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How do you solve a problem like Correa?

Doc Munson



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If you get the headline 3 points for you!!


Obviously Correa is ZERO problem.  BUT he is a bit of a conundrum.  There were some level or reporting earlier that Correa may have been interested in signing long term.  This had to have been pure hope.  He never considered it.


The "Problem"  though is...   Do the Twins treat him like a 1 year flier, and "make a run" this year and let him walk?  or do they see if they can get top dollar in a trade?

Problem #1: Keep and contend

The Twins are not built overall to truly contend this year. Our Pitching is no where near in position to be a quality staff on a contending team.  Sure we have a pretty good shot at winning the division, but if you are willing to put big money down that the Twins will win a series or two in playoffs, I would love to take your money.  SO then you have to ask yourself... Is our cieling demosntrably better wit Correa than without? If you thin ultimately we go only so far regardless, then you MUST look for a trade.


Problem #2 What is his value?

Yes he is one of the top players in all of baseball, and yes he does have 2 more years of potential "control", so there is always a CHANCE he could opt in and the recieveing team gets him for more than 1 year. which woudl significantly improve trade value. otherwise he is "just" a rental. This diminishes his value.


Problem #3: What team needs him?

First it needs to be a contender. Second, needs to be a contender who has a need at SS. Third they need to be a contender with a need at SS who has quality prospects to trade.

SO, who could possibly fall into this scenario?

There is ONE team that checks all these boxes!!!  (ok maybe a few, but oen who it woudl have the BIGGEST impact on!!)


The Cardinals are just 1 game out of 1st, and currently own a WC spot. one of the biggestholes they have is SS.  They are a HUGE baseball town!! They are in a WIN NOW season!!! with it being the last years of Waino, Yadi and Pujols. there would be a HUGE public interest to have them go out with a bang!!  Also with the Big Three retiring that clear s$30M nest year, which makes Correa's $35M affordable.

Cardinals Have some great top propsects.  including Jordan Walker.


Why woudl the Cards trade Walker? he is a STUD!!!


Well First they are getting the reigning MVP and Platinum Glove SS in Correa, they get a PROVEN superstar in excheange for a POTENTIAL superstar. Seconly Walker is 3B, Oh by the way the Cards have something called Nolan Arrenado currently mannign 3B. Ok, move one of them to 1B you say, oh  ok how about something called Paul Goldschmidt.  They also have Nolan Gorman who is a 3B/2B prospect.

So trading for Correa gives them an infield to contend this year and future years of Arrenado, Correa, Gorman, Goldschmidt.



Finally, How do you maximize Correa's value? Simple renegotiate his contract to build in a trade kicker that comes into play if opts in to BOTH of the remaining years.  say it is a $10M kicker that is split between the Twins and the team that picks him up.  This gets Correa $45M per year on a short 2 year deal. So a team like the cardinals can A: Afford $40M on a short deal to secure Correa, B: have a big positional need. C : have a PR opportuity, and D : have the blocked prospects to swing a deal.



And as a remainder, NO anyone the Twins trade him to will nto give up MLB experienced top pitching., as any team takng on Correa will be a contending team and not move their quality pitching.  SO... IF we will not get pitching back, then why not shoot for one of the top position prospects in all of baseball.


Lets go get Jordan Walker!!




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I would challenge your last claim that NO team would trade MLB pitching that would take on Correa.  If you recall a few years ago Cleveland traded away their top starting pitcher for offense.  They were so deep in pitching they knew they could give up one of them at the top of their value for a win now player.  I would agree it is rare and unlikely, but pretty sure Yankees could afford to give up one of their guys, you only need 4 in the playoffs and they run 5 deep right now. Not saying we should trade with them, but pointing some teams would be willing to part with MLB ready starters. 

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#1 - I don't think that they'd trade Walker. 

#2 - If they do, they won't trade Walker straight up for Correa. A Walker trade you'd be looking at trading Kiriloff & Martin together with Correa. I wouldn't do that trade for a future 3B(we have a bunch) for a certified present SS with players like Kiriloff & Martin to boot.

