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  1. Well, let's give him one more year, and hope like hell he has better tools to work with. Then it's up to him to not **** it up. He's got nothing to work with now.
  2. I believe the Twins now have a negative run differential on the season. Ohh, and Megill has to go. He is awful.
  3. Another season like this and I think everyone below ownership will be on the hot seat.
  4. Yes indeed, and a bit worse then last season over 162. I think that is what we call rebuilding, though I don't think the FO sees it that way. LOL
  5. After the way the season started, wouldn't it be crazy if they finish 14-15 games out? Which is very likely.
  6. I said in another thread the Twins would finish 9 games back...they are on their way to being 12 games out. But I must say, they just look awful.
  7. Will Sanchez keep the avg above .200 by the end of the season?
  8. They aren’t good enough to beat anyone right now. No one injured is coming back this season now. No point in moral victories now. Just get the season over with.
  9. Almost 0% chance of that. Sano...gone too expensive to get nothing in return. Sanchez will probably get 10 million out of someone, guessing he will be gone too. Correa, odd are he will be gone. Bundy and Archer...next. Pagan...goner. Garlick and Cave will get minor league contracts at best. And there most likely be a trade or two. So no chance of everyone coming back the way teams turn over today.
  10. 42 runs allowed over 150 games? That's probably the equivalent of 10 more wins. So, now the record is 83-67 instead of 73-77. That is a HUGE difference.
  11. God I hope this thread is substantially shorter in 2023
  12. If they finish 75-87 or 76-86, which is bordering on likely, that's 2 consecutive seasons more than 10 games under. I think next season is the fork in the road which may determine the direction in 2024 and beyond. What I mean by that is great improvement AND health, or potentially massive changes everywhere.
  13. I think the team you are seeing as is is worse than a 90 loss team. If healthy well...will this group ever stay healthy?
  14. Well, it could easily get worse before it gets better. If next year is like the last two, clean house, and start over.
  15. They are one of the worst teams in baseball now. I see 2-3 more wins. Year 2 of the rebuild is almost complete.
  16. But that one win against the Yankees was a lucky win and they were already struggling at that point. No surprise this has happened.
  17. The remainder of 2022 is about getting everyone healthy for next season. This season is over.
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