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The 2022 MLB Postseason Thread


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This thread is for discussion about the 2022 MLB Postseason. This year’s playoff teams are as follows.

American League
  1. Houston Astros (106-56)
 2. New York Yankees (99-63)
 3. Cleveland Guardians (92-70)
 4. Toronto Blue Jays (92-70)
 5. Seattle Mariners (90-72)
 6. Tampa Bay Rays (86-76)

National League
  1. Los Angeles Dodgers (111-51)
 2. Atlanta Braves (101-61)
 3. St. Louis Cardinals (93-69)
 4. New York Mets (101-61)
 5. San Diego Padres (89-73)
 6. Philadelphia Phillies (87-75)

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I've heard it said cHawk is a good guy, so its darn generous of him to serve as volunteer scorekeeper for playoff predictions. Thanks cHawk!

Scorekeeper has sole unilateral authority to determine how points are earned, what rules apply, and whether rules will be enforced or willy-nilly suspended.

To walk the walk:

Clev over TB, 2-1

Tor over Sea, 2-1

NYM over SD, 2-0

SL over Phil, 2-1

And to go further out on a limb, the Twins will not win this season's World Series Championship.

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2 hours ago, Hosken Bombo Disco said:

Add up all the Twins implosions in 2021-2022, the uglier the better, multiply them together, and I predict you get what the Cardinals did in Game 1 of the Cards-Phils series

Yes, you could say they “Twinsed” it, except this one was more like triplets

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CLE is my sentimental favorite. I think they may have peaked at the right time. I love their coach. IMO they will beat TB, which is too bad because I like TB also. I pick LAD over ATL & CLE over LAD. 

I still suspect HOU of cheating. Altuve is always looking for an edge and I didn't like his response to the accusations, like he never did anything wrong. Nothing happened to the players and I believe players like Altuve if they aren't punished are likely to do it again and try to get arond any restriction.

I hate cheating, the solution is simple. I believe all hitters should be scanned for electrical devices before they arrive at the on deck circle for every game. Any violators would be heavily suspended. Post season or otherwise.

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8 minutes ago, USAFChief said:

At least we Twins fans don't have to spend the winter thinking about the 8-1 lead our favorite club blew to end our season.

Our club isn't good enough to reach the exalted level of achieving an 8-1 playoff game lead and then blowing it.  They need to improve to reach that lofty height.  That's what I'll spend my winter thinking about.

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