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Derek Falvey announced this afternoon that Twins catcher Willians Astudillo and one other Twins player have positive for COVID-19. Two other players, Edwar Colina and Nick Gordon, also previously tested positive outside of MLBs testing this week.In a zoom meeting with media on Friday afternoon, Derek Falvey mentioned that Willians Astudillo and one other Twins player had tested positive for COVID-19 during the intake process (players reporting and being tested).


Astudillo is in Minneapolis. "He is presently asymptomatic, feeling fine. He is quarantined here."


Falvey said that Astudillo has given his permission for his name to be announced. There is still some steps in the intake process that have to be completed.


Falvey was not able to comment on the identity of the second player at this time.


"We will now subsequently go through a protocol where after a minimum period of time, we can then test him again. The way the protocol works, when he tests negative twice, subsequent to a positive test, you can then be brought back into the environment." Falvey continued, "We will likely test him above 48 to 72 hours from now. Then subsequently test him a couple of days after that. If he clears two negative tests, he would then be someone who could re-enter."


Shortly before the press conference, MLB announced that 38 of the 3,185 people tested (1.2%) were positive. 31 of those were players and the other seven were staffers. 19 of the 30 MLB teams had at least one positive result.


Falvey noted, "I'm really happy to hear that a lot of players and staff, wherever they were over the past several months, they were able to keep themselves healthy and in a safe place and limited their contact outside of their home environments."

In addition to the two MLB players, both Edwar Colina and Nick Gordon had positive COVID-19 tests recently. They had their tests administered prior to the baseball testing this week.


Falvey said, "Those guys are here. They're rostered, and hopefully eventually will be cleared. In Colina's case, he has already cleared and a subsequent test since he has tested negative for the virus, but we are being cautious."


He believes both players should be in Minnesota later this weekend.


There were some other Twins minor leaguers who also tested positive in Ft. Myers when the facilities were shut down across baseball. Colina was there when he tested positive.



Falvey noted that there has been "a wide range of perspectives" on their return to Target Field. "They walk in and see masks, and the clubhouse doesn't look like it used to look. It's a bit jarring initially for some folks. That said, you get back to seeing some people. You get in the clubhouse, get dressed, get out. It's an interesting set up in the ballpark right now."


"Some are throwing with their mask on while they're out there. Everyone's trying to get used to it. It's a range of feeling. Some guys are a bit anxious and that's real, and then some guys are really excited to be back and ready to go, and just trying to figure it out. Anything that's different from the norm, it's going to take some time."






Falvey also noted that Byron Buxton and Cody Stashak are not in camp. They have been excused for personal reasons. Buxton's wife Lindsey is due to have the couple's second child any day now. Stashak's wife, Taylor, gave birth to the couple's first child in mid-June.


Update - Today (Friday), Lindsey Buxton gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Blaze Jett.





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With the overwhelming vast majority of people being either extremely mild or asymptomatic, you would think we wouldn’t have to destroy the planetary economy and millions of business over it. Sounds a lot like…a bad flu season. Truth is, if the media never mention COVID-19, that’s all you would think it was


COVID-19 is going to be a continuing topic of discussion all season. Keeping things strictly to a baseball perspective, players will be tested on a regular basis, the results of those tests will dictate whether or not a player can be on the active roster. This is how MLB has decided to handle the situation.


Snarky comments about the severity (or perceived lack there of) of Coronavirus are not welcome in the comments of these articles intended to relay information on testing/the baseball implications. If you want to specifically discuss the Coronavirus in particular, or any of the response/fallout/etc., here's a link to a thread in The Sports Bar forum.

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38 of 3,185 positive is honestly much better than I thought it would be. I am excited for some baseball and am looking for some hope. This is much better news than it could have been. I am resisting getting to fired up and fear we get going, and then have to stop. These initial tests are encouraging. 

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