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Game Thread Twins at Tigers 12:10 cdt 5/302022ad

in honor of Memorial Day, the succinct response and most eloquent expression of the spirit of the day is attributed to Brig. Gen. McAuliffe:



0. Dylan Bundy (R) P

No Lineup Released



0  Beau Brieske (R) P

1. Harold Castro (L) DH

2. J. Schoop (R) 2B

3. Javier Baez (R) SS

4. J. Candelario (S) 3B

5. Spencer Torkelson (R) 1B

6. Willi Castro (S) LF

7. Daz Cameron (R) RF

8. T. Barnhart (S) C

9. Derek Hill (R) CF


(On a borrowed phone)






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10 minutes ago, CRF said:

Agree 100%

Would be preferable to not rest both Buxton and Correa in the same game. The Division III school where I went to college had an outstanding hoop team with two All-Americans. The coach never had both on the bench at the same time unless the game was a blowout. (We won the Division III title my senior year.)

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28 minutes ago, Craig Arko said:

I don’t think this road trip is going to go well. Hope I’m proven wrong.

It's a test of their mettle. How well can they adapt to players missing from the lineup and rotation? How much depth do they truly have? 

Hopefully their mettle turns out to be metal ... like steel!

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44 minutes ago, CRF said:

According to MLB's site, this is the Twins line up for today's game. If it's wrong, you can blame them. 

Arraez 2B

Garlick LF

Polanco SS

Sanchez C

Larnach RF

Urshela 3B

Miranda 1B

Gordon CF

Jeffers DH.




OMG by this defense we're in trouble. It'd have been smart to save Lewis for today at SS where we needed him than throw him unneccessarily to the wolves in CF yesterday.

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Verified Member

Before the game starts, I just want to wish everyone a very safe, enjoyable Memorial Day. Whatever your individual plans may be. May God bless you and yours. Please don't forget the true meaning of Memorial Day, is to honor all the brave men and women who gave their lives while serving in the U.S. military. GO TWINS!

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1 minute ago, LVTwinsfan said:

Too bad they played Lewis in cf(smh) yesterday or he’d be at short today

Well, does that mean you were opposed to having Lewis recalled? He could play maybe once a week at shortstop and maybe twice a week at third or he could play in the outfield too and get near fulltime plate appearances. Sure, it stinks that he got hurt, but he was going to play unfamiliar positions if he was going to be in the lineup enough to be up with the major league club.

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11 minutes ago, Squirrel said:

You don't know that, at all. It's possible, or, it's possible he gets hurt worse playing elsewhere. Players get hurt. No amount of hindsight makes anything preventable


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