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  1. Correa is a fine player and all and SS was a gaping hole last year, but has anyone compared Eddie Rosario & Carlos Correa career numbers? They are virtually Identical. Eddie makes $8M Correa $35M Frankly I'd rather Lewis or Miranda at SS, Garver behind the plate, Eddie in Left and $27M more $$ in the bullpen. Thus team has ZERO chance of even getting out of LAST place, let alone go to the World Series.
  2. When you continue to ignore the bullpen for the 3rd year in a row, this is what you get. I figured with our lineup we would lose 80 games 9-5. But it seems 8-1 is now the norm. Trade Arraez & whatever it takes to get a couple of top notch bullpen arms, or this season and the entire franchise are in the crapper.
  3. Does anybody see the microcosm of the first week playing out any differently for the rest of the season? 0 for the season Sano aside, no lefty starter, (only 2 one the roster) and no closer. Even if Duran steps up and seizes toe closer job, the rest of the bullpen isnt good enough to hold a lead. Trade Arraez and others for solid relief pitching and bring up Miranda. Otherwise this team loses 80 games 9-5.
  4. Duran as Closer is the one thing that could save the Twins season. Arraez at 3rd is too much of a liability. Trade him for relief pitching PLEASE!!!
  5. Tonight's game sums up how this season will play out. Arraez sucks in the field and we have a "Pickup" pitcher put in a high leverage position in the 8th inning. News flash: Carrera wins MVP while Twins lose 90 games 9-5.
  6. This is a tough one to gauge. We needed a closer, which Rogers, as good of a setup man as he was, never was. So subtracting from any already mediocre at best bullpen does not help. If Paddock & Pagan stay healthy AND return to form, this is an A trade. If they don't (50/50) then it's and F trade and the season is lost before it has begun. For a team that wants to contend, getting a sure fire closer would have the much preferred move.
  7. this trade sounds like another flier of mediocrity. Say what you will, but our bullpen has been terrible for years. Outside the fluke of 2019 when we had a bunch of slow tossing junkballers who may have put up decent #'s, but couldn't close out a game when we really needed to. Rogers is a great 8th inning set up guy, bit was not a closer. We signed a 97 mph guy last year and he couldnt get anybody out. What makes the FO think Pagan can? We needed to ADD a closer, not a 6th middle of the road starter. Duran is really going to have to step up and fill the closer role or this team is sunk before the season even begins. Nothing is ever certain, but the fact that this pitching staff is 80% maybes is certain. I'd much rather have seen us add to the pen, not subtract from our weakest position.
  8. True as well regarding Arraez. Trade him for a solid bullpen guys.
  9. Thorpe should never have been on a major league roster. Archer in lieu of Pineda could be a win. Should have kept Berrios if we wanted to compete. Maybe the guys we got become stars someday, but for now they are just prospects and do nothing to help us win now. You only get small windows of opportunity to compete for a WS title and this team pissed theirs away with an inferior bullpen in 19 & 20. Now the pitching is worse than ever. Carrera could be MVP and it won't matter if we lose 80 games 9-7. A trade for a top quality starter (Oakland please) or a couple of flamethrowers in the pen might give us a chance. As it sits right now, a 500 team.
  10. Urshela is obviously a solid fielder and has shown he can hit and hit for power in the past. Should be the utility infielder for 3B &SS. Miranda should be the everyday 3B. Granted there may be growing pains. Please give this fascination over a one tool player like Arraiz to some other team for pitching. He has no speed, no power, no arm.
  11. Well a couple of things. 1) Sanchez is younger than Garver with similar offensive #'s. 2) one can learn how to catch. Garver improved dramatically as a defensive player the last few years. Sanchez has a good arm and has the physical ability to improve. Get him the right mentor and teach him to frame and block pitches in the dirt.
  12. Indeed an "unlike the Twins" move. It's great and all, but will not amount to anything without better pitching. Correa could hit 300 with 30 HR and win the MVP award but it won't matter if you lose 80 games 9-7. If we can acquire Montas and Manea, we might have a shot.
  13. While signing ONE of those 4 might be useful, none or even all of them.will not solve our bullpen woes. Look at the teams in the playoffs last year. All of them had a bevy of 100mph flamethrowers and a top notch closer. We have none of that! A Solid closer has been out achilles heal ever since Joe Nathan. We missed our last window of World Series opportunity because if it and have no chance without a bona fide closer and a 100mph set up man.
  14. So we sign Donaldson (when we should have signed an ace pitcher) and now have to trade one of the top Catchers in all of baseball just to unload Donaldson. Doing the Yankees bidding for them. At this point swapping Donaldson for Story doesnt really look appealing, based on his dramatically poorer #'s away from Coors Field. Spend the money on quality bullpen arms (we are.going to need them with that rotation) and bring up Miranda, Lewis & Martin and pray. Can Sanchez learn to catch and regain his hitting acumen? Another longshot. There are fewer top defensive and top hitting catchers in baseball than there are top Ace pitchers. There is a reason why 9 out of 10 catchers bat 8th or 9th in every teams lineup. Giving away Garver to free up money would.only be worth it if you sign the next CY Young winner. Sadly it seems Royce Lewis can't hit, but spending 100M on Story to find out he cant hit either is not worth it.
  15. The problem is and continues to be the Bullpen and mow the starting rotation. Donaldson has played fine and brought a passion and fire for the game. Problem is we can't afford him know with all the dire pitching needs. Resign Cruz at 12-15 M and bring up Miranda and your veteran leadership and 3rd base positions are solved for far less money. Maybe we can tell Sano he has been traded to the Red Sox and he morphs into David Ortiz? What we got for Berrios, may or may not come to fruition. Meanwhile a #2 starter, let alone a #1 starter will cost us a lot more on the open market than Berrios would have. Do we really need 3 quasi SS/OF prospects instead of a proven pitcher like Berrios? NO!!! Have the Twins forgotten that there us a draft every year and new prospects to be had? This team could sign 60M worth of pitching for next year and still suck. This is a deep hole they find themselves in.
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