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Article: Wouldja? Trading For Giants Closer Will Smith

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:08 AM
It’s easy to say we want the Twins to go out and get a top shelf reliever, but what exactly would one cost? Last year’s trade market can...

Article: Twins Minor League Report (7/15): Javier Breaks...

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 10:07 PM
We hear it from time to time, but it is a phrase that is important to remember. Player development is not linear. From the time a player...

Article: Twins Daily In June: A Record-Setting Month

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:36 PM
It’s important to occasionally reflect on the community that we’re building here, so we can make it better and acknowledge all the great...

Article: Is Taylor Rogers the AL’s Most Valuable Reliever?

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:17 PM
Taylor Rogers was an 11th round draft pick back in 2012. Here’s the list of players from that round that have a positive WAR at the big-l...

Article: Five Potential Dual Pitcher Trades the Twins Cou...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 09:15 PM
As we approach the trade deadline, it has become a widely accepted notion that the Minnesota Twins need to add one or two more pitchers i...



End of the Rope for Schoop?

Posted by Patrick Wozniak in Patrick Wozniak's Blog, 16 July 2019 · 0 views

With the trade deadline quickly approaching Twins fans are rightly focused on adding pitching to the major league roster. The offensive is still on a record setting home run pace and has great major and minor league depth, so any offensive additions would be superfluous. However, the Twins may be able to add by subtraction.

Jonathan Schoop may have been...

Phoenix Ascending: A Look Back at the 2016 Twins

Posted by Peter Wall in Rounding Second, 15 July 2019 · 250 views
minnesota twins

The year is 2016. The Chicago Cubs are well on their way to breaking their 108-year World Series title drought, Mike Trout is raking at an eventual MVP rate, and the Minnesota Twins are without a doubt the worst team in the Major Leagues.

On October 2, the season would mercifully end with a win over the division rival Chicago White Sox. Although the seas...

Making a Move for MadBum

Posted by Ted Schwerzler in Off The Baggy, 15 July 2019 · 561 views
minnesota twins and 2 more...

The Minnesota Twins are one of the most well positioned franchises in baseball to acquire serious assets this month. Needing help on the mound, the optimal plan would be in acquiring two relievers and a starter. Without knowing how it will shake out, we do know that Derek Falvey's club has been connected to the San Francisco Giants and Madison Bumgarner....

Who is our best pitcher?

Posted by mikelink45 in mikelink45's Blog, 13 July 2019 · 813 views
taylor rogers, jose berrios and 2 more...

Who is our best pitcher? I am struck by some comments about Gibson and Mejia and Littell in the July 13 recap and it makes me wonder how we would rank our own pitchers right now.

I would certainly have Rogers first and Blake Parker does not rate high on my faith index. Here is my attempt at ranking them all.

Taylor Rogers - two inning saves are great. 41 innings in 34 games,...

Why Didn't the Twins Make a Trade Already?

Posted by Mike Sixel in Mike Sixel's Blog, 12 July 2019 · 1,434 views

Edit to note: the tables are now fixed, I believe.

Fans, we are a demanding bunch! We want fixes now, and we want them cheap, so our favorite teams can do more fixing. I maybe spend too much time on Twins Daily, and I post a lot. That makes me wrong a lot……or maybe I’m just not all that good at this baseball thing, who knows. One of the main things being...

A Suggestion for the FO for The Trade Deadline

Posted by mike8791 in mike8791's Blog, 11 July 2019 · 1,001 views

Lots of great ideas for what Falvey and company should be doing this month. If you believe,as I do, that this team is for real and with a few significant upgrades, have a realistic chance to go far in October, then half-way measures will be hard to take for us long-suffering fans.

Hard to say if there is a greater need in the rotation or bullpen. Let's...

BaseballTradeValues.com is your new favorite website

Posted by Greg Logan in Bloop Singles, 10 July 2019 · 937 views

The other day I was listening to one of my go-to baseball podcasts, Effectively Wild. The hosts interviewed John Bitzer, creator of BaseballTradeValues.com. BTV is designed to simulate trades scenarios and estimate relative value of the players included, and the model incorporates variables like projected performance, prospect rankings, committed salary,...

MLB Realignment Doesn't Have to Wait

Posted by jtkoupal in Blog jtkoupal, 10 July 2019 · 890 views

It seems pretty clear at this point that a realignment is on the horizon in Major League Baseball. Different ideas have been shared, but the most popular and most sensible one is for baseball to realign their divisions so that the teams are in closer proximity to each other. Such an alignment would probably not help any team more than the Seattle Mariners...

2019 Season FA relievers at the half way point

Posted by diehardtwinsfan in Blog diehardtwinsfan, 09 July 2019 · 678 views

This is my second installment tracking all of the FA relievers. This was a personal nit to pick with the front office given the team's need and the plethora of available options. At the quarter pole though , the results were not as good as I'd have liked personally. At this point, the sample sizes are large enough that we should be able to get a feel for...

