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  • Rankings Update: 4 Twins Prospects Crack MLB's Top 100

    Matthew Taylor

    On Monday morning, MLB.com released their updated top 100 prospect rankings and four Minnesota Twins players made the list. Find out who made the list and other observations from the newly-released rankings.

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    Everyone loves prospect rankings, and every time that a new list gets released it is always exciting to peruse the list and find out where the Minnesota Twins players landed. Mid-season lists are always extra interesting because players are graduating from the list throughout the year so new players are being added, and a new season of Minor League statistics are being taken into account which creates more movement than normal. 

    In the latest iteration of MLB.com’s prospect rankings, four Minnesota Twins players made the top 100. Here’s where they landed:

    25. Brooks Lee
    Moving up on the rankings list is Twins Daily’s number one ranked prospect, Brooks Lee. Coming into the 2023 season, Lee ranked 45th on MLB.com’s rankings. Lee started the 2023 season in AA-Wichita and has posted a respectable .737 OPS with 14 extra base hits. Lee figures to see time up with the Twins later this season, though he shouldn’t be asked to save the Minnesota Twins offense.

    36. Royce Lewis
    Another positive mover on MLB’s prospect list for the Minnesota Twins is Royce Lewis who moved up from 45th on the preseason list to 36th on the latest update. Lewis has previously been as highly ranked as fifth on MLB’s rankings, but because of his injuries, he has had to climb his way back up the rankings. With Lewis’s return to the Majors imminent, his time on this rankings list shouldn’t be expected to last long. Royce Lewis ranks second on Twins Daily’s prospect rankings.

    76. Emmanuel Rodriguez
    Yet another upward mover on MLB’s prospect list, Emmanuel Rodriguez has moved up from 88th on their preseason list to 76th on their latest update. After a lightning fast start to the season in which Rodriguez hit three home runs and knocked in 12 RBI, Rodriguez missed three weeks due to injury and is still looking to find his stride at the plate. At just 20 years old and still in High-A, it could still be a year or two until we see Rodriguez up with the Twins. Rodriguez currently ranks third on Twins Daily’s prospect rankings.

    86. Edouard Julien
    The final Minnesota Twins player who cracked MLB’s latest rankings update is Edouard Julien, who Twins fans should be very familiar with after he made his big-league debut in April. Now back in St. Paul, Julien has shown a knack for crushing Triple-A pitching with a .907 OPS with the Saints. Julien will get called back up to the Twins in a matter of time, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he sticks there this time. Julien wasn’t on the preseason Top 100 list for MLB, but after some early season updates was recently ranked as high as number 96. Julien ranks fifth in Twins Daily’s prospect rankings.

    Other Observations
    A few other observations in MLB’s newly updated prospect list:

    • The Minnesota Twins rank second in the American League Central with four prospects in the Top 100. The Twins rank behind the Cleveland Guardians who boast seven prospects on the list. The White Sox and Tigers each have two prospects in the Top 100 with the Royals only having one.
    • The Minnesota Twins have the two highest ranked prospects in the American League Central in Brooks Lee and Royce Lewis at numbers 25 and 36, respectively. The next highest ranked prospect in the division is outfielder George Valera of the Cleveland Guardians, ranked 41st.
    • There are three players on the Top 100 list that were born in Minnesota: Michael Busch (44, Dodgers, Simley HS), Max Meyer (54, Marlins, Woodbury HS) and Drew Gilbert (96, Astros, Stillwater HS).
    • There are two players ranked in the Top 100 who are siblings of current Minnesota Twins prospects: Luisangel Acuña (58, Rangers) (brother of Twins prospect Bryan Acuña. And that Ronald Acuña guy...) and Ethan Salas (90, Padres) (brother of Twins prospect Jose Salas).

    Twins Daily will soon be updating our prospect rankings, so be sure to check back and see how our writers rank the prospects within the Twins organization, and how that changed since the preseason.

    Do you agree with MLB's rankings of the Twins prospects? Who do you think was ranked too high or too low? Leave a comment below and start the conversation!

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    I'm a little surprised to see Julien on the list. Not because I don't think he's a very talented hitting prospect, but these lists always seem to favor projection over production and are much less interested in prospects who are 24 and in AAA.

    4 prospects on the list for a team that's currently in contention is pretty good, especially when we have the #5 pick in the upcoming draft.

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    Rodriguez has been pretty much overmatched…pretty badly, at Cedar Rapids. Not that that really means anything yet, other than make we wonder how could he have possibly moved up. There can’t be that many other guys K’ing at a 50% clip. Graduations?

