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  1. And then somebody else tell the rest of the team that it isn't Spring Training
  2. I really don't think having Mike Bell or Derek Shelton would have made this season better. Rowson on the otherhand, I do think had a lot of good influence on the lineup.
  3. This will actually be the last straw for me. If they blow this game, this will be my last game thread and last time watching the Twins for 2021.
  4. Cruz regressing is really just the cherry on top of these past couple months
  5. The Twins are making the Tigers look competitive. That is quite an achievement.
  6. Happy about Larnach. Sad about Buxton. Hopefully Larnach can tear it up. Having him and Kirilloff in the OF will be fun to watch this year.
  7. I know Cruz might get a lot of trade attention, but he's the one guy that I don't want to get rid of. I think it would be nice to surround him with young prospects so he can mentor them/be a good example of how to be a successful batter. Have everybody else on the trade table, but keep Cruz as a foundation for the team.
  8. They might! I'm pretty sure the McDonald's down the road from me is hiring
  9. Man, this is getting rough. Might be time to take a break from this team to keep the few braincells I have left
  10. It would not surprise me if the Saints average higher attendance than the Twins this summer
  11. Whenever you're having a bad day, just know that you're better at your job than Cuzzi is at his
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