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  1. Miranda at 3rd, hopefully the utility guy we picked up can back up 3rd as well. If Kiriloff can't go at 1B we need to pick up a veteran 1B, Hosmer available??
  2. Been saying we need an OF power bat all year. Any chance Hosmer & his pre- paid contract is available for 1B? Kiriloff can't seem to get on the field & Miranda belongs at 3B and Arraez is a liability at any position.(trade him please). Gordon backs up 2nd & 5th OF. Maybe Urshela can backup 3B & SS?? Will Lewis be able to play?? So many question marks. SP, SS, 1B, & OF power bat all need to be answered.
  3. Hard pass. We need a 1B. Is Hosmer and his previous paid contract available?
  4. I couldn't agree more!! The Pressley trade (& others that year) were & continue to be a disaster. Who cares if Alcala & or Celestino mature, develope and possibly contribute? Meanwhile Houston has been in 6 straight ALDS and 3 World Series since 2018. If we keep finding & developing talent only to flip them for future potential because you don't want to pay them, you will NEVER compete in the World Series. Develope, maintain & add pieces to win! Not, develope, subtract by trade, develope, subtract again in perpetuity. The Bullpen has been their #1 problem for years. In this day and age of 5 inning starters you better have a well stocked pen! No offense to Correa, he is a fine player, but that 35M on pitching along with Lewis & Miranda (who I said from the start we should have rolled the dice on) Would have resulted in a far better season and Lewis would not have had his career threatening injury playing one game out of position because they wanted him in the lineup.
  5. #1 the Twins need a First baseman. Why we didn't pickup Hosmer when the Padres paid people to give him away is beyond me. A veteran prescence and an excellent fielder who was batting 278 with 16 HR at the time would have been a godsend. Miranda belongs at 3B and Arraez needs to be traded! We have a SS, provided Lewis is healthy. Urshela & Gordon make up an excellent utility infield tandem (provided one of them can learn to back up the SS position). Kiriloff at 1B would solve our problem there if he can ever get his wrist sorted out, but if not then Hosmer should be a target. What we need most in the field is a slugging OF, Larnarch has not proven to be that guy. Power hitting OF, starting pitcher, catcher should be our targets in free agency.
  6. This is a conundrum. The Bullpen has been the Twins biggest problem for years. Duran was never effective as a starter. He throws two very good pitched and an occasional 3rd pitch. Most Ace starters throw 4. Then again Christian Javier just started & threw 6 plus innings of the Astros 2nd combined no hitter this year - with 70 fastballs & 27 sliders?? Javier fastball sits at 93, so who knows? Duran's ability to shut down opponents in high leverage situations is an extremely valuable asset, one the Twins haven't had since Joe Nathan. I'd leave him there. Alcala hasnt shown that kind of ability and would be a better option to explore as a starter going forward. A strong Bullpen wins games, a 5 inning starter does not.
  7. He was supposed to be a great hitter when we traded for him. I don't see a viable SS on the roster outside of Lewis, who is injured because we played him out of position. 2 yrs ago, Lewis looked like a bust with a giant hole in his swing, boy did he surprise! Outside of Polanco, I don't see a viable 2B either. Gordon & Arraez are part time fill ins at best. Trade Arraez if you want trade bait. Everyone is in love with his batting average, but he is a One Tool player! No speed, bad knee, poor fielder, no power, enough said. I'd much rather see an above average glove with a 285 Ave & 20 HR & 20 SB that Martin has the potential to be.
  8. All prospects sound enticing at times. Maya especially. But 19-20 yr Olds aren't coming up any time soon.
  9. The Twins not having a SS ready to at least Stan out there and play the position and then letting Palacio go doesn't make much sense, but then neither did signing Correa. Lewis & Miranda should have been penciled in from the start & that 35M spent on pitching. Now Lewis is hurt because they played him out of position in their rush to keep his bat in the lineup. Why did we trade for Martin if he can't play SS (hit apparently) again? Sign a Frontline starter, sign Fulmer and if Iglesias can back up SS & 3B until (hopefully) Lewis come back, then fine. Unless Urshela can do the same. Frankly they need Kiriloff at 1B and a power hitting OF with speed more than anything. Neither Larnarch & Walner fit that bill. If they can sign that "guy" for the corner OF, doesn't matter who plays SS.
