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  1. Ultimately, the FO is open to criticism when they have an offseason like we just experienced. Sure, they thought they were making the correct moves. Frankly, I would probably give them a grade of "D". In professional sports, it's all about the results. They are not at fault for the injuries, nor are they responsible for drafts that took place before they were in place. But they still had a not so memorable offseason.
  2. Here are two alternate options: 1. Re-sign Rich Hill instead of Happ...probably save 5-6 million. Hill pitched well last season, and was a known quantity to the team. The FO probably could have got him for 2-3 million. 2. Use Ober, Dobnak, Thorpe as the 5th starter instead of Shoemaker. That trio would not be worse than Shoemaker. 3. The money saved on Happ & Shoemaker could have been used on bullpen help. We still wouldn't be 15 games over .500 if the Fo followed this path, but we would be in a better position than we are now. I sincerely hope that every extra doll
  3. Send Dobnak to Saint Paul for the remainder of the season(no matter how well he pitches there). Colome ONLY pitches in garbage time. Shoemaker DFA...my guess is the FO and Rocco refuse to release him due to his salary and being a free agent signing. They will give him every chance to stay with the team.
  4. The book is out on Sano. Unless he can find a way to lay off that pitch, he will keep seeing it over and over.
  5. Happ bailed out there. It didn't look too serious with Kiriloff. Knowing Rocco, he'll miss a month.
  6. Pretty simple, sounds like the numbers for a BAD team...which they are.
  7. We now have 2 starting pitchers with ERA's over 7. I think after tomorrow, Happ should have an ERA over 6.
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