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  1. While getting Joe Ryan for Cruz was an absolute steal, Tampa is going to the series and the Twins are not. Tampa has shown before they are not afraid to make the deals needed to win it all and then dump salaries the next year and rebuild. The Twins have been reluctant to trade prospects to get the final pieces needed to get to the finish line and wasted all their opportunities in the early "oughts" and 2019-21. Trading Berrios for a SS prospect was insane when their supposed #1 prospect is a SS (Lewis). Berrios was signed for 2022 and imagined himself a Twin for life. Could have worked out a reasonable long term deal. We will likely be bidding on him in 2023 as we will still be looking for pitching then. Sign Buxton!! Keep Kepler, Polanco, Garver, Jeffers and the 3 or 4 serviceable bullpen arms we have. Sano, while maddingly strikeout prone, is worth the 9M as DH/1B. Just compare it to the 23M we are paying Donaldson to see why. Maybe the new hitting coach can improve his contact rate. Arraez is a one tool player - trade him Bring up Miranda for 3B and Martin for SS, trade Lewis and Donaldson Out of desperation, sign Pineda, they have no one else right now, spend on a top quality, high velocity starter and sign a closer. A top flite closer is the one reason they have not advanced in the playoffs since Joe Nathan. I'd rather see Kiriloff in Left and Lanarch at 1B. Give anybody besides Cave a shot at the 5th outfield position. They are in serious trouble with Maeda out and Berrios gone next year. Going to cost more money to replace Berrios than signing him would have. Martin had better be all he is cracked up to be at Short and as a hitter.
  2. What an absolute gift and godsend from Tampa. He looks like the Ace of the staff right now. Which is a horribly sad statement to make. We had a rookie phenom a few years back, who regressed, got injured, and hasnt been heard from since. Lets hope Ryan is legit. Which brings us back to Berrios. Under contract for 2022 at 6.5M is a steal. Why on earth would we trade him for a SS (granted he sounds great) when our #1 prospect is a SS. (Lewis) Berrios wanted to be a Twin for life. Lets hope we can sign him back in 2023. Reminder - we paid 8M for hapless Happ last year. Going to cost 50M just to field a starting pitching staff next year as it is, let alone a bullpen. Trade Lewis & any worthwhile prospects for pitching. We have a young and pretty much set lineup for the next few years. Dont need SS, 2nd, 1st or outfielders waiting in the wings. Win NOW! There will be more players to draft every year.
  3. My problem with Arraiz is he is a One tool player. Sure he makes contact, but he hasn't Proven to be Tony Gwynn just yet. He is a mediocre defensive player, has zero speed and a bum knee. Where are all the 5 tool players in Baseball these days? Buxton, Lindor are among the few left in the game. Granted we need a utility guy, but he cant play short. Speaking of SS can someone explain why we traded Berrios (who was under contract for 2022) for a SS prospect when our supposed #1 prospect (Lewis) is a SS? If Trevor is the answer, we better be trading and getting pitching for Lewis!!
  4. Anything for Happy & Robles is a win just because they are now, thankfully, off the roster. Cruz trade made great sense and whi says we cant sign him next year. Berrios leaving is a sad situation. Maybe the Twins will be in position to bid for his services in 2023.. The win now window with this team has closed. They blew it by not signing a closer for 2019 & 2020. If they learn anything it is when you are close, you only have a 1-3 year window to win with the talent you have before they become to expensive. You therefore MUST acquire the pieces you need to get to the top when your window is open. Not doing that, then selling off the pieces and trying to live on future hope, is what always dooms this franchise. (2019 & a closer like Rosenbaum comes to mind. Rogers, Duffy, May & Rosenbaum would have been a formidable pen) This years bullpen was a joke.
  5. The opportunity window with this talent, this team has closed. They blew it by NOT signing a closer the last three years. As far as next year? Forget it. Dobnak, Thorpe & Smeltzer have NO business being on a major league roster. God helpings if they are here. Offering Buxton less of a contract than Donaldson is an insult. Make it incentive laden due to injury history & buy an insurance policy. Speaking of Donaldson, he is the piece to trade. Simply too expensive. If we had spent $20M a year on the bullpen, we would be in contention.
