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  1. That's awesome! I also love that Good Mythical Morning is next video recommended
  2. Happy First Day of Fall! Well, this season didn’t turn out like anybody expected or wanted. When the 2021 season started, we had hoped our beloved Minnesota Twins would be playing deep within the autumnal glory. For a myriad of reasons that have been hashed out on Twins Daily alone, the hometown nine will not be making a play-off run this season. It’s going to be a long offseason. Maybe now is a good time to pick up a hobby to occupy our lonely, baseball-loving hearts. Macramé? Decoupage? Day trading? Apparently, some of the Twins players have side interests to keep their minds off their apparent 2021 baseball playing ineptitudes. We all remember Trevor May’s love of video games. Or Pat Neshek’s autograph obsession. Currently, it looks like maybe Tyler Duffey is gunning for Brace Hemmelgarn’s team photographer gig. (Photo Credit: Minnesota Twins) What other avenues do you think our boys partake in during their downtime? Does Max Kepler ferment his own sauerkraut? Is Willians Astudillo a yoga instructor at the YMCA? Maybe Kenta Maeda is really into claymation. Any other wild guesses? Minnesota Twins 1. Luis Arraez (L) 2B 2. Brent Rooker (R) LF 3. Josh Donaldson (R) 3B 4. Max Kepler (L) RF 5. Miguel Sano (R) 1B 6. Nick Gordon (L) CF 7. Ryan Jeffers (R) C 8. Andrelton Simmons (R) SS 9. Joe Ryan (R) P Chicago Cubs 1. Rafael Ortega (L) CF 2. Frank Schwindel (R) 1B 3. Patrick Wisdom (R) 3B 4. Ian Happ (S) LF 5. Matt Duffy (R) 2B 6. Robinson Chirinios (R) C 7. Nico Hoerner (R) SS 8. Trayce Thompson (R) RF 9. Kyle Hendricks (R) P
  3. I think the Twins are trying to do the Vikes a solid and disappointing us early
  4. I don't really follow players once they're gone. It's like that Ron White joke: "I love dogs. That's not true. I love my dog. I don't give a s*** about your dog." However, I was sad when Cuddy left. Seemed like such a good dude. I also remember crying when Rick Aguilera was traded. Twice
  5. Dustin Morse (probably): Come see _______ play for _______!!! 2022 season tickets go on sale today!
  6. Big fan of "Reservation Dogs" and "Nine Perfect Strangers" on Hulu
  7. At least one Twin will win an award this year. Joking aside, this is pretty cool he got to be the first Twin to win this. Thank you for your service, Griff! Jax Wins Award
  8. Yeah, the Yankees are not the team I'm going to take culture clues from. Besides, "no beards" is a control over appearance; not a mandate on behavior
  9. He seemed to be in good spirits after the game. Even dropped a cuss word (bleeped) about how frustrating this sort of s*** is
  10. "Let's finish this game and then go home." - Shortround81
  11. I can't remember the stats from yesterday, but our bottom 1/3 was hitless in a game where we hit multiple homers
  12. Well, the economy is down 'cuz of everything that's going on
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