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Game Thread Twins @ White Sox June 29, 2021 7:10 CDT

No Rhyme, No Reason


They diddled, they daddled but it was a bum horse they’d saddled
And the front office was in denial.
The Twins bumbled and fumbled and in the standings they stumbled
As their free agent signings went down the Nile.
They stink, stank, stunk and were caught in a funk
Until the team was at the bottom of the pile.
But through it all loyal fans stood tall
And they laughed and joked and smiled.
Cold beer here! they cried a tear in their eye
And for a shot of Jameson they'll go the extra mile.



Sadly, a number of Twins fans have been jumping off the Beer Wagon (Minnesota has worn out its allotment of Band Wagons), but thanks to a couple of questionable Rainouts (one here, one there, but no Scarlet Pimpernel) our Twins are in sole possession of the much sought after 3rd place divisional position and are only 11.5 games back of the first place White Sox. No doubt this game will be considered the Game of the Week. After all, it’s Guaranteed.

Can the long struggling but now seemingly awakened Twins defeat the Mighty Whiteys? Will our boys in… whatever color they’ll be wearing today, rise to the occasion? Or will they again bumble and fumble and slip back into last place? Grab yourself a six pack and snuggle up to the radio (unless you actually paid through the nose to watch this gigantic clash on TV) and find out.

Be still thy heart.


Throwing Frisbies Without Sticky Stuff (Supposedly)

For the Twins: “Can He” Maeda  3 - 2  4.85 ERA  50 K.

For the Whiteys:  “Go Go” Golito 5 - 5  3.80 ERA 110 K


Twins Lineup

Arraez LF

Donaldson 3rd

Larnach RF

Cruz DH

Kepler CF

Polanco 2B

Kirilloff 1B

Jeffers C

Simmons SS

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     Rocco loves him some Max Kepler. Was horrific when he went on the IL, been horrific since he’s returned. Not only playing (basically, instead of Sano, who IS swinging it well lately)...but batting 5th.

Fwiw, Sano also hitting better against righties than Kepler. 

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