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GAME THREAD: Twins @ Angels, 4/16/21, 8:38 PM CDT


Legit question - Do we really only have four good relievers? (Duffey, Rogers, Robles, and Alcala) Because if we do we’re in SERIOUS trouble.


Which one is not good


All are ok, Im not totally sure Rogers is good anymore, at least when it matters. Im not totally sure Robles is good and not just starting well. Tbh I haven't been able to watch much this year so to hear that Duffey is who others mention first is concerning. 


Alcala looks good all around, hope that continues as he pitches more than 30 innings.



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while the pen is lousy, our greatest 'other fears' have been realized early. We all hoped that Donaldson and Buxton could enjoy a relatively healthy season. So what happens? Donaldson goes on the 10 day IL in the 1st inning of the 1st game. And Buxton is still a china doll, getting his assorted injuries by just waking up in the morning.. And when they do play, they are far and away our best hitters and best d-men.


Meanwhile, most the rest of the hitters are trying to match their career worst years. Its early, the cliche of the month. The rest of the division is not pulling away but the Twins losses have been either preventable or just downright ugly. The lineup is not working and the manager is making some very odd decisions.


Guess we have to play through it and hope for the best. Either that or management needs to make some changes.

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