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Game Thread: Twins vs Red Sox, 6/18/19, 7:10 PM

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:13 PM
The Twins have lost back-to-back games!! Oh my gosh, the world must be coming to an end. On a less extreme note, the Twins are still in f...

Article: Potential Prospect Cost in Twins Trades

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:03 PM
As we move closer to July, we also push towards the looming Major League Baseball trade deadline. With the waiver period being removed in...

Article: Minnesota Twins 2019 MLB Draft Signing Tracker

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 05:55 PM
Now that the 2019 MLB Draft is behind us, it is time to sit back and wait for news on when each of the 41 picks will either sign or decid...

Article: BOS 2, MIN 0: Offense Squanders Berrios’ Gem

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:39 PM
Tonight’s game featured incredible starts by Jose Berrios and Boston’s Rick Procello. The only runs of the game came in the first inning...



Topps Rolls Out the Carpet for Museum Collection

Posted by Ted Schwerzler in Off The Baggy, 18 June 2019 · 157 views
museum collection, topps and 1 more...

This week Topps will launch the latest entry to the Museum Collection line of baseball cards. The 2019 set continues along the path of previous offerings presenting a mid-high end offering composed of multiple packs and big hits. The box contains 20 cards and checks in right around $200. Split between base cards and hits, there’s a gamble that could pay o...

New Museum at CHS Field Highlights St. Paul Baseball History

Posted by Sarah in Blog Sarah, 17 June 2019 · 279 views

New Museum at CHS Field Highlights St. Paul Baseball History The state of hockey has met the city of baseball. This spring at CHS Field, home of the St. Paul Saints, heralded the opening of a new museum devoted to the history of the great American game in the capital city. In a 2,000 square foot space tucked down the left field line and free to ticket holders during Saints games, fans can learn about the memorable...

Tickets to tonight’s game for a veteran

Posted by Supfin99 in Supfin99's Blog, 12 June 2019 · 891 views

Hey everyone I just bought 4 season tickets for 20 games the rest of the season. I live in Dallas and will be going to just a few games when we come home and I will give some away to friends and family. I also want to use some of the games to raise money for a cause I feel strongly about, as former military, the Wounded Warriors Project. I’m hopeful tha...

Introducing Through a Child's Eyes

Posted by Tim Fredrickson in Through a Child's Eyes, 11 June 2019 · 523 views
family, twins, learning

Introducing Through a Child’s Eyes
A blog about how kids experiencing winning Twins baseball for the first time connect and have fun without concerns of payroll, unwritten rules, or judgement.

The Twins’s postseason run and World Series Championship in 1991 was the first time I really got into baseball. I remember the 1987 Championship, but not that w...

Houston is the new St. Louis

Posted by birdwatcher in birdwatcher's Blog, 11 June 2019 · 782 views

As regular readers might know, I've been following the baseball moves of the Twins ever since Chief suffered through First Communion. Yep. Since the early Washington Senators under their founder, George Washington.

I'm particularly intrigued by the challenges of talent evaluation and acquisition, and all that goes into it. This intrigue was heightened en...

Off Day Assessment, June 10, 2019

Posted by Kirby O'Connor in Kirby O'Connor's Blog, 10 June 2019 · 561 views
minnesota twins and 3 more...

It has been a week since the Minnesota Twins' last off day, and in that time they've played six games, all on the road and all against divisional opponents.

The Good:
The good news is that the Twins still don't have a losing segment on their schedule. This means that they have yet to have a losing road trip or home stand. The team ended the week with a...

David Ortiz shot in back

Posted by mikelink45 in mikelink45's Blog, 10 June 2019 · 575 views
david ortiz, boston red sox

David Ortiz shot in back Today they announced that David Ortiz was shot in the back in the Dominican Republican. Not lethal, but lower back and there is no good gunshot. He was in the Dial Bar and Lounge and two other people were wounded. It sounds like the way that Wild Bill Hickok was killed.
The shooter, a motorcyclist, was beaten by the crowd and has to recover from his injur...

Strat-O-Matic Matchup 6-7-19 At Tigers

Posted by Danchat in Danchat's Strat-O-Matic Blog, 09 June 2019 · 269 views
6/17/2019, tigers, detroit

With the breakdown of how things will work in Strat-O-Land, let's simulate another game. This is based off Friday's bout with the Tigers.

Box Score

The Twins first inning saw singles from Garver, Cruz, and Cron, followed by a bases-clearing double by Marwin Gonzalez. It appears th...

The precious, but unnoticed help of Gonzalez

Posted by Thieres Rabelo in Brazilian Twins Territory, 06 June 2019 · 974 views

The precious, but unnoticed help of Gonzalez With recent struggles from Twins pitchers, for example, an early season discussion has been brought up this week. Did the Twins address well enough the team’s need during the offseason? Some people sure feel like they didn’t. But one offseason move (out of several others) that we can absolutely tell was right on the money was the Marwin Gonzalez signing....