  6. You have hit on the perpetual MN problem. Build up a core of talented players, but never complete the puzzle with the right trade or signing. Who care about minor league "potential talent" when the time to WIN is now! Trade for the pieces you need when you have a core than can win! There will Always be more talent in next years draft. How do the Lakers go from worst team in the league to champions in a few short years? Hiw do the Vikings continually build up one side of the team while ignoring the other. How does the Wild do the same thing. Great defense and coach, no offense. Vice versa. Trading Brusdar for Maeda was brilliant. Giving away Presley who went on to see the major league record with 30 straight appearances and zero runs (Alcala aside) was a disaster. A closer has been the #1 need on this team ever since Joe Nathan. They had a window of opportunity and it is now gone. The players like Berrios, Buxton wont stay because of this issue. Houston made a couple of good traders & signings to supplement there core (Brantley, Pressley) and got lucky with some young pitchers. The twins (outside of Maeda) have not. I don't see how they can improve their pitching enough and afford to keep what they have. The problem is the best trade bait they have is Polanco and Kepler and they are the kind of supplemental players who are signed to favorable contracts that you need to win. Tha last 3 years they were 1 starter and 1 closer away from the World Series. And quit with the dam* infield shift. They lost that series to Houston on two seeing eye grounders to where the 2nd baseman should have been.
  7. Trading Pineda and Nelson Cruz with the possibility of signing them back next year as free agents - sure thing! Trading Rogers or Berrios would be the death Nelly of the 2022 season. Maybe offer extensions? Maybe wait and see how the off season plays out and sign pitching help for 2022 is the only choice to take advantage of the LAST opportunity of this teams playoff and World Series window. Then if they have great success in 2022 - let the chips fall where they may. Spending money extending those two now would hurt their ability to improve the team for 2022.
  8. This team might have 1 more year left of its opportunity window with its current talent & contracts. By not improving the bullpen in 2020 & 21 they have wasted two chances to get to the World Series. They desperately needed a closer then and will certainly need to improve both the rotation and bullpen next year. If they dont, expect another disappointing season after which all their talent leaves via FA because their contracts are up and become unaffordable. Most teams build to a 3 year window with the talent they have under contract. After that only a few (aka the Yankees) can afford to keep or throw money at their players and remain at or near the top. These windows are rare for teams like the Twins, Royals, et Al and not taking advantage when one is open should be a sin!
  9. Twins haven't had a bona fide closer since Joe Nathan. The bullpen has been their weak link for years and just when it became respectable in 2019-20, they subtracted instead of adding the one piece they needed - a closer. The entire staff is abysmal and their window to win a World Series with thus group has closed.
  10. I agree, I like both Lanarch & Kiriloff, with Kiriloff having the bigger upside. I feel the team misses Eddie Rosarios flair & passion, but these two have the skills to replace him and more. Keller had a great 2019, but has regressed. The buzz about Arraiz should be over. While he makes good contact, the "generational hitter" as Gladden once called him, does not make him Tony Gwynn. He is at best a one dimensional player. I eould take Jonathan Scope and his 30HR, 250 BA and cannon arm over Arraiz every day, all day. Arraiz us a sub par defender, weak arm, zero speed and a bum knee. Now we have Gordon, who is by all accounts a whiz of a fielder, can fill in at CF for Buxton, speed galore and is hitting better than Arraiz We need more multi tool players. What ever happened to the 5 tool guys in baseball? The guy who would hit 300, belt out 25 HR, steal 30+ bases & play great defense? If Buxton could ever stay healthy, he would qualify. Gordon hopefully can compliment him. Sano continues to disappoint with his maddening strikeout rate. Other than that he is a much better fielder than he gets credit for. The thing about Kepler & Polanco is that they are signed to very favorable deals. But they need to make moves in the next year or two and get a SS (make a hitter out of Lewis) sign Arraiz as a utility guy who can play 3 infield spots or cut bait on all 3.
  11. I totally agree with the "let the players play their position & batting order" sentiments. Analytics has taken over the game and made it a computer generated Fantasy sports league. For the Bullpen specialists, the one or two (max) platoon players (LH/RH batting) analytics can help. Everything else? Forget it! Virtually EVERY World Series winning team wins because they are a TEAM first - a sum greater than its parts - and not a compilation of stats & WAR. The Twins bullpen has been awful for years! They havent had a closer since Joe Nathan and that was what did them in the last two years when they were finally competitive. The FO blew it this year by letting the bullpen they had go and picking up scraps at the deadline.
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