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  1. This is all about the highest paid players, and highest revenue teams. Period. They don't care about any level of competitiveness. Just effing greed. They all suck, and I will never pay to attend a baseball game ever again.(I haven't for years) I'll follow like I have the past few seasons. I hope eventually the league is damaged severely in some way. I say threaten to fold a half dozen teams, and lets see what happens...LOL
  2. He still has alot to prove, but not tonight. Nothing to be gained by extending him.
  3. If he still had a no no I would send him back out. However, I don't think he has any more to prove tonight.
  4. There is not s snowball's chance in hell Gant, Albers or Barnes is in the rotation next year. Ober is already proven himself, so he is one. Jax has shown moments, we'll see. Ryan appears to be the real deal too. Gant is a good bullpen piece, I feel like that has proven out after a few starts. The FO will spend some money on Free agents. Dobnak will probably have one last chance next season to prove himself. Other than Ryan, we haven't even discussed the other top pitching prospects. I am far more optimistic than you are. Ohh, and with Kriloff, Larnach, Buxton(stay healthy please),the other top prosepects and returning players, the offense will not be depleted., in any way. I expect guys like Jeffers will continue to improve. Since Sano's terrible start, he has actually been pretty decent. I would have never expectedhim to get the avg up to .220. He is hitting over .250 since the start of June. The offense has been decent even after the trade, despite all the injuries. In my opinion, we are in better shape going into next season than many believe.
  5. Yes, but think of how many extra pitches he had to throw due to the ****ty defense.
  6. Don't believe any of this is on Jax. Worst defense in MLB.
  7. How many mlb teams would pay Berrios $30 million per? I know it only takes one, but it surely is less than 5(maybe only the Dodgers). There are so many horrible contracts in baseball. Look at the top 30 paid pitchers in baseball. How many of those contracts are are just God awful, ridiculous? I counted at least half, if not a bit more.
  8. LOL..good one. Almost every player in MLB history was in the minors at some point. Almost 100% were not guarantees. Apparently you do not like the way the game/business is structured. Based on what you are saying teams should never bring up players from the minors, since we don't know how they will perform. And, just about every player that comes up for the first time(some times multiple times) has some struggles. That last statement is down right silly, honestly...LOL
  9. B+ I think they traded away the guy the knew they couldn't sign. They also got return for two of the horrible free agent signings. And, two good prospect arms for Cruz. We also save money for free agency in 2022 since we don't have to go through arb with Berrios. The pipeline is now full of good arms. I am optimistic about the future, maybe even 2022 as long as the FO does a better job with free agents. Still a decent remaining group of of vets, and a very good core of young position players. Time will tell if the gaps can be filled properly.
  10. You could be every bit as wrong as my take on the situation. You have NO IDEA, NONE. Making alot of assumptions, all negative. Ohh and the team I love and follow has never been about ONE player. If that's the case, become a Blue Jays fan. In essence, that is what you are saying. Berrios is more important than the rest of the team. He is an above average starting pitcher, he is not Johan Santana, not even close.
  11. This is how the game/business works. Teams do this all the time, every year. How do you think Cubs and Nationals fans feel today? Two teams with recent world series rings, better records than the Twins, dismantling their teams, more than the Twins did. Unless you are teams like the Dodgers, you have to live with this. Look at how bad the Astros were for so long. The Padres, The Rays, Royals, etc...I could go on. How did those teams rebuild? The same way the Twins are. Will it work? Maybe, but holding on to players in order to win a few more games in a lost season, just to satisfy a few fans is not the formula that will work for an organization like the Twins. Unless ownership decides to carry a 220 million payroll. As far as wishful thinking goes, this isn't the NBA, where one or two players wins anything. Ask the Angels, who have had the best player in baseball for years.
  12. How in the world can ANYONE know this team will be worse in 2022? With all the prospects in the pipeline, young guys showing promise this season, and the money they will have to spend in the offseason, I wouldn't assume ANYTHING. Not directing this at you RpR, but anyone who is making assumptions about 2022 in late July 2021.
  13. I think the FO is doing a really good job of filling the system with prospects. If they can get more for Maeda, Pineda, or if someone sells the farm for Buxton(and I mean SELLS THE FARM) go for it. Screw the 2021 season, I could care less if they win another game at this point. Ohh, and they will have plenty of money to spend in the offseason on FA's.
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