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  1. I logged in the first time in over a year just to answer the question of why? The answer for me is baseball has become woke and politicized and because of that I no longer watch nor do I support it. Before you label me a fairweather fan...i never missed a game not in the mid 90s and not in the 2000s. I loved the Twins and baseball in the order. Didnt care how bad or good they were...loved them anyway. No more. I'm sure I am not the only one...yes I still check box scores sometimes but thats bout it. Yes I stay logged out but sometimes come on the site but not like I used to. I have totally lost interest in professional sports
  2. Does anyone have any idea why Bailey didn't start? Does he have some sorr of issue?
  3. I would go to the game. If its okay to go to restaurants and walmart and 7 11 I would go to a baseball game as long as sellable seats were adequately spaced
  4. 1. I love baseball. I go to baseball sites to get opinions on baseball because the the people that run these sites generally have outside the box non cookie cutter BASEBALL OPINIONS and I'm entertained by them. 2. If I want to read about world news or the stock market I don't go to ESPN. That would be silly and I would be disappointed and broke. 3. Last time I checked, this is a free country. Nick can write what he wants, its good to be the king. I'm sure he was aware the fallout would be nuclear but thought it was worth it. 4. Last time I checked it was a free country. If Kep doesnt want to be a role model and doesnt want to follow politics and just wants to play baseball and live his life thats his right. No reason to call him out for it because you feel jilted or disappointed your heros arent what you want them to be. 5. Lastly the comments here by some of the moderators saying the people commenting show why the article needed to be written....please. Just stop. Its a free country. People are going to be and do what they are. You cant control everything. I for one, am sick and tired of Hollywood know it alls and condescending news casters telling me how I should think and believe simply because they think and believe a certain way.
  5. Come on now. This is a baseball site the last time I checked. We are continually bombarded by what is going on in the news everytime we turn around. We should have someplace to go to where only one thing matters....baseball. No politics, no religion, no anything. Just baseball. Thats it.
  6. Nice article. Pretty sure that Viola trade happened in Aug 1989 tho.
  7. I dont think the owners would go for it but I would love to see the baseball games played some how some way even if fans werent allowed in stadiums
  8. Also I feel Madison Bumgardner has his best and very very good years behind him and I was not terrible interested in signing him either as I felt that purely equal value in numbers could be found elswhere
  9. To be honest, as a fan, I don't want to hear about how we will do something at the trade deadline. Also to be fair, I have no interest in spending that money on Ryu due to his injury history, and the same applies to Stasburg. Cole was never realistic at 300 million plus. Wheeler in my opinion was the best bet out of all of them to succeed at the contract. He is the one we missed. If it were up to me I would sign Walker and Wood and Donaldson and try to trade for somebody like Jon Gray.
  10. Isnt Maybin the Yankee who openly mocked Dobnak on Twitter after the series? If so, I think I'll pass.
  11. I think I would rather have Story than Arrendo
  12. That really isnt much to give up for Kluber. The Twins equivilant would be what...Cave and Stashek?
  13. I would rather get a known quantity like Donaldson for third and shift Sano to first, especially if the plan is not to spend big money on pitching
  14. I dont think payroll is necessarily indicitive of success but I think they are looking at 135 to 140
  15. I would personally pass on Yates for that price for a trade. Would rather see Brusdar in the pen and then sign Will Smith. Leave Yates and Kinzler for other teams. If you sign Will Smith for 3yrs/48 mil instead of trading for Yates and signing Kinzler your payroll is still only around 138 mil
  16. Price shouldnt be an issue. If you guess that Grandel gets 20mil a yr, and we sign him instead of cron, then you are basically not paying Cron 8 mil and your not signing Castro back at 6 mil a yr. So you are looking at upgrading to Grandel at the cost of 6 mil for next yr. Not sure of future years but for next year? I would be a fan. Plus, the roster flexibility would be incredible. Assuming Willians is the 26th man we would have 3 players for catcher 6 for first base 4 for second base 2 for ss 4 for third base 4 for left 3 for center 3 for right 4 for DH Essentially the only position player tied to a single position would be cruz at DH. You could make the argument Polonco could only play short but I would be surprised not to see him at second base at all
  17. I still love the thought of not signing Cron or Castro and instead signing Yasmani Grandel. Garver could play first as could Grandel as could Sano. Third base could ve covered by a combination of players currently on the roster. But....i suppose the money is better spent on pitching
  18. He would primarily play catcher. He played first base for the Brewers this year. Garver and Sano could also play first base
  19. I still think you let Cron and Castro walk. Assuming Yasmani Grandel mutual option is declined by either him or the brewers, sign him. You then have one of the most flexible rosters in MLB with a bench of: Marwin Adrianza Williams Austidillo Cave/Wade
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