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Spring Training Game Thread Test Run Twins vs. Red Sox,...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 03:28 PM
Claim victory in your heart, and the universe will follow.   Yeay! We Won!   (But what did we win? Discuss)   Lineups...

Kirilloff - LF or RF?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:48 PM
The linked post from MLB Trade Rumors suggests that Kirilloff will play RF come opening day.I assumed he would be in LF, since Kepler is...

Hopefully Simmons "issues" are not like Romero...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:10 PM
Per multiple sources, new Minnesota Twins shortstop Andrelton Simmons has been delayed to the team's camp by visa issues. The exact detai...

Reusse: Modern Game Unkind to Dozier, Plouffe

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 10:41 AM
I thought thatPatrick Reusse wrote an interesting article, something I know I have been thinking for the last few years.    htt...

Looking Back at Lewis Thorpe's Last Dominant Stretch

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:56 AM
Back in April of 2019, Lewis Thorpe put together back-to-back 12 K starts. Here are some highlights from those starts. He struggled to sh...



Rivalry Defines Twins 2021

Posted by Ted Schwerzler in Off The Baggy, 23 February 2021 · 831 views
minnesota twins and 2 more...

As the Minnesota Twins enter 2021 a new rivalry has emerged. With the Chicago White Sox looking like contenders a season ago, a full 162-game schedule should provide plenty of excitement between the two clubs.

Over the past couple of years Minnesota has been challenged at the top of the AL Central by the Cleveland Indians. They were a good team, with ple...

Josh Donaldson's calves?

Posted by Doctor Gast in Doctor Gast's Blog, 23 February 2021 · 1,497 views

I've thought about writing this blog for some time now. I trust that Donaldson is surrounded by professionals so I've restrained myself from writing on this subject.
I'd like to start with personal testimony. A short time ago, I had a surgery and was bed ridden for some time. As soon as I went back to my walking. As usual I stretched out and started my wa...

Twins Tunes #2: "Kitty Kaat"

Posted by SweetLou! in Twins Tunes, 18 February 2021 · 1,211 views
jim kaat, 65 twins, gold gloves and 1 more...

Twins Tunes #2: "Kitty Kaat" Hello and welcome to the second installment of Twins Tunes. My name’s Louie.

The second edition features Jim Kaat, Senators/Twins pitcher from 1959 to 1973. He also looks like he could be my uncle. And is also a lefty pitcher!

If you like what you hear, feel free to share it on social media and whatnot. I don’t have any of those anymore, so if this thin...

Prospects number 125-150

Posted by mikelink45 in mikelink45's Blog, 12 February 2021 · 1,359 views
minnesota twins, prospects and 1 more...

Prospects number 125-150 https://www.baseball...-to-the-majors/ It would be nice to think that everyone signed to a baseball contract would see a day in the majors, but here is what this site has to say, "Over three days in early June, more than 1,200 players will have their long-time dreams come true. They will hear their names call...

2021 Prospect Rankings: 1-8

Posted by Danchat in Danchat's Aggregated Prospect Rankings, 06 February 2021 · 3,044 views
lewis, danchat, larnach, kiriloff and 1 more...

#8 - Matt Wallner OF (1st Round 2019, Southern Miss)
Another bat-first prospect, Wallner has some serious power behind his bat after hitting 58 HRs at Southern Mississippi (in just 872 PAs!). He did alright at Elizabethton, and his main concern as a hitter will be limiting the strikeouts. Defensively he's a subpar runner and will be limited to corner OF...

Are the White Sox the favorite?

Posted by Physics Guy in Blog Physics Guy, 06 February 2021 · 1,685 views

Who will win the AL Central in 2021? Since the White Sox traded for Lance Lynn, added Adam Eaton to address a need in the OF and then spent big to add Liam Hendriks to their bullpen, the White Sox have been the favorite to win the division. ESPN recently posted their projected All-Stars for 2021. Let's just say it was much kinder to the White Sox:


Falvey and Levine Have Earned Our Trust Once Again

Posted by Allen Post in The POSTseason, 04 February 2021 · 1,511 views
derek falvey, thad levine and 2 more...

Falvey and Levine Have Earned Our Trust Once Again Derek Falvey and Thad Levine have landed two more big free agency punches. The intrepid front office duo ended their extended standoff with Nelson Cruz Tuesday night, signing the beloved DH a one-year $13 million deal. Then, they bolstered the bullpen Wednesday afternoon by adding Alex Colomé to an affordable one-year contract with a mutual option for a s...

Roster, financial flexibility says no to Cruz reunion

Posted by South Dakota Tom in South Dakota Tom's Blog, 30 January 2021 · 1,473 views
cruz arraez larnach kiriloff

Right now, I'd project the opening day lineup to consist of Sano at 1b, Polanco at 2b, Simmons at ss, Donaldson at 3b, Arraez in LF, Buxton in CF, Kepler in RF, and Garver catching. Assuming a 13-man position player active roster, that leaves 5 spots open. Ryan Jeffers is one. Jake Cave is another. At some point, sooner rather than later, Alex...

Does the Simmons Move Hint at Which SP the Twins Could Target?