  10. Gio is a solid and healthy player. Something that 20 of our 40 man roster can't say. If only he could back up the SS position, he would be an excellent utility man! Gordon backs up 2nd and is the 4th OF. He also has speed, a desperately needed asset. We need Kiriloff at 1B. If not, maybe the prepaid contract of Hosmer is available?? Yeah Arraez makes contact, but why everyone is so in love with his 315 BA is beyond me. He has no speed, power & is way below average in fielding. Miranda plays 3B, Lewis if recovered plays SS, and Gio backs them up. Polanco plays 2B & Gordon backs him up. That leaves 1B & 35M for pitching. Celestino is 5th OF. So we are stuck with Kepler & Larnarch or we go and get a power hitting OF and trade both Arraez and Kepler.
  11. I have been hammering on pitching from day one (the lack of it) Yes the window on the core group has closed. While the bullpen actually looks reasonably competitive at the moment, the only good move the FO made all year was acquiring Fulmer. His slider is truly unhittable! Sign him please! Lopez was a Hugh mistake. Gave up way too much for a guy with minimal success until this year. Paddock & Mahle as well. Lewis was an unexpected surprise and as I have also said, they should have rolled the dice with Lewis & Miranda from the start and spent the 35M on pitching. Lewis only got hurt playing out of position because they had Correa. If not, he is in the rookie of the year convo and with 35M in pitching we would have been looking at a playoff run until everyone else got hurt and flamed out. This team needs a top starter & Gray & Ryan and IF Maeda & Mahle can pitch, great. Then we need a veteran presence. Hosmer would be a great fit if we can somehow acquire him. The Padres paid his salary and sent along prospects to move him. Yet 276/ 16 hr at the deadline with excellent fielding skills would have been a godsend. We had zero 1B all year and it showed. Obviously can't count on Kiriloff or Sano. But yes, somebody has to step up and the front office needs to go. Not a Hugh Baldelli fan,but give him a good team like he had in 2019 and he seems to do a good enough job of staying out of their way. I look forward to the end of the shift next year and the over reliance on metrics.
  12. Arraez & Miranda are NOT 1B material. We should have jumped all over Hosmer when the Padres were paying people to take him. Hmm, a veteran presence, an excellent 1st baseman, batting 278 with 16 hr. And we have no choice but to put players out of position, who continue to make mistakes while learning on the job. A job they shouldn't be in. Lewis is only out for the year because he too was playing out of position. One game, one catch, season (career?) over. The Correa signing (along with Donaldsons) in the FO desire to make "a splash" have continued to ruin this club. No knock against Correa, he is a fine player and seemingly good clubhouse leader, but we all knew going in that a starter & 2 or 3 top quality bullpen arms were needed. That 35M would have gone a long way towards filling that giant hole. Lewis would now still be playing SS. Sadly the rest of the injuries would still have sunk us.
  13. The front iffice & coaching staff have been a Hugh disappointment this year. Going in we knew pitching, especially the Bullpen was a weakness. Correa's $35M would have been gar better spent on pitching, then you take a chance with Miranda & Lewis at key I field positions. While Miranda's success was not a surprise, Lewis may have been. Given that success & wanting to find a spot in the lineup for Lewis because they had Correa, they put Lewis in CF, out of position , & then lost him for the year. He would never have been in CF if we had a bullpen Instead of Correa.. Of course the FO could not have predicted all the injuries,but not jumper all over Eric Hosmer at the trade deadline is inexcusable. With both our FB out all year and fill ins who don't play the position making way to many mistakes, that was an absolute no Brainer. Trading for injured pitchers because they have contract control bit them in the ass twice. Losing some good prospects for nothing just added I salt to injury & stupidity. The only good move made by the FO all year was the addition of Fulmer. Lopez has stunk it up. While I hated to see Garver go, injuries proved that to be the right move, in order to get rid of Donaldson. Another stupid move to begin with.. How about drafting some more former major leaguer's sons? Gordon is a good utility player with speed. An asset that needs to be exploited, per your opening statement. But just look at that Toronto lineup! My God, 4 former major league sons who are lighting it up! Not to mention the Padres. This off-season, trade for Hosmer, even if Kirriloff recovers, Gordon as utility, trade "one tool" Arraez, Lewis at SS, Miranda at 3B, trade Urshela, we are stuck with Sanchez, but it could be worse, The OF is a problem, they miss Rosario more than they realize. Doubtful Gray wants to return, but he or similar is crucial. They desperately need a healthy Buxton & Polanco and a breakout outfield slugger. Build a balanced team and avoid "splashy" big money free agent moves at all costs (except maybe a for sure healthy starting pitcher if they don't retain Gray). Glad to see the "shift" go next year. It sucks! We lost to Houston in 2019 because of two weak grounder through the shift. Seeing as we can't hit the other way to save our lives (better learn how) it will be great to see the game as it was meant to be played, not all on just stats and metrics. Another year lost!
