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Everything posted by mrtwinsfan

  1. After happy Hour today ,, Seriously replaced mcgill- Covid , even Funnier Covid
  2. Only Here -- Season on thw line and we bring in a guy called up at 6 p.m., Can only Laugh
  3. Someone woke Rocco up and told him it 5-5 , how else can it be explained Pagan starting 8th ?
  4. Pagan the man who single handed has given at least 5 games to cleveland this year, Goes out for the 8th, i wish him well , after pitching the 7th and giving up there 5th run, Team shows some GRIT and gets 5 runs, My biggest problem last night was when fullmer had a ezzy 6th inning, And to me should of tried to get 2 innings out of Fullmer, now tonight he does the opposite with the WORST choice on the Team, Rocco your team is showing some heart, And what do you do , this to me should be Firing for sure
  5. Gordon b4 the play you gotta know whos running, not after you have the ball, more mental mental errors, thats why he had to hurry his throw, And pulling Fullmer Rocco why
  6. And better pitcher management? cant expect 4-5-6 pitchers to all be on---, Rocco never goes with the flow Ober great 5 pulling him ? not gonna argue that tpo much, Fullmer not the biggest fan of , but he had a stressless inning, let him at least start the 7th, Cleveland had zero going for them till the Error, he has zero mindset for game flow, to cautious all the time, Sick of it, Guarantee ya francona keeps fullmer in , then after theilbar to me Jax =no way you need your best right there!!!! please replace this guy
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