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  1. Your 'worst case' scenario is exactly why you add someone like Machado now. If you wait until you are sure that you have something then it is too late. And there are indications that some of those young players (Sano especially) aren't interested in signing any contracts that buy out FA years. I would absolutely take an MVP caliber player at SS/3B in his prime and worry about the chance that multiple good young players take the step towards superstardom and are willing to sign long term contracts.
  2. If your plan is to wait until a core of prospects all come up together to make any significant moves then the Twins will be bad for a very long time. I like value shopping as much as anyone. Sometimes is works and sometimes it is Morales/Lynn but but that doesn't mean the Twins can never identify a player that they really want and choose to overpay. All avenues should be looked at for player acquisition and just because the Twins are merely a mid market team that doesn't mean that they should ignore making big moves. And the Twins should definitely stop operating like a small market team from the 80s and 90s regardless of the results of 2 of those teams.
  3. I don't understand the reasons to not sign Machado. Unless of course TD has been infiltrated by Pohlad agents. Block Gordon? Was this sarcasm? Gordon is an average player at best and a disappointing utility player at worst. Extend their own future stars? Who is a future star? Buxton? Sano? Kepler? Polanco? Rosario? Perhaps Berrios but the Twins don't really have future stars. They so far have unfulfilled potential and I am not going to not take opportunities if they are available. He isn't a pitcher. Pitching still needs works so this is somewhat valid but if you have an opportunity to add an MVP caliber player then you do it. Not a winner? Pretty soon there will be an argument about clutch hitting... At some point the Twins need to stop being so conservative about moves and chasing value. I think they have made some nice value moves this offseason but the Twins remain an 80+ win team and they will stay there for the foreseeable future unless they find a way to add some significant talent.
  4. I guess the best thing of this is that it was done before it became a lingering issue over the organization like the Butler fiasco became. I still don't regret the Butler trade itself. The alternate option would have been to play it safe and continue to be middling. They took a chance and it didn't work and even then they came out of it with Covington and Saric. The big issues are the extensions where the Wolves essentially found themselves trapped. If you don't keep your own young talent then you have to be able to sign guys on the open market. The other big issue is that he wasn't able to make the Butler thing work as a coach.
  5. Grossman would be great for the current Twins if they had a DH that 'could' play a skill position and weren't likely to bring back Austin as a bench bat (not to mention Garver on the bench). But with current construction he just doesn't fit well. Or basically at all.
  6. the math doesn't even come close to adding up. Milb ballplayers make 10-20K/yr. 8 Million dollars only gives 100 minor leaguers the raise that you are talking about. There aren't nearly enough players on the 40 man roster to reduce the total number of minor leaguers needing a raise to 100. 8M/yr/team is a much closer estimate.
  7. That was what my napkin math was showing. 8M is a pretty significant expense for a team. I think they could certainly increase the pay though. Perhaps doubling (an extra 2M/team) would be huge for the MiLB players and be somewhat manageable for the team.
  8. I am fine keeping Grossman but that means someone else (like Austin is out the door). I do like what he contributes within the narrow scope of what he does well. The problem like you say is that he has a very narrow list of positives.
  9. Those numbers just don't add up at all. Teams have at least 150 MiLB players x 30 teams. And if you were only talking about full season ball then there are close to a 100 players/team.
  10. Pretty much the only reason that a team wouldn't offer arbitration to a starter like Odorizzi is if they had an absolutely stacked rotation where there was a better option. His stats are unimpressive but nothing kills a season faster than having 2-3 revolving doors in the rotation.
  11. This is the Wolves team we thought we had before the Butler trade except we swapped out Lavine, Dunn and spare parts for Covington, Saric, Rose (he actually has value?) and Gibson. The Butler trade was a bomb but I like the thinking behind it. And that thinking is that building a team that losing in the 1st rd each year isn't that great so take a chance and go for it. They were still able to get some value back and the two main pieces fit really well into this team. And now they can go back to losing in the 1st rd. The Wiggins situation was called by quite a few that obsess about the advanced stats but most of us ignored it and just dreamed about the raw talent. The Dieng situation is the 2nd biggest issue on the team. His contract made sense when he was starting at the 4 spot and doing alright. But then they brought in Gibson and made him into a backup center getting 10+ minutes/game. Only 2.5 years remaining...
  12. I can't see this really going anywhere unless the Twins end up in the right place at the right time and AZ just wants to make a deal (below what we consider likely value) or Goldschmidt signs an extension. I would happily take Greinke though for minimal prospect cost.
  13. So Tony Allen (or any good defender) is Jimmy Butler lite? I think Covington is exactly the right piece that the Wolves needed. I really like Saric (and always like Bjelica) but I am not as sure about his fit since Covington is the only average or better defender on the floor aside from Gibson (who Saric replaces) most of the time.
  14. I think the Jimmy Lite comparison doesn't really work aside from defense. He doesn't need the ball on offense whereas Butler needed the ball. This trade basically boils down to the Wolves getting two players that are exactly the roles that they needed. Floor spacers that don't need the ball in their hands because they already have plenty of guys that need the ball. This team will be better w/o Jimmy (great player) and compete for a playoff spot imo. Tough conference though.
  15. I think there is more to it (KAT sucking) than suck it up and play. KAT is shooting 48% - 42% - 91%. The problem is that the offense had offensive black holes everywhere and not running anything to use KAT. Talent wise the Wolves lose this trade big time but overall they got 2 pieces that fit really well in a 3 and D big wing that can handle the slew of great wings in the league and a 3 pt shooting big. Best part of the deal is that Covington and Saric shoot 10+ 3's/game combined.
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