#3- We have a very legitimate chance for post season maybe better than STL. Our rotation has potential (it just needs to be managed a little better). If become a buyer instead of a seller we can pick up a bonafide SP and closer (Marquez/ Bard) we'd be sitting pretty well for PS.

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Even if you believe the Twins are not built to compete or that they couldn't compete, there would have to be a team in the AL Central who was clearly built to lead the way, and there isn't right now.

The 1987 Twins team was mediocre and they won the World Series. It's a long shot, but until the Twins look to be well out of the division lead, Correa is not going to be traded. This is probably the 10th "Trade Correa" topic I've seen in the past couple weeks.

Aside from that, the Cardinals have an excellent value shortstop right now... Tommy Edman has 3.4 fWAR. Nolan Gorman, a 22yr old rookie is delivering big time at 2B as well. The Cardinals have no real need for Correa.

The Giants might be a legitimate destination, with Brandon Crawford struggling at the plate and moved to the 10 day IL, but Crawford has another year left at $16MM on his contract. I could potentially see a Correa for Crawford and Kyle Harrison trade or something like that. It's unlikely Correa (at $35MM and a rental) brings back great talent on his own.

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In the MLB Top 100 Prospects St Louis also has #33 prospect Matthew Liberatore (LHP, currently at AAA) and #99 Mason Wynn (SS with a great arm who akdo has the ability to be a pitcher - he is currently at AA).  
Jordan Walker is #24.  

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And this is why I love this board, and fan-dom in general!!  I love the various takes.  :)   Some takes saying it is rediculous to trade top star for prospect(s).  Another saying there is no way a top prospect gets traded straight up for said star.


And for my Honest perspective... I am torn, do I go with my heart or my head?  My heart says lots roll the ice with Correa, give it a run.  My head says "We HAVE to see what we can get for him while we still can"

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The Twins have as good a chance this year as they will next year or the year after that. The Yankees are really good right now but if Aaron Judge goes down, the wheels on their ride get wobbly. Houston is the scariest team right now. The Twins have fought through a few challenges already and I'm thinking that a number of players can perform at a higher level. 

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Personally, I would like to see the Twins try to keep the guy. He has added great value to this team in not just his play. You can see the difference when the team in in the dugout or at inning endings or game endings. It could be Donaldson being gone, I can see that, but where a minus occurs a plus also occurs. There seems to be very good chemistry with the infield. 

My wishful thinking is, he is signed and decides to stay because he likes the pay and the place. We move Sano, Kepler and another of our many outfielders for a top tier pitcher (probably won't happen) or another solid, proven bullpen ace. 

Maeda will return, Gray shows more upside than not, Ryan is very good, Archer may have potential, Bundy has the stuff but needs consistency and Smeltzer has been a pleasant surprise! We have a couple of others that could fit in also. A wild card may be the next pitching coach decision. A solid starter would really give us a rotation that needs consistency. It has been pretty good this year in a broader view.

Kepler in the outfield and his pop from time to time but he is only a .245 hitter. Other teams would like to have him. If Sano is part of a trade with him, it could be interesting. The Twins need to answer the question of Larnach and Kariloff once and for all. Buxton could go or stay. Teams would love him and he is now 28 and more or less a part time fielder with a nagging tendonitis issue. We have a number of other outfielders that have played this year and frankly, they all look pretty good.

Who knows what will happen? But I would like to see Correa with this team.

Twins Geezer... out!

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Stop with the "Trade Correa" posts! He's not getting traded. The Twins are going to win the division-you don't get rid of your best player prior to a playoff run. Anything can happen in the postseason and yes, the Twins have less chance of advancing in the playoffs without Correa.

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First, editing on the article is horrible!!  

Next, I have said all along the shorter the Correa contract is for the Twins the better...good player, good guy.....but not 30+ Million worth of value to this team.  I would ask him what he wants, being known as an organization that is player friendly, especially top players can only help.  

If he stays this season and we make the playoffs and give the guys some experience...that's a plus....let him opt out and leave...we had nothing in to get him., so letting him walk is no long term cost.  

If he wants to leave, find the best place that is agreeable....get as much as you can...and save the remaining $s on this year....


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I'd dance with the girl what brung me to the party. 

If Correa is just a one year player, let's squeeze all the juice we can from 2022.

