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    I'm currently living in the rain and beer filled city of Seattle. The baseball out here is bad, but not as had as it has been for my hometown Minnesota Twins. If you're ever out this way shoot me a message and we'll get together for a beer and to talk baseball for a bit.
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  1. Give me a kasota gold top and ditch the red jerseys forever. Put strips on the road grays, and give me the two time WS winning M cap at least on alternate days. Maybe A blue cap with a gold M to pair with the Kasota gold top. Maybe never wear red again. Anywhere. Kasota gold and blue only
  2. Would have loved to see the Twins do the Baez deal that landed him in Detroit. Story could be a good candidate to bring in, but I don't like his upside towards the end of whatever contract it would take to bring him to MN.
  3. I'm looking forward to the continuing trend of new voices on Twins broadcast teams. Bremer, you're next, thanks for all you've done, but it's time to hang them up. Marney and Morny 2021!
  4. It seemed to me you lived your life like a candle in the wind... raise your glasses and toast to what MAY have been a great season. Maybe Perk will rebound. Maybe the Twins will find a starter or two on the scrap heap. Maybe 2017 isn't lost before it's even begun. But for Trevor May, it is.
  5. On a day when the organization lost Trevor May for the season +, it's good to have something to be happy about.
  6. I don't think the Twins tanked. I think they may have slowed their recovery by truly embracing a plan of building for the future, but I don't think they tanked. They went from a division winning team to the bottom of the barrel thanks to some bad injuries, and a "window" of opportunity closing. They're not a Billy Beane team, they don't play to be competitive every season. They appear to me to be a team building for a window, betting on the future. But they didn't tank, at least not the way the Astros did, but maybe no one has ever tanked the way the Astros did.
  7. I don't believe in Luck either, but it has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Yaweh, Buddah or any other gods out there. This team will succeed based on the way they perform. It'll seem flukey some times, and things will go great and terrible at times, but it won't be luck, just coincidence. Physics too. I think this team regresses from their 2015 record, but not by much. They'll be bad early, and better after the break, building to what should be a serious post-season run in 2017. I just don't know if they're good enough to beat some of the powerhouses that I think we'll see in the NL, where things really are boom or bust.
  8. Mike, Mr. Bates, sir, I'd sign them all. But I don't think anyone would take those dollar amounts in todays game. Update that 5 years and 15 million, and three team options for 10/mil a piece and now we've got a debate. I still don't know who takes that. Duffy, yes, but I wouldn't offer, Berrios (maybe, he is so high on himself he may prefer to ride it out), Sano, no, Buxton... maybe, but hard to see him giving potentially 8 years to MN for 45 mil. But he's young, and would still have considerable earning power after those 8 years were up. Yikes. Now we're thinking. I think Kepler takes it, but I'm no sure Minnesota would be willing to offer after so little MLB experience, even if the man does look to be the real deal. And Rosario, I wouldn't offer that deal, but I think he'd he inclined to take it if the Twins offered.
  9. I'm an Eduardo supporter (well, Escobar anyway, not Nunez). I like his chances to be a consistent, albeit unflashy, solid player up the middle for the Twins. I still enjoy watching FranKKKKKie pitch, and he's done well since leaving Minnesota, but having a guy you can trust at SS day in and day out is something to relish, and something not seen in Minnesota for the better part of a decade. I'll take Eddie everyday, and twice on double-headers.
  10. I wouldn't have given Zook the first extension, and I would have allowed Dozier to go year-to-year with the Twinks. I understand the idea of "cost certainty" with Dozier, but the Twins took on a lot of risk for the hope of saving a couple million. Bonkers of a deal without an option or buying out at least one FA year. Zook would be a great back-up catcher, but I don't know if he's ready to accept that role, and quite frankly, I think you can get a back up catcher on the market without much work. As much as I loathed Drew Butera when he was wearing the Twins colors, I miss having him around. I was pretty stoked for him to catch the last pitch of the World Series last fall. There are Drew Butera types out there. Let's hope the Twins go find one, or promote the ones coming from within the org. Bye bye Zook! Brian Dozier is the new Michael Cuddyer? I don't know. He's great with the fans, and one of my favorite Twins with both Morneau, Revere and Hicks having left the organization. I think the Twins could move him if things are looking bleak at the mid-summer classic, but I don't know what they would return. he's been considerably less valuable in the 2nd half of the last couple seasons, and while he's a consistent everyday player, I don't know that there's a lot of upside. Maybe he's the right piece for a contender down the stretch. I don't know. This team could use his consistency if they truly hope to compete in 2016-2018. In summation, don't extend either. Let the cards fall where they may.
  11. While I think it's a great idea to ask exactly how bad those three K's looked (first two swining), I cringe every time Park and Nishi are mentioned together, even if in this situation it's only to bring up images of the seemingly lost Nishi at the plate.
  12. Is there any hope that he returns to the starting rotation, or is he entrenched as a reliever now?
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