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  1. I wouldn't be thrilled about it myself, but I'd prefer Kepler over Gordon. Unless Nick has a massive spring
  2. Kepler leading off could be a viable, that's if they don't trade him
  3. I live in Australia and have limited options. In 2022 I just subbed to MLB.TV for $142.99 US ($203 AU). Hopefully it doesn't all go to crap and I can still get a 2023 subscription. Do you guys know if MLB.TV will be affected by the Bally sports situation?
  4. Sorry I meant the Twins' diamond awards
  5. Is TwinsFest available to watch online?
  6. Well a 5 year love letter is fine with me, It's not my money though? . I just really hope Lewis can come back asap and be the man, pretty much what Jeremy Peña has done so far.
  7. Same, But maybe have opt-outs after 4/5yrs on both sides
  8. Nice, I just brought OOTP23. Still trying to wrap my head around it
  9. #3 Sounds interesting.. My head says Yes, heart says No ?
  10. Is Taylor Rogers still available? And if so, a viable option?
  11. Agreed. If Buxton can stay healthy.... I mean surely by now the medical staff/doctors must have a better idea about what it takes and the treatment necessary to keep him on the field for 100+ games a season?? obviously the other players, especially pitching needs to remain healthy but he is a massive piece for us to have a playoff chance
  12. To quote someone from the MLB trade rumours site “This team makes a roster like a dad who doesn’t check the fridge before grocery shopping.”
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