help Yankees win today. If Yankees are not in playoff games, MLB lose money. That’s conspiracy!
  6. Yankees and Dodgers would fight against any hard salary cap and hard salary floor. I’m all for it. I would think the agents and MLBPA union would oppose these hard salary caps. Those players’ salaries are out of control.
  7. Yankees owning Twins for years. I’m tired of it. Yankees should be subjected to contraction next season. I don’t care about Yankees anymore. Yankees should be gone. Any time Yankees are out of the playoffs, I would be happiest man in the world. Screw Yankees!
  8. I think Joe Ryan is rising star. Don’t be surprised if the Twins trade Joe Ryan in 5 years.
  9. I’m not impressed with Falvey and Levine. I don’t have any confidence in them at all. Poor job by Falvey and Levine. I think in 2022 Twins will be as same as this season. I will not renew mlb.tv next season.
  10. Lousy pitchers killed Twins. FO and scouting department should be overhauled.
  11. This season Twins pitching is mess. And too many players are injured. Pitching coach, strength and.conditioning coach should be replaced.
  12. FO should be overhauled. Baldelli and pitching coach should be fired.
  13. Ex-twin. Frank Viola said in stribune sports that wrong leadership equal no chance to succeed. I think he is right. FO needs to be replaced.
  14. Barracough needs to go. His ERA is about 10.00. He is not that good! This year the Twins pitching is a mess. Wondering how FO will fix the pitching for next season.
  15. I’ve never seen so many pitchers on Twins IR. My Gosh!
  16. I don’t see any elite prospects in AA and AAA. Maybe Ryan would be a good one. Who knows?
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