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    Bemidji native transplanted to Lafayette, Indiana. Ph.D. in Philosophy from Purdue in December 2008. Currently an adjunct instructor at Ivy Tech Community College and I also work for the Lafayette Journal & Courier at the sports copy desk. Still rabid Twins fan. I am married with a son who will celebrate his first birthday at the beginning of March.
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    Philosophy Instructor and Sport copy desk editor


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    Reading, watching good movies, blogging, thinking about the Twins, pretending I am the Twins GM, etc

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  1. After the 2020 season is the perfect time to extend. The two sides will be much closer to each other.
  2. Now that 2020 is what it is: 2021: 16 million 2022: 17 million 2023: 18 million (FA 1) 2024: 19 miilion (FA 2) 2025: 15 million (option) (5 million buyout) 5 years/75 (with buyout) 5 years/85 (with option) Add yearly $1 million incentives for 4.0 K/BB ratio
  3. I like the deal quite a bit, actually. Graterol is likely not going to be a starter capable of 180+ innings until 2022.
  4. Absolutely a lock, and all of the reasons mentioned are good ones. And his defensive value should not be understated. April was terrible in 2019, and has been a problem throughout his career. Of course he should also be trade bait at some point, barring injury to regulars.
  5. He is not going to take any of these lower deals. No way. I would go for this, right now: 2020 = 7 2021 = 16 2022 = 16 2023 = 16 2024 = 14 (option), 5 (buyout) 5 years/60 guaranteed
  6. Give him a full year starting in A, and look to 2021 for him to maybe move from A+ to AA. 2023 would be potential ETA.
  7. I would like it to be: vs. RH: Polanco Donaldson Cruz Kepler Sano Rosario Arraez Garver Buxton vs. LH: Garver Donaldson Cruz Sano Kepler Buxton Arraez Rosario Polanco (How performances unfold could obviously change this, esp. with regard to Garver, Arraez, Buxton, and Polanco)
  8. If Buxton were to go down with a significant injury, I would look at this. Otherwise no.
  9. Against lefties (given Polanco's struggles as a RH bat): Garver Donaldson Cruz Sano Rosario Kepler Buxton Arraez Polanco vs. righties: Polanco Arraez Donaldson Cruz Rosario Sano Kepler Garver Buxton
  10. I literally asked this same question maybe four years ago (the team was the Marlins): if we are to trade with Cleveland, why not trade for Nick Wittgren? I can't imagine trading with Cleveland until the gap is insurmountable, but wouldn't it be something if the guy I clamored for in the 2012 draft became a Twin finally? He is having his best year with 30 K and 4 BB in 27.1 IP, with a 2.37 FIP. He has actually gotten better all four years in the majors.
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