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  1. We shouldn't forget he would have been an all star if not for all the bad outings.
  2. Don't forget Flavine are smarter than everyone else so it must be a good move. Six years in and 0-6 in the playoffs.
  3. Nice of the sox to start a batting practice pitcher.
  4. They won't play in the first round so several days off for them. But don't disagree with you.
  5. He went down on a knee and the ball still went through his legs. He looks like a DH to me.
  6. Checked out Dior and it's about 20 times what you pay at Target. So if he just shopped at Target he wouldn't need so much money and Target is one of us.
  7. Ohtani is a free agent after next year if you were Jim Pohlad, with billions of dollars, make him a 10 yr $500 million offer?
  8. This kind of weather will make it hard for the Twins to sign Ohtani when he hits free agency.
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