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  1. A .271 average isn’t good when you don’t hit the ball hard he’s an upgrade over Simmons sure but for Garver is an absolute joke
  2. Very dumb trade… just proves this front office has no clue what is going on!!!
  3. 4 in the top 100 sorry but you are way wrong with that observation
  4. Trades lol like who?? One of Oakland’s pitchers tell me who we are giving up because it’s gonna cost not only top prospects but also MLB ready talent
  5. How can we be competitive with Bailey ober and joe Ryan as our only starting pitchers and a slew of free agent pitchers already off the board this team is going to lose 100 games next year
  6. I won’t watch a game this year if Jake Cave makes the team!!!!!
  7. Yes trade him while his value is high this pitching staff is not competing next year so load up on prospects!!!
  8. Dear Rocco, will you just please leave Luis at the top of the order he seems to do a lot better when he knows where he’s hitting coming into the ball park!!!
  9. Trade him in the off-season when his value is super high right now!!!!
  10. Do you think this same team is going to compete next year.. with Berrios being our number 1…no it’s not so y not sell high on him while he’s the best starting pitcher on the market
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