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  1. since 2002 a Minnesota Twins fan My favorite player's history is Brad Radke - Lew Ford - Kevin Slowey - Joe Mauer - Alex Kirilloff
  2. Former Twins player Byungho Park (2016~17) plays for the KBO Kiwoom Heroes. Last season, 0.280 / 0.399 / 0.560 // 33HR(1st) 98RBI (7th) K-WAR (6th)
  3. Chris Colabello + Kyle Gibson and Kevin Slowey (MIA)
  4. Though I live far away from you, I will support you all the time. S.Korea Twins Fan
  5. Alex Myer Kohl Stewart Jose Berrios Trevor May Ryan Eades Mason Melotakis J.T. Chargois Lewis Thorpe Logan Darnell B.J. Hermsen
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