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Twins Minor League Week in Review (5/15-5/21)

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A pretty average week as two teams went .500 and the other two were a game above or below. There were some standout performances and you can get the entire week in a glance right here.

Image courtesy of Tim Grubbs

Don’t forget to read Nick’s Week in Review to catch up on the Twins week.


  • None as of publishing.




  • Omaha @ St. Paul (11:07AM CST) - TBD
  • Wichita @ Springfield (6:355PM CST) - TBD
  • Wisconsin @ Cedar Rapids (6:35PM CST) - RHP Pierson Ohl (2-3, 3.60 ERA)
  • Fort Myers @ Dunedin (5:30PM CST) - TBD


Triple-A: St. Paul Saints (Week: 2-4)

  • Overall: 23-20, 2.5 games back in the International League West. 
  • Overview: The Saints dropped four of six at Columbus and will start a homestand on a two-game losing streak.
  • 🔥: It sure is nice having Royce Lewis back playing. He hit three home runs among eight hits for the Saints. He looks back to his normal self and will be ready for activation around the first of June. 
  • 🔥: Brent Headrick struck out seven in his start. He gave up two runs on four hits in six innings. 
  • 🥶: Matt Wallner struck out 15 times in six games. He still had six hits in 25 at-bats, including two doubles. But a 60% strikeout rate is… yikes.
  • 🥶: Last season, Jose Miranda turned his season around with a demotion that included taking zero at-bats at Triple-A. This week, he went 3-22 with two runs and three RBIs. With Lewis’ return imminent, Miranda could find himself buried even further down the organizational depth chart.
  • 🥶: Randy Dobnak made two starts. He allowed nine hits and five earned runs in only four innings. 
  • What's Next: The Saints will host Omaha (18-24). Omaha has the worst record in the International League West and is only a game and a half out of last place in the entire International League.

Double-A: Wichita Wind Surge (Week: 3-3)

  • Overall: 18-20, 6-5 games back in the Texas League North.
  • Overview: The winning streak has ended with a split with a Arkansas, so no ground was made up in the race for the division.
  • 🔥: Alex Isola collected eight hits including two home runs in twenty-five at-bats. 
  • 🔥: Blayne Enlow keep getting it done. In 5 1/3 innings, he struck out 10, walked none and gave up one run (a home run) on six hits.
  • 🔥: Jordan Brink collected two saves, allowing only one hit in four shutout sinnings. He walked one and struck out three.
  • 🔥: Aaron Rozek struck out eight in 5 2/3 innings. He allowed only one run on two hits and two walks.
  • 🥶: David Festa has really come down after such a hot start to the season. Festa couldn't make it out of the third inning in his last start and gave up five runs on five hits, three walks and a hit batter.
  • 🥶: After being on top of the world, Yunior Severino came back down to earth. He was 6-25 with no extra base hits and eight strikeouts.
  • What's Next: A trip back on the road to Springfield (16-22) who is in last place.

High-A: Cedar Rapids Kernels (Week: 4-2)

  • Overall: 22-17, 0.5 games back in the Midwest League West. 
  • Overview: The Kernels took four of six from a Peoria team who was also competing in the division.
  • 🔥: Kala’i Rosario had two home runs and a double while batting 7-20. He drove in five runs.
  • 🔥: Jaylen Nowlin stuck out four and allowed three runs over six innings, issuing no walks but allowing one home run among the three scored.
  • 🤔: Misael Urbina didn't exactly tear it up, but five hits and three walks is a huge improvement over how he's been playing. He's still 21, so there's time... but the ticking is louder than it was when he wasn't hitting at all in Fort Myers in 2021.
  • 🥶: Alejandro Hidalgo struggled to locate in his lone start. He walked six  and only got four outs.
  • 🥶: Ben Ross was 2-20. He scored three runs and drove in one. He struck out five times and had a team-low OPS of .236 (minimum five at-bats).
  • What's Next: Next up is the last place Timber Rattlers (11-27) who are 11 games out of first place.

Low-A: Ft. Myers Mighty Mussels (Week: 3-3)

  • Overall: 22-17, 7.0 games behind Clearwater in the Florida State League West. 
  • Overview: The Mighty Mussels split with Lakeland but remain in second place.
  • 🔥: Andrew Cossetti led the team with seven hits on the week and was one of seven different hitters to triple.
  • 🔥: Christian McLeod allowed one run on a hit and two walks over four innings. He struck out seven.
  • 🔥: Zebby Matthews and Cory Lewis both had pretty good performances. Both were hurt by unearned runs, but struck out nine and eight, respectively. Both have been setting themselves up for a summer promotion.
  • 🤔: Jorel Ortega had three extra base hits, but struck out eight times in 22 at-bats. Ortega has been playing a pretty solid third base, but he'll have to lower his strikeout numbers, which are just a tick below 30%.
  • 🥶: Dalton Shuffield went hitless in 14 at-bats over the week. The 10th-round pick came out on fire after being drafted, but hasn't hit for average or power like he did last year. He has taken more walks though.
  • What's Next: The road trip continues in Dunedin (21-18) who are tied with Bradenton and are one game behind Fort Myers.


