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    I was the guy who protested outside the Metrodome on Opening Day, 1995, the year after the infamous strike--for mor info, see the archived article & picture in the Star Tribune, April 28, 1995 "Twins homecoming: belated, emotional, victorious" by Dan Barreiro

    I love baseball as theater--comedy (Nishioka) and tragedy (Puckett). So, yeah, I've come back to the game, and love going to see The Boys of Summer play, with my two boys--ages 7 & 9. When I get frustrated with the business of baseball, now I can go in the backyard and play catch. Life is good. Paradise, according to Genesis, is still "a green, walled garden, or park."
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    Preacher, Firefighter (volunteer)


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    Grouse hunting, camping with my family, and trolling for walleyes with the game on the radio.

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  1. This front office has made more deposits in my Bank of Trust than withdrawals. I'm finally of the ripe 'ol age to be a season ticket holder, and will be next year too. But if management and labor can't arrive at a new CBA (collective bargaining agreement) and there's another work stoppage, the bank defaults, and I'll bring my sign out of the closet, "Don't Feed the Greed." You've got me for one more year, Derek & Mike.
  2. What's to say the Twins can't sign Berrios in 2023? Trade him now, build payroll flexibility for 2023, and let the White Sox dominate the Central for another year. Berrios may want to return in 2023 after a taste elsewhere. Also, we may have a much better rotation in 2023, depending upon the pitchers we aquire by trading him and Cruz now.
  3. I am excited to watch Uncle Charlie Barnes! Saw him pitch July 8th in Des Moines. He was cruising until the bottom of the 6th, when he ran into control issues: hit a batter, walked two, and all three came around to score on a one-out double. Maybe he duplicate the first five shutout innings against the AAA Mud Hens/Tigers today. As I remember, he came out of Clemson with a big ol' 12-6 curveball, thus my nickname of "Uncle Charlie." Seth's "Twins Prospect Retrospective" says that "Barnes throws a lot of sinkers and changeups. The sinker tops out about 91. He was touted as having the best changeup in that 2017 draft, and it continues to be an important pitch for him. He also throws both a slider and a curveball." I remember reading about the curveball. Does anyone else remember that? Also, Barnes is nowhere on anyone's top 40 prospect list. Nowhere... How cool would it be if he matriculates into that crafty lefty that no one saw coming...
  4. Willins was fun to watch again tonight! A fan favorite in Des Moines, too! I couldn't agree more about Charlie Barnes If he can't make it as a starter, how about as a two-pitch lefty out of the bullpen? He was good again last night.
  5. Balazovic last pitched on June 30th and isn't scheduled to pitch again until July 10th. Thoughts, ideas, questions, concerns?
  6. Our family is on a two week road trip. We went to "Toga Night" last Thursday night in St. Paul, drove to Kansas City for the bookends of the Twins three-game series, and spent Saturday at the Negro Leagues Museum. Now we're in Wichita until tomorrow, then we catch up with the Saints again in Des Moines. Excited to see Charlie Barnes pitch! Man, I want him to find that breakthrough pitch that will propel him up the prospect list and into the big leagues! Great game last night! Beautiful stadium, great fans--they gave our family all sorts of restaurant and what-to-do suggestions. We even toured the original Pizza Hut Museum. As for the game, Steer continued to dominate AA after his call up. Palacios had cooled off of late, but went 4 for 5 with a double, Whitefield was amazing in center. When he caught one over his shoulder on a dead sprint, my 18 yr old son said, "That's THE Willie May's catch, Dad." Bechtold's back-to-back clutch dingers in the 7th and 9th were brilliant! Looking forward to tonight's game and the rest of the road trip!
  7. "Yeah, and my very unscientific and non-measurable, but incredibly reliable and 100 percent deadly accurate eyeball test tells me he threw nothing that looked in the least bit dominating. Nobody got bad swings, nobody got really fooled on pitches." Same eyeball test = My waiter at Red Lobster last week, serving our table Cheddar Bay Biscuits. Same guy.
  8. Hoping for a breakout from Charlie Barnes. This lefty with a big bender might find something this year. How much fun could that be?
  9. Looking at the Twins and Saints schedules, I'm disappointed that there are only a few options for day-night cross-town "Green Line" doubleheaders. One in May, one or two in August, one in September. Missed opportunities to promote and support both teams.
  10. Bold prediction: The Twins will win 25 games before they lose 25 games.
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