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  1. Yes trade him while his value is high this pitching staff is not competing next year so load up on prospects!!!
  2. Dear Rocco, will you just please leave Luis at the top of the order he seems to do a lot better when he knows where he’s hitting coming into the ball park!!!
  3. Trade him in the off-season when his value is super high right now!!!!
  4. Do you think this same team is going to compete next year.. with Berrios being our number 1…no it’s not so y not sell high on him while he’s the best starting pitcher on the market
  5. In my opinion it’s time to cut bait and do a rebuild with the news of Kiriloffs wrist!!! This team is not contending with the White Sox or even the Royals next year. It’s time to sell high on Berrios he’s been at best a mid rotation stater who flashes number 2 potential from time to time over the past few years trade him while the time is right!! Unload Donaldson if you can just to get out from under the money!! Trade Duffey and rodgers too they should both get back something decent
  6. I really don’t think this team is gonna contend next year either. Not either the way we can’t get in their prime free agents to come here so trade high on berrios which at his best has ever been a number 2 at best.. trade Donaldson if u can just for salary relief and let’s get our minors healthy and shoot for 2023
  7. Can we please stop bringing up 2019 and the juiced ball year… other than that year alone he’s been border line serviceable
  8. The front office has been very slow in promoting prospects who have dominated their leagues… Julien and Miranda are a couple other ones who should be promoted too!!!
  9. With that slash against lefties he should be batting cleanup not lead off
  10. Mackenzie gore has kinda stalled out at AAA but still would’ve taken him or Greene over Royce… Royce has had his struggles and has only looked elite when he won the AFL MVP in 2019
  11. Man just can’t catch a break this year… hopefully Canterino doesn’t need it either!!!
  12. Can we please stop referencing the 2019 team that season was an anomaly with the juiced ball!!!!
  13. The rays have been terrible developing catchers I would involve Jeffers too
  14. I would personally be happy to offer up Kirilloff and a few other prospects for him!!! What do you guys think he would cost and would you pull the trigger or not???
  15. I’m curious is to how one can right an article on 5 overreactions pretty sure these are all facts!!!! Not overreactions
  16. I’ll never forget the game he dropped the F Bomb on live TV that was great!!!!
  17. The Saints are playing in Sioux Falls S.D. did I read that right???? I live in Sioux Falls and have heard nothing about this. Our amateur baseball team however has started up but they are the canaries
  18. I will no longer be a member of TwinsDaily because of this post how dare you condemn this young man because he chooses to believe in what he believes in and if you don’t believe blue lives matter too then you yourself are also part of the problem what a joke of an article!!!!!
  19. Honestly this was the dumbest article ever posted on TD where are the moderators at to keep this garbage off this site????!!!!!!
  20. Why is Edwin even on this list definitely zero percent chance the Twins even contact his agent I mean come on really???
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