This Prospect Summary shows our current Twins Top 20 Prospect Rankings and how they performed last week. The Prospect Tracker will be updated on the first of each month throughout the season. Notice that these pages now include stats and splits, as well as past article links, video and more. (Season-long stats will be in parenthesis.)

  • 20. Michael Helman, UTIL, St. Paul: On the Injured List with a dislocated shoulder. (.333/.434/.711. 1.145 OPS)
  • 19. Yunior Severino, 3B, Wichita: 6-25, R, BB, 8 K. (.277/.356/.546. .902 OPS)
  • 18. Jose Rodriguez, OF: Extended Spring Training
  • 17. Blayne Enlow, RHP, Wichita: 1-0, 1.69 ERA, 6.1 IP, 6 H, ER, HRA, 10K. (1.15 WHIP, .235 BAA)
  • 16. Matt Canterino, RHP: Still recovering from Tommy John surgery.
  • 15. Brent Headrick, RHP, St. Paul: 0-1, 3.00 ERA, 6 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, HB, 7 K. (1.27 WHIP, .277 BAA)
  • 14. Jordan Balazovic, RHP, St. Paul: 0-0, 4.50 ERA, 4 IP, 4 H, 2 ER, HRA,  5 K. (1.29 WHIP, .210 BAA)
  • 13. Noah Miller, SS, Cedar Rapids: 4-21, HR, RBI, 3 R, 3 BB, 3 K. (.199/.288/.270. .558 OPS), played shortstop in five games (26 total) and committed one error in 27 chances (four errors in 130 total chances); played one game (six total) at second base and committed no errors in one chance (16 total).
  • 12. Jose Salas, INF, Cedar Rapids: 3-17, 2 2B, 4 RBI, 2 R, 4 K, SB, CS (.159/.236/.221. .457 OPS), played one at shortstop and had one error in three chances (three errors in 29 chances in nine games total) and one game (eight total) at third base with no errors in one chance (two errors in 17 total chances). He played three games (14 total) at second base with one error in 19 chances (one error in 60 total chances).
  • 11. Austin Martin, SS: Martin is still recovering from an arm injury.
  • 10. Yasser Mercedes, OF: Extended Spring Training
  • 9. Matt Wallner, OF, St. Paul: 6-25, 2 2B, BB, 15 K. (.271/.392/.486. 878 OPS); Minnesota: (.000/.273/.000. .273 OPS)
  • 8. David Festa, RHP, Wichita: 0-0, 19.29 ERA, 2.1 IP, 5 H, 5 ER, HRA, HB, 3 BB, 1 K. (1.50 WHIP, .273 BAA)
  • 7. Simeon Woods Richardson, RHP, St. Paul: 0-1, 3.60 ERA, 5.0 IP, 6 H, 4 R (2 ER), 4 BB, 3 K (1.67 WHIP, .294 BAA); Minnesota: (2.14 WHIP, .350 BAA)
  • 6. Marco Raya, RHP, Cedar Rapids: 0-0, 0.00 ERA, 3.0 IP, H, 2 K. (0.89 WHIP, .170 BAA)
  • 5. Connor Prielipp, LHP, Cedar Rapids: On the injured list, but expected to resume throwing. (1.75 WHIP, .294 BAA)
  • 4. Edouard Julien, 2B, St. Paul: 4-10, 2B, R, 4 BB, 4 K. (.287/.442/.481. .923 OPS), has played all 27 games at second base and has committe two errors in 119 chances; Minnesota: 1-5, B, 2K (.219/.286/.406. .692 OPS)
  • 3. Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF, Cedar Rapids: 3-17, 3 R, HR, 2 RBI, 5 BB, 7 K, SB. (.167/.322/.375. 697 OPS)
  • 2. Royce Lewis, SS: St. Paul: 6-16, 3 HR, 6 RBI, 3 R, 5 K, SB, CS. (.333/.500/.500. 1.000 OPS), played two games (three total) at shortstop and committed no errors in four chances (no errors in eight total chances). Lewis played two games (three total) at third base and committed no errors in one two chances (no errors in three total chances).
  • 1. Brooks Lee, SS, Wichita: 4-19, HR, 4 RBI, 4 BB, 3 K, SB, CS. (.252/.331/.403. .734 OPS), played five games (33 total) at shortstop and committed no errors in 24 chances (three errors in 136 total chances). Lee has committed one error in three chances in one game at third base this season.

PLAYERS OF THE WEEK (as voted on by fans on Twitter)

  • PITCHER -  Blayne Enlow, Wichita


  • HITTER -  Royce Lewis, St. Paul

Who would have been your picks? Any early season surprises or disappointments? Ask questions and discuss the Twins prospects in the COMMENTS below.

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Verified Member

Interesting report, Jeremy, thanks.

Did a double take when I saw that both Ft. Myers and the Kernels were 22-17, yet the Mighty Mussels were 7 games out of first.

The best news this week is seeing Royce Lewis playing and playing very well, both at the plate and in the field.  Also great seeing Enlow working back to the player we thought he would be.  

