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  1. Gonna miss Buxton,,,,Wish they would just pay the guy.
  2. Clear that Gordon at short is really bad for team defense. Everyone else plays like crap must be his fault.
  3. Good thing Simmons is in the lineup so they can better decide if they want to bring him back next year.
  4. Amazing how this team can fail to play up to a little league standard of play. It really makes the coaching look bad.
  5. Why does Simmons play evry day????? Waive the guy and move on.
  6. They must think a lot of the .172 BA Cave has they didn't have room for Wade and Baddoo. Try Gordon at SS for the rest of the season give him a chance, maybe he fails but give him the chance to fail don't just assume it.
  7. Simmons should have gone on waivers after the trade deadline passed. No need for him or Cave to take up a roster spot anymore. Start playing for next year.
  8. Rocco what's the point of taking him out now? Let him suffer like we are!
  9. Pitching coach "you suck" but we don't have anyone better so good luck.
  10. Is there a good reason for Cave to be playing at this point of a lost season?
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