Posted by Andrew Luedtke in Thoughts from The Catch, 27 January 2021 · 2,768 views
simmons, dobnak, pitching and 1 more...

Does the Simmons Move Hint at Which SP the Twins Could Target? Twins fans were rightfully excited about acquring slick fielding SS Andrelton Simmons last night .

If you want to spend a fun 10 mintues, check out his defensive highlight reel here .

There's no doubt that grabbing the best defensive SS since Ozzie Smith will upgrade the Twins roster.

Combine Simmons with already strong defenders in Buxton, Donaldson,...

Infield Defense: Then VS Now

Posted by Jamie Cameron in Curveball Blog, 27 January 2021 · 1,134 views

There’s no doubt that the Falvey/Levine regime in Minnesota has stamped the organization with its own unique culture and identity. Since their arrival in advance of the 2020 season, leadership has taken the holistic approach needed to bring an organization like the Twins up to speed, to become and remain a competitor.
Falvey and Levine have focused their...


Posted by mike8791 in mike8791's Blog, 27 January 2021 · 800 views

About an hour before Andrelton Simmons signed with the #MNTwins, one source suggested they’d pivot to Simmons after missing out on Marcus Semien. Same person believes club has two more moves ahead before the offseason is out.

As happy as Twin fans are over the Simmons' signing(probably the Twins best FA signing besides Donaldson), the above quote from P...

Remaining Offseason Needs: DH

Posted by ebergdib in ebergdib's blog, 24 January 2021 · 1,255 views
nelson cruz, marcell ozuna

If the season started tomorrow, the Twins would not favored to repeat as division champions. Don’t get me wrong, I would say they still have good odds to make the playoffs, but I wouldn’t hold my breath for a ticker tape parade down Nicollet Mall the first week of November. On paper, the current squad weighs in slightly below that of the 2020 team. Top pr...

A Nostalgic Favorite: Revisiting Major League II

Posted by Chris Spicer in Spicer's Baseball Movie Reviews, 22 January 2021 · 1,460 views
baseball, movie, major league and 2 more...

A Nostalgic Favorite: Revisiting Major League II What’s the worst that could happen bringing back an iconic baseball classic back for more hijinks and fun 5 years later? When this movie came out back in 1994 and I was 11 years old and I remember this being the movie that got me most excited to watch anything baseball. I saw this in a 2-screen theater in Grand Forks, ND (where I’m from) with my friends w...

The State of the Rotation

Posted by Tyy1117 in Extra Innings, 20 January 2021 · 938 views
j.a. happ, rotation, pitcher

It's a new day in the United States, Joe Biden is now the President. It's also a new day for the back of the Minnesota Twins' rotation, J.A. Happ is now the number 4 starter.

38 year old J.A. (pronounced like "jay" not "j" "a") Happ has signed an $8 Million, 1 year deal to pitch in Minnesota. Happ isn't a particularly sexy signing, but he has been a pro...

White Sox best team in AL. Seriously?

Posted by Supfin99 in Supfin99's Blog, 13 January 2021 · 1,207 views

So ESPN and Jeff Passan just published an article saying the White Sox are the team to beat now in the American League. He feels that way now due to them signing Hendricks. Now Hendricks is a very good reliever and might be the best closer in all of baseball. But how much better did he actually make them? If the White Sox had a bullpen like the Phillies l...

Off-Season Blueprint: Punting at DH

Posted by Vanimal46 in Minnesota Twins Whine Line, 04 December 2020 · 3,080 views

It's Friday afternoon, and I'm counting the minutes until the weekend. Let's make a plan.

For this exercise, I started with Matthew Taylor's spreadsheet on Twinspayroll.com, and used $125 million as the top spending level. My goal is to fall $5-10 million under that to reflect closer to a 15% payroll discount.

When I started the exercise, I wondered how...

The Eddie Rosario Almanac

Posted by Matt Johnson in The Twins Almanac, 02 December 2020 · 3,158 views
eddie rosario

The Eddie Rosario Almanac Now that the Eddie Rosario Experience is almost certainly over, let's take a look back at some of his contributions to Twins history. This is just what appears in my Twins Almanac spreadsheet. Please contribute your own Eddie trivia, fun facts, or cool stories in the comments section. And if you're into this kind of stuff, follow me on Twitter at TwinsAl...

Prediction: The Twins are Heading to Wichita (and maybe St. Paul too)

Posted by nowheresville in One Post Blog, 14 November 2020 · 11,012 views
minors, wichita, pensacola and 1 more...

Minor League Baseball is going to see massive changes in 2021, and the Twins have already signaled that they will be among the teams seeing the biggest shakeups. There has been plenty of speculation that St. Paul will become their new AAA home, but it's my belief that whether or not that happens, the Twins will end up with a Minor League Team in Wichita,...

Milldaddy's 2021 Offseason Blueprint

Posted by milldaddy35 in Milldaddy35's Blog Area, 03 November 2020 · 3,770 views

What's up everyone? You may know me from the forums as I have created and introduced multiple game threads throughout my time spent at TwinsDaily, and have also created offseason blueprints in the past. This year is the hardest one I will have done, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and it's affect on spending both on the Minnesota Twins, as well as baseba...