Who knows, maybe he decides he likes winning as much as he likes money and there is more of a chance at a future together than any of us think is possible right now? Then again, Scott Boras is Scott Boras, so I won't hold my breath.

Having an elite SS for a one year push is not my idea of a problem. 

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3 minutes ago, PopRiveter said:

Having an elite SS for a one year push is not my idea of a problem. 

The Twin have had a genuinely better than average infield defense for two years now, Correa leaves, so does that factor.

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As I have said many times here, we should have rolled the dice with Miranda & Lewis and spent 35M on the Bullpen.

That said, trading Correa for anything  but an Ace closer makes no sense!

Now that Lewis is out, (because we foolishly played him in an unfamiliar position) we have no choice but to keep Correa and make some trades for bullpen help.


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I for one enjoy having Correa playing for the Twins.  He has brought much needed inspiration to the Twins and the fans.. He is a joy to watch. My hope is that the Twins find a way to keep Correa until he retires.  Then, I hope to see his   #4 retired and placed on the wall. 

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"First it needs to be a contender. Second, needs to be a contender who has a need at SS. Third they need to be a contender with a need at SS who has quality prospects to trade."

Enough of the quality prospects.  Thought the ones we got for Berrios were quality.  Aaron Hicks, huge bust.  Even the ones we draft never seem to make it.  

Two things to consider.  

1.  Are the Twins going to get prospects up to a major league level?

2. Seems the ones we draft never make it.  Lot's of injuries? Spending too much time in the minors?

I just want a team or at least players to root for.  Arraez, Polanco, Correa and Buxton are they only ones that seems to be high end major league quality.  The rest you just hold your breath that they get better or stay healthy




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8 hours ago, Muppet said:

Think of the prospect haul the Twins could get if they traded Correa, Buxton, AND Arraez!

Yah, imagine if they traded every player that ever played a game in MLB. They might have the best record in milb.

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On 6/27/2022 at 7:27 PM, tony&rodney said:

The Twins have as good a chance this year as they will next year or the year after that. The Yankees are really good right now but if Aaron Judge goes down, the wheels on their ride get wobbly. Houston is the scariest team right now. The Twins have fought through a few challenges already and I'm thinking that a number of players can perform at a higher level. 

Astros 47-27 .635 (103 win pace) in a mediocre division.
Yankees 56-20 .737 (119 win pace) in a very tough division.

Starting Rotation Rank WAR / ERA / FIP
Yankees #1 = 8.3 / #2 = 3.02 / #2 = 3.43
Astros #5 = 7.1 / #3 = 3.16 / #9 = 3.76

Relievers Rank WAR / ERA / FIP
Yankees #3 = 3.6 / #1t = 2.78 / #3 = 3.25
Astros #8 = 2.4 / #1t = 2.78 / #5 = 3.38

Batting Rank WAR / OPS / wRC+ / RBI 
Yankees #1 = 15.4 / #2 = .757 / #1 = 117 / #1 = 358 
Astros #3 = 14.1 / #7 = .738 / #3 = 114 / #15 = 310

Fielding Rank UZR/150 / DEF
Yankees #8 = 2.5 / #6 = 11.0
Astros #2 = 6.3 / #1 = 23.0

The Yankees have arguably the best rotation in baseball, the best bullpen in baseball, the best lineup in baseball, and are well above average defensively. Aaron Judge is having an excellent season, but he's not the reason the Yankees look to be by far the best team in MLB this year.

I'm no fan of the Yankees, but they're absolutely mowing through everybody and it's easy to see why.

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All the wins have invested in him is money, that was reclaimed from the Josh Donaldson contract. Already they are winners for 2022.

2023 and 2024 they could still come out waaaay ahead if Correa stays.

A team would have to be pretty desparate to just take a short-term flyer. Of course, a contending team could be down their shortstop for a short period of time here at season's end.

July 31 (or is it August 2) the date. Otherwise, a player just becomes a salary dump. No withholding them from the waiver wire.

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Unless the offer is too good to refuse I keep him. First to go should be Sano and Kepler. Both are over-rated HR pull happy hitters that just don't produce often enough or consistant enough runs. 

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