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The Trade Route

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:31 PM
Ive heard rumblings of the Twins swinging a trade with the Tigers for a big name pitcher, and I have to assume it would be Boyd.   A...

Still waiting...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:27 PM
Per MLB Trade Rumors:   We’re closing in on the one-year anniversary of these memorable words from Twins GM Thad Levine: “The best m...

Front Page: Twins Offseason Trade Target: David Price

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:24 PM
Minnesota might have to get a little creative if the club fails to sign one of the top free agent pitchers. Gerrit Cole already signed a...

Dave St. Peter

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:24 PM
How powerful is Dave St. Peter, President and CEO of the Minnesota Twins MLB Team? In the Chain-of-Command he is the door between FalVine...

Front Page: Official Twins Winter Meetings Day 4 Thread

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:13 PM
The big news yesterday was superstar third baseman Anthony Rendon agreed to a deal with the Angels, but we also heard Eddie Rosario’s nam...



The Marlins, Caleb Smith, and Eddie

Posted by TwinkieTownKiller in TwinkieTownKiller Blog, 12 December 2019 · 80 views

While the Twins should absolutely be looking at deals with the Marlins, I question how viable it is. They have remarked how "incredibly high" the Twins price on Eddie Rosario is when they said the same thing about Nomar Mazara who was dealt for a high A outfielder. That just tells me that they aren't even looking for a reasonable deal, but one that is jus...

Free Agents

Posted by mikelink45 in mikelink45's Blog, 11 December 2019 · 293 views
bumgartner, free agents, twins

Free Agents When the best is off the table, then the second best is swept up, do we get desperate and jump at the left overs? If we cannot get what we want is it reasonable to say we should get what is left?

I cannot buy into that theory. If Bumgartner does not sign with us I can understand. Does that make Kuechel suddenly desirable? The real question is how doe...

Spending First or Not at All

Posted by Ted Schwerzler in Off The Baggy, 11 December 2019 · 360 views
minnesota twins and 4 more...

Last night the baseball world watched in awe of the contract that Gerrit Cole was handed by the New York Yankees. He signed the for the largest AAV and total contract value ever given to a pitcher. New York spending money isn’t surprising at all, but there’s a tickle down effect and how it impacts a team like the Twins remains to be seen.

It’s a great th...

3 Bold Predictions for the 2019 MLB Winter Meetings

Posted by Hansen101 in Hansen101's Blog, 08 December 2019 · 1,049 views

So far the 2019-2020 MLB offseason is getting off to a hot start, while the Atlanta Braves have been resigning some of their own Free Agents they signed Will Smith to a 3yr/$39M deal, they also signed Travis d’arnaud to a 2yr/$16M deal, they even signed Cole Hamels to a 1yr/$18M deal. The White Sox signed the top catcher on this year’s market by signing...

Plan B: Dallas Keuchel and Josh Donaldson

Posted by Nash Walker in The Special Season, 07 December 2019 · 2,198 views

Plan B: Dallas Keuchel and Josh Donaldson Somewhat expected news dropped on Saturday night when LaVelle E. Neal of the Star Tribune basically removed Hyun-Jin Ryu from the Twins' potential list of targets in his latest Winter Meetings primer article .

Similar to Zack Wheeler, Ryu has a preference to stay on the coast. For Wheeler, the east was most desirable. But for Ryu, he would like to remai...

Olney: Phillies Front Runner For Wheeler, Twins Not Mentioned

Posted by Dome Dogg in Dome Dogg's Blog, 04 December 2019 · 685 views

Per Buster Olney at ESPN (posted this morning), the Phillies are the front-runners for Wheeler. The Reds, White Sox and Rangers are also mentioned as possibilities.

"The bidding for right-hander Zack Wheeler continues to progress toward resolution, with the Philadelphia Phillies seen by sources as the most potent bidders -- and the Reds, White Sox and R...

Wheeler, Bumgarner, Ryu

Posted by BlakeAsk in BlakeAsk's Blog, 23 November 2019 · 2,731 views
zackwheeler, madisonbumgarner and 1 more...

Wheeler, Bumgarner, Ryu Last night the Twins Daily Twitter account tweeted out a poll, asking which free agent pitcher people would want the Twins to sign.

As I am typing this right now, 71% of people voted Wheeler, 15% voted Bumgarner, and 9% voted Ryu, with 5% saying they wouldn’t want any of the 3. I personally voted f...

The Epitome of Offseason Plans

Posted by terrydactyls1947 in A Look Back, 19 November 2019 · 1,172 views

You have all been very patient waiting for my 2019-2020 offseason plan. Your patience is now rewarded as I present to you the master plan for winning the 2020 World Series. {Cue the calliope.} This plan includes six free agency signings, one major trade, three contract extensions, and one token raise as a reward for a great year.

The Trade to End All...

