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Game Thread: Twins v Rockies, 6/25/22 @ 6:10 CDT

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Welcome to yet another Saturday evening edition of Game Thread action sure to be packed with fun and frivolity!  First off, I must apologize as I am feeling a bit nauseous as of this writing.  I'm not sure if it is due to yesterday's contest or the rough flight I took this morning, but the show must go on!  But if I suddenly bolt to the bathroom, you'll know why.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Today's tilt will once again feature the Rockies of Colorado and the Twins of Minnesota.  Speaking of feeling nauseous, the last time I was in Denver, I had such a bad case of altitude sickness that I spent my first night there emptying the contents of my stomach due to worst migraine this empty head of mine has ever endured!

But, I digress.  Today's pitching matchup features Antonio Senzatela, a right hander from Venezuela.  Antonio sports a not all that great 4.42 ERA and 1.75 WHIP in his 11 games started this campaign.  He'll go up against fellow righty Chris Archer, who hails from North Carolina.  He carries with him a tad bit better 3.44 ERA and 1.30 WHIP.  I'm not sure this is what will cure what ails me/us, but that's the medication we've been given.

The fellas helping those two do the voodoo that they do are as follows:

For the visiting Rockies!

LF - Joe

DH - Blackmon

2B - Rodgers

1B - Cron

3B - McMahon

SS - Iglesias

RF - Grichuk

C - Diaz

CF - Hampson


For the hosting Twins!

2B - Arraez

CF - Buxton

SS - Correa

RF - Kepler

DH - Garlick

1B - Kirilloff

C - Sanchez

LF - Gordon

3B - Urshela


Enjoy the game.  Enjoy the game thread.  If anyone is looking for me later, try looking on my bathroom floor.

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9 minutes ago, Danchat said:

Good to see Buxton in the lineup, his knee must have calmed down. Weird how Larnach has been on the IL twice now and Buxton has avoided it so far.

Super heroes are made of sterner stuff.

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Community Leader
11 minutes ago, ashbury said:


Me, I'm going out with Mrs Ash to celebrate our 39th anniversary.

Happy anniversary to the both of you!

I hope Mrs Ash doesn't mind you concentrating on the game thread instead of her!

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Two introductory thoughts:

1.  I suppose that seeing four hitters in the first five with OPS exceeding .820 should make me feel warm and fuzzy.  Nope.

2. Did the Twins learn anything from German Marquez's mastery last night that, in combination with nine other shutouts, MIGHT be reflective of a pattern that MIGHT be at the root of their hitting problems and thus require team-wide adjustment?

Anyway, time for me to solve the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle online. Back later...

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6 minutes ago, Mill1634 said:

Apparently my Fox is showing Dodgers Braves, so it's time to sail the dangerous seas..

Mine was showing Dodgers/Braves pregame but they're airing the Twins game in the metro area.

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4 minutes ago, stringer bell said:

Two things: Baltimore beat the WSox for the third straight time. The Twins aren’t the only AL Central team having some moments of angst. 

Secondly, have the Twins ever played three straight 1-0 games?

That Baltimore/Chicago series impressed upon me that the AL East is a tough division.

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4 minutes ago, Squirrel said:

okay ... why will you be on your bathroom floor?

If you read the opener, you would know!

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