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  1. Yao Ming will always beat Usain Bolt in the 100 meter dash...
  2. It's hilarious to see a Twins fan whining about another team's success.
  3. Yes their fans should stop tolerating their post season success... How dare the Rays make the post season and win games.
  4. Uh, dobnak is the definition of starting a playoff game because of luck, or pure stupidity.
  5. Division titles are absolutely worthless if you can't even manage one playoff win...
  6. You must have some seriously low expectations if you're still on board with this front office...
  7. Lol, you think throwing a couple scrubs out there and hiding them by pulling them quickly, is developing pitching?!?! Wow, talk about an extremely low bar...
  8. Getting bounced in the first round of the playoffs without winning. Is mediocrity. They beat the bad teams and lose to the good ones...
  9. The Pohlads must be thrilled having fans with such low expectations. The past 20 years of twins baseball are filled with mediocrity...
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