Offseason Blueprint: Let's Make a Trade

Posted by dbminn in dbminn, 18 November 2019 · 1,505 views
twins, blueprint

My 2020 Offseason Blueprint builds a Twins roster that can win the World Series within the next two years. I’ve tried to address the three weaknesses that TD staff have ably outlined in previous articles:
A rotation depleted by free agency and in need of a second front-line starting pitcher.
Poor infield defense.
An inability to attract first-tier free ag...

Yet Another 2020 Blueprint: Wheeler and Ray, Let's Play!

Posted by Long Live La Tortuga in Long Live La Tortuga, 14 November 2019 · 1,563 views

Throw another log on the off-season blueprint fire because here's one more opinion about how the Twins should approach the winter. I believe this game plan is realistic and it would make the 2020 Twins a more complete team than the 2019 Twins. This off-season is all about adding quality pitching (hopefully a lot of it!), and my blueprint does just that....

My 2020 Twins Blueprint

Posted by beckmt in Views from the road, 12 November 2019 · 873 views

First I non-tender Cron, tough decision, but have too many moving parts to keep him.
This leaves me with
C - Garver
1B - Sano
2B - Arreaz
ss - Polonco
3B - Gonzalez
LF - Rosario
CF - Buxton
RF - Kepler
DH - Cruz

Of - Cave
OF - Wade
UTL - Adrianza
C - Like the thought of signing Maldenado for about $3

This should give me the flexibility in case Gordon...

Foot, Meet Throat: A 2020 Offseason Blueprint

Posted by TwinsO'Holic in Thoughts from The Catch, 11 November 2019 · 2,237 views
offseason, eddie rosario and 2 more...

Foot, Meet Throat: A 2020 Offseason Blueprint In January 2019, Thad Levine answered a question at Twins Fest:

"The best time to acquire players of that magnitude is when your window to win is wide open, not when you got your fingers underneath the window and you're trying to jam the window open. I want to do it when we're projected to win the Central and we're ready to put our foot on someone's thro...

2020 Offseason Blueprint

Posted by nmjohn4 in 2020 Offseason Blueprint, 11 November 2019 · 1,363 views


Coming off 101 wins in 2019, the Twins have put themselves in a position that GM’s could merely dream of. They only have around $70 million in guaranteed contracts and expected arbitration salaries on the books for 2020, making the possibilities almost endless. The window is open and it’s time to take full advantage of the roster and payro...

2020 Minnesota Twins Blueprint, version 1.0

Posted by Cory Engelhardt in Cory Engelhardt's Blog, 06 November 2019 · 2,401 views

Here is my first blueprint for the Twins offseason. I'm using baseballtradevalues.com to come up with the trade scenarios.

1) Let CJ Cron walk.
2) Re-sign Sergio Romo, 1 year 3 million. Re-sign Jason Castro, 1 years 6 million with an option.
3) Keep Odorizzi, either through QO or work out a 3 year deal.
4) Trade Eddie Rosario, Jordan Balazovic and Lewi...

From Contender to Champion: my plan for the 2020 Minnesota Twins

Posted by PSzalapski in A View from the Slot, 05 November 2019 · 3,754 views

This time last year, I gave an offseason blueprint that had the Twins winning 100 games in 2019. Commenter tarheeltwinsfan appreciated that, saying "I like your hope-filled optimism." Well, so did the Twins, and they one-upped it by winning 101, beating my overly-optimistic hope by a win.

What won the Twins the division in 2019 won't do so in 2020. They...

Another 2020 Blueprint

Posted by 3rd Inning Stretch in 3rd Inning Stretch's Blog, 03 November 2019 · 920 views

While I certainly chat with the white whales this offseason (Cole, Strasburg, Rendon), ultimately none land in Minnesota. That doesn't mean the offseason cannot be a success. I move forward with the following:

Zach Wheeler - 4 years/76 million
Mike Moustakas - 3 years/42 million
Jake Odorizzi - 3 years/39 million
Will Smith - 3 years/35 million
Jason Cas...

2020 Blueprint

Posted by sthpstm in Postma Posts, 30 October 2019 · 1,949 views

Here we go...this first one will hurt...
Trade Miguel Sano, Alex Kirilloff and Jhoan Duran or Balazovic to the Reds for Luis Castillo
Trade Eddie Rosario and a couple of lower prospects for Jeff Hoffman
Let Sam Dyson go
Pay Martin Perez his buyout
Project payroll: $67.5M

Sign Marcell Ozuna for 3 years, $36M
Sign Josh Donaldson for 2 years $45M
Sign Madis...

Building the 2020 Twins Bullpen

Posted by Matthew Taylor in Bomba Blog, 28 October 2019 · 1,747 views
minnesota twins, bullpen and 3 more...

If you read my article last week on the 2019 Minnesota Twins bullpen, then you already know my thoughts on how the season went. It was a roller coaster ride for the ages. For my article today, though, I will be moving past 2019 and looking ahead to the offseason. I will be looking at where things currently stand for the Twins bullpen, what decisions need...

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