First Place Underdogs

Posted by Andrew Gebo in Around The Horn , 06 June 2019 · 918 views

Across all sports the term “underdog” is typically given to teams who lack elite talent but are good enough to be relevant. It is rare when a team leads their respective sport in most major statistical categories and fighting for the number one seed in the postseason to be given the “underdog” label. The 2019 Minnesota Twins are the exception to that rule...

ApPENding Reliever Pitch Selection - Taylor Rogers

Posted by TwerkTwonkTwins in TwerkTwonkTwins, 06 June 2019 · 572 views
taylor rogers, bullpen and 1 more...

ApPENding Reliever Pitch Selection - Taylor Rogers The Minnesota Twins bullpen was the dominant topic yesterday for...various reasons. It looks like it will remain a dominant topic as we head toward the July trade deadline. This blog series will be all about the Twins bullpen, but won't be concerned with internal or external additions. I wanted to take a look at how the coaching staff is tweaking the pitc...

Carrasco stepping away from baseball for health

Posted by TFRazor in TFRazor's Blog, 05 June 2019 · 1,326 views
carlos carrasco and 1 more...

This just hit the wire. Apparently Carlos Carrasco has been diagnosed with some sort of blood condition. Hopefully he gets the medical care he needs to get back on the field.


Escobar and Gonzalez

Posted by stringer bell in stringer bell's Blog, 05 June 2019 · 835 views
venezuela, free agent 2018 and 2 more...

Two 30-year-old natives of Venezuela, both switch-hitters, both came to the majors as shortstops who became utility players and were to become free agents at the end of the 2018 season. I was looking at Baseball Reference and thought I would compare the former Twin with the current Twin. I was surprised how similar their numbers were.

Bullpens, usage, options, and rosters

Posted by South Dakota Tom in South Dakota Tom's Blog, 05 June 2019 · 434 views

There has been a steady drumbeat in Twins Territory regarding upgrades to the bullpen. The purpose of this article is not to disagree with them, so much as it is to discuss reasons why delaying such a move is best for the club over a long season.

First, the facts: Twins have 5 pitchers on their existing 25-man roster who have options remaining. Berrio...

What would a Madison Bumgarner trade look like?

Posted by gtkilla in gtkilla, 04 June 2019 · 2,338 views
madison bumgarner; trade

What would a Madison Bumgarner trade look like? The Twins could make a move like this happen and I believe they should. How could this work and what are the chances they could get a guy like Will Smith in the deal as well?

Who Gets the Axe ?

Posted by tarheeltwinsfan in Blog tarheeltwinsfan, 29 May 2019 · 2,070 views

When Garver is ready to return...when Cruz is ready to return...who gets sent down? Will it be Litttell and Arraez? Will it be two relievers, since the starters are doing so well and Arraez is such a good hitter and can play several IF positions? ? Will it be 2 position players since two position (DH and C) players will be returning? What do you think?

GBC Blog 2: What could have been, Part II: 2010 MLB Draft

Posted by 33mvp in Giant Baseball Cards, 28 May 2019 · 932 views

In part two of this series we will be looking at the 2010 MLB draft. This series is about looking at how the Twins did in the draft during the past decade, not a wine piece. We will see positives and negatives in the Twins’ draft prowess. Another intention of this piece is to simply show how hard it is to draft and develop MLB players.

With the 21st pick...

Twins Fans, Dallas Keuchel is Not Worth the Hype

Posted by Peter Wall in Rounding Second, 28 May 2019 · 1,430 views
dallas keuchel, minnesota twins

At some point, you have to know when to cut bait and move on. For Twins fans, that time has come for Dallas Keuchel.

For the last 5 seasons, Keuchel has been the Astro’s homegrown ace. From his debut in 2012, Keuchel has slowly cemented himself as one of the best starting pitchers in the game. Save for a rocky 2016 and some early growing pains, Keuchel h...

The Promotion: Devin Smeltzer

Posted by Brandon Warne in BW on the Beat, 28 May 2019 · 1,405 views
devin smeltzer and 2 more...

This is an excerpt of a story which originates at Zone Coverage here . Please click through to read it in full.

The Minnesota Twins have placed right-handed starting pitcher Michael Pineda on the disabled list with right knee tendinitis, and are purchasing the contract of 23-year-old lefty Devin Smelzter to take his place on the roster.

Smeltzer will...

Time to buy Twinkie Stocks

Posted by Sabir Aden in The Always Fashionable; Uncle Charlie, 27 May 2019 · 540 views
twins, jakeodorizzi, falvey

(Disclaimer; this article was written during the time the Twins had the lead. In the time they relenquished it, it approximately induced me into a cycle of imminent doom and hate for the Twins Baseball. Also, the comments on the pitching staff were written before a cheese puff decided to disguise himself as Taylor Rodgers)

Lately, Jake Odorizzi has been...

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