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  1. Agreed, but I don't think that this is the right trade to make. Hopefully better trade options become available closer to mid-season or sooner. I am definitely not against the Twins making a trade for a good pitcher, I just want them to to be smart about it.
  2. Hard pass on David Price and I'm not sure it would be in the best interest of the Twins to give up a lot for Mookie Betts as he would be a one year rental. Besides, the Twins already have Buxton, Kepler and Rosario etc. I'd rather see an investment made in an elite pitcher, if anything.
  3. The Twins are out on Josh Donaldson because they don't want to increase their offer by another $20-30 Million to meet his demands. Donaldson is a good player, but the Twins need to draw the line somewhere. I'd rather see that money invested in an ace starting pitcher, if the Twins are ever able to acquire or sign one.
  4. Yes, his eye at the plate was both incredible and undeniable.
  5. Gardy muttering to himself all the way to the mound.
  6. It seems like the Twins have scored a lot of runs with 2 outs tonight, which is definitely a good thing.
  7. Jonathan Schoop hit that timely 2 run home run for all of the haters that said he wasn't clutch.
  8. I agree, he has a great eye at the plate and has the highest OBP on the team. He could definitely hit higher in the line up. However, the Twins have such a deep line up, it almost doesn't seem to matter what the batting order is. When everyone is healthy, the entire line up is pretty solid.
  9. With the inconsistent home plate umpiring and bad pitching, it's incredible that the Twins were able to put themselves in a position to either tie or win the game with one swing, late in the game. Exciting finish and disappointing loss, but hopefully the Twins find a way to start winning these close games soon. Pitching absolutely has to get better.
  10. Unbelievable. I don't think I've ever seen a player injure his left hand by swinging and missing the ball before. Also, what are the odds of Cruz and Sano both injuring their left hands in the same inning? Hopefully Sano iand Cruz are both okay. Nice to see the Twins get a couple of runs back. Arraez is $.
  11. I felt all along that at minimum the Twins should get one high end starter and two high end bullpen arms. They did not get a starter and they did not get two high end bullpen arms. I'm fine with counting Dyson as one of them and I"m fine with Romo being added to the roster, but I was hoping for someone a bit better than Romo for that second bullpen spot. In other words, I feel that the Twins only filled 1 of the 3 spots. It would have been great if the Twins could have at least gotten one of Giles/Smith/Vazquez in addition to Romo and Dyson, but nobody acquired them, so I suppose it's not the end of the world. As for starting pitching, there was Greinke who has a massive contract and doesn't want to play in Minnesota, Stroman, who the Blue Jays possibly sold cheaper to the Mets than what the Twins may have been willing to give them, then there's Aaron Sanchez, who's stats have slipped since 2016. It seemed like an odd trade deadline. The Twins did okay given all of the circumstances, but at the end of the day, I still think I would have liked to have seen the Twins acquire another pitcher or two. The one positive about this deadline is that the Twins were able to get a couple of good bullpen arms without giving up the farm. The Twins' farm system is still in good shape.
  12. The Blue Jays were sellers too, but didn't trade Smoak or Giles either. If the Twins would have acquired Giles and Smith on top of Romo and Dyson, it would have really solidified the Twins' bullpen. Romo and Dyson are nice acquisitions, but I"m not convinced that they'll put the Twins over the top.
  13. The lack of high end talent and depth in the bullpen remains the same as well, which will be their kryptonite in the playoffs, if they don't get some high end arms for their bullpen. The Yankees series was a great measuring stick. This has nothing to do with gambling. It has everything to do with putting themselves in a position to be successful (win a World Series).
  14. ...and without giving themselves a real shot at winning a World Series this year, despite having the most powerful line up in the MLB.
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