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    I was the guy who protested outside the Metrodome on Opening Day, 1995, the year after the infamous strike--for mor info, see the archived article & picture in the Star Tribune, April 28, 1995 "Twins homecoming: belated, emotional, victorious" by Dan Barreiro

    I love baseball as theater--comedy (Nishioka) and tragedy (Puckett). So, yeah, I've come back to the game, and love going to see The Boys of Summer play, with my two boys--ages 7 & 9. When I get frustrated with the business of baseball, now I can go in the backyard and play catch. Life is good. Paradise, according to Genesis, is still "a green, walled garden, or park."
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    Preacher, Firefighter (volunteer)


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    Grouse hunting, camping with my family, and trolling for walleyes with the game on the radio.

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  1. How refreshing! Fox's play-by-play crew called out the official time of the first pitch. As someone who keeps score, and has 'official start time' on my scorecard. Everybody calling a game should do this, in my OCD opinion...
  2. I was shocked when Correa chose to sign with the Twins last spring. That first shocking event has placed in motion a series of other events: a welcoming clubhouse, the Twins emerging as a first-place team, Correa's increasing value (.884 OPS in May, 1.611 so far in June), and now the tragic event--Royce Lewis' injury--and 12 months of rehab--the second time this has happened. Other events could unfold in 2022: a pennant race, a postseason run, and a degree of success and team and organizational chemistry built upon that first shocking event. This is the window of opportunity. Events have traspired. The Twins have a sudden longer-term need for leadership and stability at the shortstop position. Carlos Correa fulfills that need. Signing Correa long-term would be an historic event. But it is logical, and makes good sense. I wouldn't be "shocked" if the Twins organization lets Correa slip away, but I would be disappointed. That first shocking event has made the eventual signing of Carlos Correa to a long term contract both logical and probable. It just makes sense. Sign the man. I will not be shocked if it happens.
  3. So should I drive 200 miles to the Twin Cities tomorrow for a Twins/Saints doubleheader? Rain in the forecast...
  4. I'm okay with Jeffers, but Alex Isola at AA Witchita is hitting .305 with 5 dingers.
  5. Two called third strikes with three runners in scoring position. SMH. You can't hit the ball with the bat on your shoulder.
  6. The Twins should only deal for a bona-fide ace, close to the trade deadline, if they are looking to be playoff bound. Roll with the current rotation unless or until a game #1 playoff starter becomes available.
  7. Listening to the game today, as my wife and I go to pick up our son at the U of M. Kris Atteberry working the broadcast with Dan Gladden. Atteberry mentions that the Twins are wearing "moonpie stirrups." Anyone have any idea what "moonpie stirrups" are?
  8. Those ARE the 1/3. 4/10: Twins 10, Seattle 4 4/15: Twins 8, Boston 4 4/18 Twins 8, Boston 3 4/23 Twins 9, Chicago WS 3 4/27 Twins 5, Detroit 0 4/28 Twins 7, Detroit 1 4/30 Twins 9, Tampa 1 5/1 Twins 9. Tampa 3 5/3 Twins 7, Baltimore 2 Nobody? I would much rather watch a fast-paced suspenseful pitcher's duel than a five hour slugfest. But I'm nobody, I guess. To each their own, including you. As the list above shows, the Twins HAVE been winning the sort of games you prefer. Nine of them.
  9. According to Dick Bremer's postgame, the Twins are 3-0 in 2-1 (run) games this year, and 1-0 in 1-0 (run) games. They didn't win any 2-1 or 1-0 games last year. These are the games that separate good teams from bad teams. Yes, Baltimore and Oakland ARE bad, and should lose games like these. The old adage applies here. All MLB teams win 1/3 of their games. All MLB teams lose 1/3 of their games. It's the other 1/3 that make the difference. To prove Dick's point, if the Twins lose their 2-1 and 1-0 games, their record is 13-15, not 17-11.
  10. Lewis learned a lesson there, for sure. Man, I wish there would have been runners at the corners with nobody out.
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