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    E Rod is the one I'm beginning to wonder about. I realize he just got back from an injury so I shouldn't make too much of his numbers so far this season. Last season's plate discipline with his huge power is how he got on these lists. The power is still there. Maybe he just needs a Snickers..

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    I think a couple of these guys could be removed late in the year as they make the Twins 26 roster(Julien & Lewis). It would be nice to have a couple of pitchers work their way unto the lists.

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     ...Luisangel Acuña (58, Rangers) (brother of Twins prospect Bryan Acuña. And that Ronald Acuña guy...)

    Bryan Acuña is an interesting prospect. Signed fpr $650,000, he posted a line of .310/.409/.393/.803 in the Dominican League last year as a 16 year old shortstop. 

    Acuña's baseball bloodline runs deeper than his brothers. His father played eights seasons in the minors.  Other relatives: Cousin of Vicente Campos, Alcides Escobar, Edwin Escobar, Kelvim Escobar; Nephew of Jose Escobar.


    Bryan, 16 years old, is the third of the Acuña dynasty after Ronald (Atlanta Braves) and Luisángel (Texas Rangers) to sign for a major league team. At the time of his signing, Bryan was listed as number 39 in the ranking of the free agent list within international signings, highlighting great hitting power and aggressiveness like that of his brother Ronald to make plays, with a difference of that Bryan is an infielder. This firm has raised many expectations after experts and users of social networks compared Bryan's hitting power with Ronald's, even having the same mechanics adopted to take turns and swing. https://www.septimaentrada.com/mlb/bryan-hermano-ronald-acuna-firma-con-minnesota-twins

    MLB has him rated #18 on the Twins 2023 prospect list.

    His strong baseball background should boost his chances of being a steady, productive player over the long haul. And if all the stars align right...

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    I think it's a fair list, regardless of their actual rankings. I mean, personally, I'd have Lewis higher but I understand the setbacks he's had. And by next season...knock on wood...he will have graduated off any prospect list.

    I am as high on Lee as anyone, and can't wait for him to develop and reach the Twins. And despite a recent mini-slump, I think he's right where he should be. I think he's just making adjustments to the league, as they make adjustments to him. I think there's a reasonable chance he reaches St Paul at some point this year. But am I the only one who smiles and shares his head that he'll be in Minnesota soon? That infield has Polanco, and Correa, and Lewis pretty soon. Then there is Julien, and a hopeful bounceback from the pretty talented Miranda. Lee can, of course, force the issue, but I don't see him added to the 40 man and in a Twins uniform until sometime in 2024, after the season begins. It's just natural development time and numbers.

    The entire Cedar Rapids team is basically a collection of really young players being pushed to that level. I don't have numbers, maybe someone does, but by age and professional experience both, it has to be one of the youngest and least experienced teams in the league. We have to remember how young Rodriguez is, and he didn't even get a full season at Ft Myers last year. I wouldn't be disappointed at all if he spent most or, or all of, this season at A+. Not saying that as a negative...kid had tremendous talent and power and a natural feel for the game...he just needs to stay healthy and gain experience.

    I have a bromance with Julien as I like his story and think his hit tool and offensive game is LEGIT. And I can't wait for him to be a fixture with the Twins, probably at the top of the lineup most days. Problem is room for him, even when ready. I seldom disagree with the FO, but sometimes I do and don't understand their process. I can "get" him focusing on 2B to just "settle in" and grow his bat. But he needs to play 1B as well. And if he just isn't any kind of 3B option...which he's played previously... I get it. But unless he's just a butcher with no tracking skills at all, he should also be worked in to LF. All he has to be is decent/average, or at least "acceptable" in order for him to be versatile enough to be in the lineup almost daily SOMEWHERE. I mean, AK at 1B most days, Polanco at 2B...unless moved...Lewis and Lee, eventually, and Miranda getting his act together again. Gotta find ways to get Julien in the lineup when ready.

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    2 hours ago, gman said:

    I think a couple of these guys could be removed late in the year as they make the Twins 26 roster(Julien & Lewis). It would be nice to have a couple of pitchers work their way unto the lists.

    You might get your wish come this time next year, if not before.

    Festa just might be on the top 100 at some point next year if he continues his amazing ride. But he has to maintain what he's doing and continue to improve.

    Raya is being brought along slowly as he's had a couple minor tweaks here and there after being drafted in covid 2020. But he appears to be the complete package, given a little time. 

    And Prielipp is also being nurtured carefully after he's thrown so little the past year and a half. But a healthy, strong 2nd half this season could see either, or both, contending for a top 100 spot fairly soon.

    Without going in to needless details at this early point, there's a handful of arms in A and low A that could surprise in the next year or two.

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