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  1. With his performance so far in St. Paul? Probably.
  2. How does this season affect the Rule 5 Draft/eligibility for the Rule 5 Draft?
  3. 1.) Where are you from? Born on the banks of the Mississippi wedged between two twin cities, raised among the northern pines, I now reside on the west side of the nation where the pacific winds warm my sol....ar panels. 2.) Age Range? I entered the world during the Carter administration, in a month that begins in "July". 3.) What brought you to Twins Daily? Elaysian fields--->BYTO--->Twins "more times than healthy" Daily 4.) Highest level of baseball/softball played? High school/travel ball baseball. Rec league softball. 5.) Favorite Twins Player, and favorite underappreciated Twins p
  4. He couldn't even be offered one under the current system.
  5. This is my favorite game ever. I'm pretty sure of that statement.
  6. Why does Blackburn's jersey say "Light" on the back of it?
  7. He tweaked his lower back a couple of days ago. http://puckettspond.com/2016/09/13/minnesota-twins-one-night-full-of-up-and-down/
  8. Hunter to bench coach. Arica to lf. Eddie to rf.
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