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Who's your favorite Twin in 2014

Paul Pleiss

It used to be easy for me. I never really had to think about it. When I was little my favorite player was Kirby Puckett. Puck retired after the 95 season and I got away from the game a bit while I was growing up. Radke was my favorite, but I wasn't close to the game. And as I got older, and came back to baseball as an adult, I fell in love again; Michael Cuddyer was my favorite Twin, year after year from 2004 until his departure following 2011. #5. And then he was gone.


In the years since Cuddy has been out of Minnesota, it's been hard for me to settle on a favorite player. in 2012 I was all excited about Brian Dozier and that silky smooth head of hair, but I soured on him a bit, even after he moved over to the right side of the infield and started showing some skills with his bat. I've never been a Joe Mauer guy, and as much as I like Glen Perkins, it's hard for me to get excited about and latch onto a relief pitcher. In 2013 I again put my faith in a young exciting player and Aaron Hicks didn't do much to keep my affections (I am, however, still a big Aaron Hicks fan, i expect big things from him in 2014).


This season I've settled on Mike Pelfrey. I can't explain it. I'm excited for Big Pelf. He's like a miniature sasquatch. I want him to do well. I like how quick he's been pitching this spring, and I just feel like I can compell him to do well in 2014.


Who's your favorite this season?

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Cuddyer was my all-time favorite. I now have settled on Dozier as "my guy". I have a half-dozen that I will cheer a bit harder for--Gibson, Pinto, Duensing, Burton (met his grandparents), Perkins, and Plouffe--and some have pretty good stories--Colabello & Pelfrey--so they are easy to root for.

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I love Arcia and his zeal for the game. He's got swagger, and he has fun. I love watching him trot around the bases making the "O" shape with his hands above his head. I hope to see a lot more of that this year.

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Joe Mauer. Even though he doesn't hit home runs or eat new born babies :(




Joe didn't eat his own new born babies, but have you seen the infant death rate in Minnesota since his arrived with the big league ball club? It's up, WAY UP! I suspect bi-lateral leg weakness was a result of not eating enough new born babies, but I've been unable to confirm or deny through my network of sources.

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There's too many to name, it's hard to narrow it down. I know I criticize the team and its players all the time, but I truly want to see them do well. Last year my guy was Dozier. I loved the progress I saw out of him last year.


This year, I'm really pulling for Aaron Hicks to figure it out. I think he was overwhelmed last year and he clearly has the tools. I really want to see him put it together. Good start today!


Another guy I love on this team is Colabello. He's got one of the best road to the big leagues stories I've heard. Today when he got the first hit of the season, I said to my roommate that if they were to make a movie about him, that's the end of it. Great story.


The pitcher I was extremely excited to see make the team is Kyle Gibson. As a former top prospect who's gone through a lot of adversity, I really want to see him succeed in a make or break year of sorts. I think he has the talent to become a solid 3-4 in the future rotation slotting in behind Meyer and Stewart.


The last guy I want to mention that I get excited about is Eduardo Escobar. I love his personality on the field and think he's a better option today than Pete Florimon. If given the chance I think he could be a semi-valuable role player. I'm all aboard Brad Swanson's #Eddie400 bandwagon!

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Hicks - This guy has all the tools to be a very good and exciting MLB player

Deduno - I enjoy watching him pitch

Florimon - I enjoy watching him play SS

Pinto - I hope he turns out to be a really good MLB hitter. I liked what I saw from him last year at the plate


But there's obviously a bunch of other players I like as well, Mauer, Perkins, I was a big Burton fan until he took a step backwards last year. Dozier is improved and is growing on me. I didn't mind Kubel when he was a Twin before. I enjoyed watching Willingham and Plouffe put balls into the seats a couple of years ago. I hope they both have rebound seasons.


I hope Buxton, Meyer and Sano turn out to be good ones for us.

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I love the Collabello story but my favorite is probably Aaron Hicks mostly because I want to see if he can rebound from last year's adversity.


But ask again at the AS break because a new favorite may have emerged.

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