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Game Thread Twins @ Oakland 4/21/2021 2:37 PM CDT


Who are these guys that they keep calling up? Tomas Tellis? Luke Farrell? JT Riddle? Brandon Waddell? Shaun Anderson? I think this is the most frustrating part with the covid stuff and the losing streak. 


These guys are bums. Never were's. Never gonna be's. AAAA players.


Where is Nick Gordon? Why even have him on the 40 man if you're not going to call him up? Why not try some of the younger arms? Stashak was that bad that Smeltzer is a better option?

Stashak was sent to the minors, so he has to stay there for 10 days (I think). This was done to get a fresh arm in the bullpen. I know there was conversation about lengthening the minimum time a player has to stay in the minors, but I think the number is still ten days. I'm pretty confident when Stashak's required time is up, he will replace someone, probably Smeltzer or Farrell.


Bremer just said that all of the members of the taxi squad have been brought up while the Twins were on this road trip. When the team gets home I'm very confident that there will be more roster moves most likely including Kirilloff, especially with the nagging injury to Sanó.



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