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  1. I've seen numerous posters that want to trade Keppler, not sure what he is worth in trade if anything until he proves he is healthy. My guess is that he is our RF when the season starts and Wallner is in AAA.
  2. Wallner was brought up in 2022 to replace Kepler in RF and get his feet wet, who said anything about him backing up Buxton???? Not me. Gordon and Celestino backed up CF in 2022 and that probably continues in 2023.
  3. I bet Wallner can produce what Hicks would at a fraction of the price.
  4. My guess is that Kepler gets a final shot to reclaim RF with Wallner in the wings at AAA.
  5. 21 players, Ryan Jeffers will earn his contract with no back-up catcher.
  6. Ober's destiny may be the BP but I bet the Twins will give him a chance to prove he can stay healthy first. I think its more likely Maeda is move to the BP.
  7. Guys like Ober, Winder, and Varland are still considered SPs at this point. They cannot stay stretched out in the BP and expected to spot start. I expect Ober to make the Twins starting rotation and Winder / Varland start at AAA assuming Mahle is healthy. Maeda is the wild card and could go either way.
  8. Varland and Winder are still SPs at this time and will be in AAA until needed.
  9. Could be but highly unlikely, I think Correa is the only one gone and not because I don't like what he brings, he is just too expensive. If they think Lewis will be back mid-season slide Polanco over there until he is.
  10. He does have 3 more years of team control so no extension is likely, but he should get a nice pay raise from his 2022 salary of $2,125,000. I think he deserves a 100% pay raise but it's not my money.
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