  14. They finally addressed the bullpen & picked up a starter since everyone is hurt. Their biggest glaring need right now is 1B. Why they didnt jump all over Hosmer who the Padres paid Boston to take is beyond me?? A veteran presence, excellent fielder who has about the same #'s at the plate as. Correa does would have been a godsend. Fielding at 1B has already cost them. Let the starters pitch at least 6. Play small ball more. Bunt, steal, sacrifice. Somehow get everyone healthy. Hard to win when your entire outfield, half your starting pitching and a catcher are on the DL.
  15. Great that they made the moves to fill their most glaring needs. They finally dipped their toes in the "win now window of opportunity ". correa is a great player and an X factor, but I have said all along (and been proven right) they should have rolled the dice with Mjranda & Lewis to begin with and spent 35M on pitching before the season Lewis would still be playing SS as he wouldnt have gotten hurt playing out of position in CF. My only real question is how did they not go after Hosmer?? The Padres paid his entire contract AND gave away two good prospects to the Red Sox to take him. With both of our 1B out and the fill ins (Arraez & Miranda) playing out of position and making mistakes, a veteran prescence like Hosmer would have been a godsend! As much as we love Arraez as a hitter, he is a one tool player with no speed, a bum knee and a poor fielder. Urshela needs to back up SS, platoon with Miranda at 3B. Miranda would then back up Hosmer at 1B. Sano is done & Kiriloff looks to be as well. Oh well, it is what it is now. They need Buxton, Lanarch, Kepler & hopefully Kiriloff back now that their pitching may give them a chance.
  16. None of this means diddly without a bullpen. Get two top Bullpens arms, or forget it.
  17. The Twins are likely out of the Major starter trade market (how did the Yankees get Montas for one potential good player). That said, go after at least two of the available quality bullpen guys. Much cheaper trade value and by Far our most glaring weakness. Hope the starters keep you in the game and then turn it over to an actual functional bullpen. Their best chance for any postseason success. 5 innings of Montas or anyone would mean nothing without a bullpen to back them up.
  18. Ah, NO. Its all about the bullpen. These days hardly any starters go more than 5 innings. Especially the Twins. We have plenty of starters who keep us in the game through 5, thats were the swing & miss flamethrowers that trams like the Yankees, Houston, Dodgers, Padres have come in and win the game.
  19. This bullpen is Indeed worthy of a Borrowicz satire. I think TCBear needs to carry around a fire extinguisher
  20. We needed to add to Roger's, not subtract him. Falvey trading him is a disaster. Why he got greedy over young starting pitching talent is beyond belief. That is the one thing we have. First Alcala for Pressley & now Roger's for nothing and you have a team with great potential missing its window yet again. Can we a least start with DFA Pagan and then trade for an actual closer or 3.
  21. Tiday is Exactly what will happen and take the heart out of ANY team when you parade this bullpen out onto the field. Get two.good arms or leave Falvey.
  22. As I have said many times here, we should have rolled the dice with Miranda & Lewis and spent 35M on the Bullpen. That said, trading Correa for anything but an Ace closer makes no sense! Now that Lewis is out, (because we foolishly played him in an unfamiliar position) we have no choice but to keep Correa and make some trades for bullpen help.
  23. I've been screaming bullpen for years now. Falling on deaf Falvey ears apparently. "Flamethrowers that miss bats" Lol, that is the best way to describe what the top playoff teams have and we don't. It's that simple Falvey.
  24. The time to win is NOW! The Twins pissed away their previous World Series window in 2029-2020 by not making needed Bullpen additions. Trading Roger's, Instead of adding to him was an aggregious mistake! The last weeks worth of games are a clear Indicator of what I have been saying since day one. As good as Correa is, signing him was just a marketing ploy. This team would have been far better off with Mitanda & Lewis at 3rd & SS and the 35M spent on a top flite bullpen. Lewis would NOT have been played out of position and therefore NOT gotten hurt. The window is still open, but to create the synergy the team needs to win the Bullpen must be addressed.
  25. We have one of the best base stealing coaches in the game available in Paul Molitor. Use him!! Where all the electrifying 30 - 30 players? Buxton could clearly be one. 3 straight strikeouts in the 10th last night epitomizes the lack of small ball tactics.
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