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  1. Hitters totally lost on the breaking balls Astros pitching strategy a huge success
  2. we all know what Ryan's lazy fastball will bring tomorrow hitters gotta be ready for tons of breaking balls
  3. weird management by Rocco again he is not a good manager I swear
  4. pray for Ryan tomorrow this Alvarez is killing twins pitchers
  5. in game strategy is what Rocco lack of we need to take bases as possible as we can not trying to wait to hit HRs every single time these simple fundamental make you win playoff games
  6. at least it will be an Ace duel find a way to score and win G4 first
  7. our pitcher all be ready tomorrow but hitting to score is the key to win games
  8. I don't think Astros hitters will choke like our hitters so it'll be a bullpen game tomorrow
  9. Astros pitchers using all those breaking pitches see how our hitters adjust tomorrow
  10. just let Maeda finish this game we'll have full bullpen for tomorrow
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