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Game Thread: Twins vs Royals 6:40 cdt 8/15/2022 ad

The ruby slippers intorduction:

Things to think about.


1. Sometimes the house lands on ya. Sometimes its merely a glass of water. Hard to say which is worse though....

(But y'all been paying closer attention to our road woes than i. I'm on the road now, so you can attribute my brevity to that.)


2. There's no place like home!

(Tap heals) There's no place like home!

There's no place like home!


Isn't a good haiku

Relaxing to read these days?

Go ahead. Write one!


3. Kansas City... How are they these days? We often do well against them, but even when they aren't winning world serieses, they tend to play us tough. Maybe they want their local references back? 


4. Is 2 added to itself. Which is what multiplication means? So it is also 2 times itself. Which is what raising to a power means. (i know, i'm a square too) Which is also raised to itself, and i think that is where most math folk get bored, and turn on the game.


5. Woah! The game's on! And it's in colour, unlike some of our dreary lives. Let us all gather round the screen and enjoy!


(Well, it will be... It will be...)



0. Kris Bubic (L) P

1. MJ Melendez (L) LF

2. Bobby Witt Jr. (R) 3B

3. Salvador Perez (R) C

4. Vinnie Pasquantino (L) DH

5. Michael Massey (L) 2B

6. Nate Eaton (R) RF

7. Nick Pratto (L) 1B

8. Kyle Isbel (L) CF

9. Nicky Lopez (L) S



0. Joe Ryan (R) P

Team of Mystery...

(a little help, please?)


O E O.

Bed Owe Um!

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Nolan Ryan - er, Kris Bubich - strikes out the side. 

Looks like another miserable night to be a Twins fan. Here's hoping things turn around. 

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