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  1. It's making me feel old that I even remember where that joke came from.
  2. That joke is from, what 2002? It's almost old enough to vote.
  3. Gotta hand it to the bullpen, with out them these games wouldn't be close.
  4. So why was Eades sent down for Romero? Eades has been downright competent so far.
  5. I'm following along on game-day, so I don't how accurate it is all the time, but hasn't Rosario swung at a number of pitches well out of the strike-zone today?
  6. Eades getting the job done with only mild heart burn. Trending in the right direction!
  7. No, you're right, I was thinking of Brian Bass. I got my Basses mixed up.
  8. I feel like every time a Twins reliever gives up a run, everyone should start sarcastically chanting "Kimbrel! Kimbrel! Kimbrel!"
  9. The problem with Royce is that he has not shown any improvement. Since June 1st is hitting .240/.235/.280. In 51 PAs he has not drawn a single walk and hit only a pair of doubles. In terms of OPS, he's actually regressed throughout the year.
  10. Rooker seems to be turning the corner at AAA... Look out! Including tonight's game, he's had an even 50 PA since June 1st. In those 50 PA he's struck out only 12 times, drawn 12 walks (24%), and hit .429/.540/.629!
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