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  1. Will polancos play at s.s. Hopefully send another hint to rocco and the f.o., Love him at 2b, and now with simmons hopefully DONE , quit showing all of us what we all know, anyone got the Front Office # be glad to call
  2. Looking at the games tonight to watch, Noticed Lamont Wade batting 4th for the giants, The kid has really done a great job since we didnt need him, Happy that he got a chance, Do players ever come here and improve ?? Go Twins
  3. The Battle for the basement, is motivating both teams after 1 inning, im oh so into it !!!
  4. The battle of the Basement, begins tonight, so excited are you ??
  5. Whenever i hear roy smalley, i switch to other teams, Variety is good
  6. that was the worse a.b. ive ever seen Polanco have,
  7. This morning i looked at the matchups, and seen Mr, Nelson Cruz had 3 home runs in 15 at bats against there starter, all i cold do was Chuckle when the trade news came out,
  8. Same Sano, think any team would even take him ? guy makes good $$$
  9. I watch almost every game and for the last few weeks i always start out listening to Bremer and who ever is with him, But it seems like Morneau is not getting any better and Smalley i refuse to listen to, so i usually listen to the Road feed, but i like SO FAR what im hearing from Glen Perkins, Hope it continues, they need someone who is not AFRAID to criticize anything, i really enjoy Steve Stone for the Sox, But pleez Twins no more Roy!!!!good start today, Go Twins
  10. Maeda 6 pitches and 2 outs , Rocco decides to visit and here we are ??? let the guys play
  11. Thank You for being consistent with the whole website, Dont post alot but enjoy the Excellent sarcastic Journalism here from the other posters, well gotta say it anyway , Go Twins !!!
  12. Comparing Duffet to rodgers 12 pitches , and Rodgers will need 2-3 off days, Rocco u r a ??????????????????
  13. new pitcher e.r.a. is 9.0 - atta boy rocco gotta keep a eye on the stats
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