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GAME THREAD: Twins @ Angels, 4/16/21, 8:38 PM CDT



Cave has no business starting against a lefty but here we are again because Buxton can’t stay on the damned field. Jake may be entirely cooked but it’s too early to know for sure. If he is allowed to be in a strict platoon, I still think he does okay.

Yeah ... Cave is not a starter. And since Buxton isn't on the IL they can't/won't call up a good replacement and go with Cave out there.

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If there is anything more predictable than the sun coming up in the east, its Buxton being hurt on a regular basis, all the time. If its not one injury, its another. He gets hurt just being alive. Never seen anything like it. If he plays 4 games in a row, its time to plan the parade.


And the sad thing is he is probably the best player on the roster....when he does play. Meanwhile about half the team can't even hit .200. The numbers are pathetic.


but then, a win tonite brings them back to .500.

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