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  1. ****** division...doesn't the balanced schedule return next season? If so the division winner might have 82-84 wins....LOL
  2. Don't worry, they will win 9-1 tomorrow. Big deal, you don't get losses like this back. This season is closing in on being a loss if this doesn't change soon
  3. Well, they are trying hard to lose it in June
  4. What's the old saying...not how you start, but how you finish. They have accomplished nothing yet.
  5. Dear FO, THAT is what you call a good RP...please take note
  6. On our way to getting shut out for the 10th time this season?
  7. YES! Bat him 3rd in the order and play him in CF so Buxton can rest for the rest of the season, cause his fragile body cannot stand up to what it takes.
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