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  1. Probably part of the answer to this is that if and when the Twins trade these guys, some of the return has to be players who are ready to play in the majors. Not to the exclusion of farther-away guys with higher upside, but certainly balanced with those.
  2. This is totally a sidebar to the main discussion, but are the Dodgers seriously actually paying Scott Kazmir (who, since he last played for them, has been out of affiliated baseball, rejoined a different MLB team, and been cut from that team) right now? Ha.
  3. Yep. Clearly with that trade they were choosing between Wade and Cave. Both lefty-hitting outfielders, projected as backups whom they wouldn't mind starting for a stretch. I thought it was a questionable decision, but certainly not impossible to understand - Cave had spent more time in the majors and had hit OK, and it seemed like the management trusted him more in CF. But Wade's on-base skills plus decent overall offense and a bit of defensive versatility definitely would have had a place on this roster. It's kind of a surprise that Cave tanked as badly as he did, but not a surprise that
  4. Good of you to point this out, and you have a good point. But... Gladden took a series off a couple weeks ago so Provus and Atteberry were the broadcast team for the weekend, and those games were SO pleasant and relaxing to listen to.
  5. Gladden on the radio broadcast just now: "Garlick's been busy with a lot of balls activity out there..." Am I immature for pointing out this passing comment? Yes, probably. Is Gladden ridiculous? Also yes.
  6. Simmons not in the lineup today. Is he banged up too? Hard to see why he would be sitting against a lefty pitcher with Gordon (lefty hitter and inferior defender) in the lineup otherwise.
  7. + Simmons (got curious and looked it up - teammates in Atlanta in 2014!)
  8. Just found this thread after reading the latest minor league report. This may fall in the category of "don't complain about a free site," but I read the report on mobile and the ads are out of control. Between in-line ads and pop-ups there was almost never a moment when I didn't have one in my field of vision. At one point there was one pop-up on top of another pop-up. A pop-up appeared literally on top of this comment field as I was writing and I couldn't avoid tapping on it and getting redirected to a new ad page. Again, maybe not appropriate to complain about this given that you all ma
  9. Yes, his MLB career line: .228/.313/.313 However, his AAA career line: .295/.372/.437 Of course there are always players who run that kind of disparity between AAA and MLB numbers and never break through in the majors (giving us the shorthand "AAAA guy.") But it seems like there's at least some base of skills to know what he's doing at the plate. Maybe Refsnyder becomes the rare AAA veteran who finally figures it out at MLB, or maybe not, but it seems like there's no reason not to give him some run as long as he's hitting and the roster is still banged up.
  10. I looked in the "other baseball 2021" thread a couple days ago and was a little surprised that Huascar Ynoa's incident hadn't made it to be posted there, but now I see it's here. I never like to see injuries, but I also always wonder why players flirt with injury doing things like punching a bench, even in the heat of the moment. The MLBTR front page was half ex-Twins transactions yesterday.
  11. I know everyone expects big things to come from Larnach, but it's a little puzzling that he's batting ahead of Kepler at this particular moment in both of their careers.
  12. Not that it really matters much in the long run, but this got me wondering about the COVID roster rules again. When a player goes on the COVID-IL, they don't count against the 40-man roster, so the team gets an extra 40-man spot for the duration of the player's stay. When Simmons came back from the COVID-IL, they sent down Gordon, who already was and would remain on the 40-man roster. The pair of moves, together, effectively fill one more 40-man spot. I was wondering how this worked, but it looks like after they made the flurry of moves last weekend, they still had one "free" 40-man spot
  13. Thanks for these details. This is exactly what I was wondering about when I saw the latest moves (Lin swapped in for Telis) and what I opened this thread for! I had thought that non-40-man players would be subject to typical waivers if they were sent down after replacing COVID-IL guys on the roster, but didn't know about the "outbreak" rules. I would guess that Telis and Riddle would clear waivers, but wouldn't be totally confident - a catcher who's hit well at AAA (although maybe ultimately a AAAA type) or an infielder with a good defensive rep as a true shortstop could appeal to some tea
  14. I also am wondering why they didn't try to get another inning out of Dobnak, especially with Oakland's 8 and 9 hitters due up (though the no. 8 guy Brown has been hot today.)
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