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Everything posted by mrtwinsfan

  1. Definition of Speed regarding twins this year, we have hit into the most Double plays and gotta be close to last in Stolen bases , also, == Not Good
  2. I respect Caves ability alot more than Celestinos, Gilbert needs alot more seasoning and it shouldnt be done at this level,
  3. Arreaz was hitting 338 at the all star break, Judge was 284, Amazing year for Judge, Hoping for Luis !!!
  4. Rocco let Ober try for a complete game, show some Trust in your Pitcher
  5. To cap off a good year, would be nice for the twins to give him a start , he is done pitching in st paul for the year, like to see it,
  6. Only reason im watching is Trout and Ohtani, how does this team with all the big name free agents over the years Never win ??
  7. I know people might not like Roy Smalley's voice--- Agreed
  8. Will be surprised if we even get to 80 wins, My Official Guesstamate ? Fan Ball says 78-84
  9. Liked when they had Justin and Perkins, they played off each other, and it lightened Bremars yapping,
  10. Ohatani gets better the 2nd and 3 rd time thru the order, You watching Rocco ?
  11. Sanchez , gave the batter 2 outs, terrible Gary, Hope to not see ya next year!!
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