Strat-O-Matic Baseball: Rangers at Twins 7/6/19

Posted by Danchat in Danchat's Strat-O-Matic Blog, 07 July 2019 · 296 views
texas rangers and 1 more...

Game Summary

The Twins were able to scratch cross just a single run in the first, despite hitting 4 singles. Two of them were infield hits, not allowing for runners to take an extra base. Schoop struck out with the bases loaded to end the inning... and then Pineda fell apart.
Pineda gave up 2 runs in the second, 2 in the third, and despite pulling him...

Taylor Rogers Deserves to Be an All-Star

Posted by Thieres Rabelo in Brazilian Twins Territory, 07 July 2019 · 2,229 views

Taylor Rogers Deserves to Be an All-Star I think Taylor Rogers may have been the greatest Twin to be snubbed from anything since Joe Mauer didn’t get the 2017 Gold Glove. After earning the longest save from any Twins pitcher since 2000 yesterday against the Rangers (he retired all seven batters he faced) and becoming the pitcher with the most saves of three or more outs for the club this centur...

Update: Carrasco stepping away from baseball for health

Posted by TFRazor in TFRazor's Blog, 06 July 2019 · 760 views
carlos carrasco and 1 more...

Apparently Carlos Carrasco has been diagnosed with leukemia. While the Indians and MLB haven't made an official announcement, he gave an interview in the DR.


This is bigger than baseball. Hopefully he can get the treatment he needs.

This guy doesnt Scoop out....

Posted by huhguy in Blog huhguy, 27 June 2019 · 890 views

love Arreaz who doesnt? J Scoop hits an occasional homerun, but is he worth keeping around?

Id have trouble deciding between Scoop and Sano for next player outside looking in.

Is The Twins FO Actually Mad They Are Good?

Posted by Dome Dogg in Dome Dogg's Blog, 24 June 2019 · 1,555 views

Just throwing this out there: Is the Twins' front office actually maybe kinda sorta mad that the team is playing so well?

Obviously, this seems preposterous on its surface, but bear with me for a moment.

Falvine nailed it with almost every FA acquisition made this offseason, with most of the signings being short-term guys at spots the Twins have heral...

Why José Berríos is NOT the Twins' Game 1 Playoff Starter

Posted by GoGonzoJournal in The Foul Play-by-Play Twins Blog, 20 June 2019 · 1,828 views
jose berrios, martin perez and 3 more...

Why José Berríos is NOT the Twins' Game 1 Playoff Starter With the Tampa Bay Rays set to make the 2019 MLB Playoffs and turn the 115-year-old approach to playoff rotations on its head, it’s well past time for questioning the effectiveness of the traditional approach to postseason pitching. But it’s the Minnesota Twins and José Berríos who present the most interesting postseason pitching situation.

This was orig...

New Museum at CHS Field Highlights St. Paul Baseball History

Posted by Sarah in Blog Sarah, 17 June 2019 · 740 views

New Museum at CHS Field Highlights St. Paul Baseball History The state of hockey has met the city of baseball. This spring at CHS Field, home of the St. Paul Saints, heralded the opening of a new museum devoted to the history of the great American game in the capital city. In a 2,000 square foot space tucked down the left field line and free to ticket holders during Saints games, fans can learn about the memorable...

Tickets to tonight’s game for a veteran

Posted by Supfin99 in Supfin99's Blog, 12 June 2019 · 1,254 views

Hey everyone I just bought 4 season tickets for 20 games the rest of the season. I live in Dallas and will be going to just a few games when we come home and I will give some away to friends and family. I also want to use some of the games to raise money for a cause I feel strongly about, as former military, the Wounded Warriors Project. I’m hopeful tha...

Introducing Through a Child's Eyes

Posted by Tim Fredrickson in Through a Child's Eyes, 11 June 2019 · 767 views
family, twins, learning

Introducing Through a Child’s Eyes
A blog about how kids experiencing winning Twins baseball for the first time connect and have fun without concerns of payroll, unwritten rules, or judgement.

The Twins’s postseason run and World Series Championship in 1991 was the first time I really got into baseball. I remember the 1987 Championship, but not that w...

Houston is the new St. Louis

Posted by birdwatcher in birdwatcher's Blog, 11 June 2019 · 1,056 views

As regular readers might know, I've been following the baseball moves of the Twins ever since Chief suffered through First Communion. Yep. Since the early Washington Senators under their founder, George Washington.

I'm particularly intrigued by the challenges of talent evaluation and acquisition, and all that goes into it. This intrigue was heightened en...

Off Day Assessment, June 10, 2019

Posted by Kirby O'Connor in Kirby O'Connor's Blog, 10 June 2019 · 691 views
minnesota twins and 3 more...

It has been a week since the Minnesota Twins' last off day, and in that time they've played six games, all on the road and all against divisional opponents.

The Good:
The good news is that the Twins still don't have a losing segment on their schedule. This means that they have yet to have a losing road trip or home stand. The team ended the week with a...

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