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Game Thread: Twins (Ober) v Guardians (Civale), 6/2/23 @ 7:10 CT

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Because the above lineups ain't yet updated, and feelin' nostalgic...


0. Aaron Civale (R) P

1. Steven Kwan (L) LF

2. Tyler Freeman (R) 3B

3. Jose Ramirez (S) DH

4. Josh Naylor (L) 1B

5. Andres Gimenez (L) 2B

6. Brayan Rocchio (S) SS

7. Will Brennan (L) RF

8. Myles Straw (R) CF

9. Cam Gallagher (R) C



0. Bailey Ober (R) P

1. Jorge Polanco (S) 2B

2. Royce Lewis (R) 3B

3. Alex Kirilloff (L) DH

4. Donovan Solano (R) 1B

5. Max Kepler (L) RF

6. Ryan Jeffers (R) C

7. Joey Gallo (L) LF

8. Kyle Farmer (R) SS

9. M. Taylor (R) CF

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Verified Member
3 minutes ago, stringer bell said:

80 miles from Target Field, we're getting a thunderstorm--more thunder than storm. Any rain in Minneapolis?

Not right now. It's hit or miss with the pop up storms. Could happen anywhere. 

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a feeling of sadness mixed with pleasure and affection when you think of happy times in the past
(per whatever site comes up when you add oed to your searchh))


 Ah, in my mispelt youht... When TD let me say something by way of introducing the games. In the high and far off times when We were all geared for disappointment. In the days before Royce Lewis came back from not just one season ending injury, but , well one season ending injury. How can a season end before it began?


Anyway, i will join an hour or so late, and my question isn't if Royce will make a difference in the outcome, but how.


Naturally, reserved the largest of band wagons. Sousa, couldn't even fill it. A discussion forum on TD.


But to while the time until first pitch...


What is an old joke?

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I’m in the middle of ground zero of a Taylor Swift concert happening here. It’s madness out there! And lots of sparkly-dressed girls and young women! And the bike taxis running everyone over on the sidewalks. Madness, I say, MADNESS!

But I’m safe inside watching the Twins game tonight … at least I hope I’m safe! 🙂

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Community Leader
23 minutes ago, Minny505 said:

Any update regarding Buxton and/or Correa?

Yes.  Neither is in the lineup.  😁

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7 minutes ago, Parfigliano said:

Apple so no TV for me.

Ditto for me. I'll be following what's happening on my laptop. Can't wait for those three HR's from Kep!

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Community Leader
1 minute ago, Mike Sixel said:

OTOH, I can watch when it is on Apple, but no chance. The weather is glorious, and I feel a walk to a brewery or similar coming on....

That seems like golfing weather to me!

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