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Dog in Christmas Sweater Urges Twins to Sign Byron Buxton


Recently, a dog in Christmas sweater reached out and urged the Twins to sign Byron Buxton. 

Roxy, a 5-year-old dog in a festive Christmas sweater, has two messages this holiday season.

“I would very much like a treat, and the Minnesota Twins should sign Byron Buxton to an extension,” said Roxy.

The dog, a Staffordshire bull terrier, hopes the gaudy garment draws attention to her message.

“Everyone sees a dog in an ugly sweater and they lose their damn minds,” said Roxy. “Now that I have their attention, I can get them to see the golden opportunity of a long-term deal for one of the game’s dynamic talents. Make no mistake, I hate wearing people clothes and go to great lengths to avoid it, including carpet urination and defiling stuffed animals. But this is important.”

Roxy said Buxton’s extensive injury history, while a concern, was outweighed by the center fielder’s overall game.

“In the field he saves your starting pitcher a run every game,” said the dog, pausing to bark at the doorbell for 45 seconds before continuing. “And his offense has finally caught up to his elite defense. He hit 19 home runs in 60 games last year. This is the rare chance for a team like Minnesota to retain a superstar in his prime oh my god A BUNNY RABBIT!”

Roxy observed a rabbit in the backyard, tore out the doggy door, and unsuccessfully chased it around the backyard. She wandered back into the house.

“As I was saying, Buxton’s health actually affords the Twins a chance to get him on an affordable, incentive-laden deal,” said the dog, catching her breath. “If he had been healthy and producing like he did for 162 games in 2021, the price tag would have given the Pohlads a nosebleed.”

Roxy noted that she also “did her business” while protecting the household from the bunny threat, and said you should clean it up before one of the kids stepped in it. She ended the interview to go nap in a sunbeam for three hours.

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