Was wondering who Jose Rodriguez is.  You show him as an outfielder in EST.  Yet, when you click on his name you get a 27 year old pitcher with Seattle.  Is he one of the young guys signed out of the D.R. last year or the year before?


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Verified Member

All that talent from the young guys in Cedar Rapids seems to be turning into more and more wins. Keep it up guys! Not sure we want to push many of these guys up to Wichita at mid-season (maybe a couple pitchers). That makes it tough for guys from Fort Myers to find a spot in Cedar Rapids. There is a spot for Cossetti though.

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Schobel looked pretty good last week. If I calculated correctly I think he hit .300 last week.  He had an awful April with a .600 OPS playing in cold Cedar Rapids to start the year and with the weather warming his May numbers look better with a slash of 286/397/413 for an .810 OPS.  His K rate is 20% and walk rate 10% on the season so I think his numbers could take off in the second half.  

Just when I thought Ortega was going to challenge Cossetti for the OPS lead he goes into a slump and Cossetti gets hot.  I still like both bats but with Cossetti walking as much as K'ing he is more than ready to move up a level.

Lewis off to a good start.  A bit Jekyl and Hyde to start as he either gets no hits or lots of hits per game but the overall results are really good.  I still think he can be a difference maker for the Twins so hoping he keeps the bat hot.

Severino finally came down to earth some.  Wondering if he is working more on plate discipline?  Hard to say at any rate he has an elite power stoke he just needs needs to be disciplined enough to get good pitches to hit.

Still liking what Headerick is doing.  It nice to have to have solid option tucked away at AAA.

Hoping for more breakouts especially at High A where the young guys are really struggling.

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Verified Member
37 minutes ago, mikelink45 said:

Otherwise the prospects are not really shining.

There are guys not in the top 20 prospect list who are doing very well (Rosario, Jones, Lewis, Grace). Two more guys doing great from the top 20 list are Enlow and Headrick (and Helman when healthy).

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Verified Member

Was Enlow protected from the Rule 5 draft? If I remember correctly no..There's got to be a team or two going I knew we should have grabbed Enlow from the Twins in the rule 5 draft. Unlikely but the A's could have grabbed Enlow. and not done much worse than what they have now.

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26 minutes ago, weitz41 said:

Was Enlow protected from the Rule 5 draft? If I remember correctly no..There's got to be a team or two going I knew we should have grabbed Enlow from the Twins in the rule 5 draft. Unlikely but the A's could have grabbed Enlow. and not done much worse than what they have now.

He was protected, but they DFA'd him a few months ago and nobody took him. That's pretty telling because if a team claims him they keep him, instead of having to carry him on the MLB roster for a full year.

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Verified Member
4 minutes ago, Danchat said:

He was protected, but they DFA'd him a few months ago and nobody took him. That's pretty telling because if a team claims him they keep him, instead of having to carry him on the MLB roster for a full year.

Thanks, couldn't remember how that one worked. I realize I'm likely to high on Enlow. But am trying to will it to be true. 😁

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Verified Member

Kind of a ho-hum average week across the system, with a mix of good and bad performances.

Some random thoughts:

St Paul is not having as good of a season as I had expected. Feels to me like the pitching just hasn't been as strong, or at least as consistent, as I expected. I'm starting to become a believer in Headrick and his last start was great. I think we should be talking more than we are about how good Balazovic has looked, just needs to curb the BB a but and keep stretching out. SWR has been really disappointing so far. How great is it to see Lewis looking healthy and good?!

Conversely, Wichita has a better season going than I initially expected. Feels like they're being lead by a nice nucleus of Lee, Severino, Keirsey, the surprising Fajardo, Enlow, and Festa despite his poor last start. Seems as though they are playing well as a team, which is nice to see. Definitely a few guys looking for promotions mid year.

I was honestly surprised at CR's record. It's better than I had realized after they seemed to get off to such a slow start. Tons of young talent there and some guys struggling, but a lot to watch and follow. Not sure, right now, that there's a lot of guys pushing for promotion just yet. Might make it harder for a few Ft Myers guys to move up. But it's a long season and just so much talent sitting there.

Not really surprised Ft Myers is doing well, overall, despite them supposedly starting the year with a dearth of top 30 talent. But when your roster is built primary by 2022 draft choices and young FCL grads, I think that's to be expected. But we've seen some very nice pitching performances that offer a lot of hope. But then again, you kind of hope/expect the college kids to do well at this level. There's been some good stuff coming out of Florida for sure. Really didn't know what to expect from Cossetti, but boy has he looked impressive! If his catching skills are, or will be with development, close to his early bat potential shown, might have a real steal on him.


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I don't mean to continually be a downer, but this is pretty much the worst system I've ever seen for the Twins and frankly can't think of one worse anywhere any year.  I'm sure I'm wrong about the latter, but I cannot recall an MLB system* that had such little talent coming in with the best of it just looking mediocre to horrible.  Great, we have a 23 yr old catch at low A.  That translates well.

*non-40 man roster

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