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  1. I came here to say Ralph Houck, but I’m not sure I would have spelled it correctly.
  2. I’ve read all of these comments, and I have to say, that while I agree with some, disagree with others, wish a few had been stated differently, I am so very grateful for Twins Daily.
  3. I believe a guy like Arraez has had to focus almost entirely on hitting to get to the majors. Is there a possibility that he can improve significantly in the field if he puts more energy into that part of his game? I like to think that is possible. Probable? Maybe not, but a guy who can hit like he does must have a fair bit of untapped potential when he’s wearing a glove. It promises to be fun to watch his career.
  4. Oh to be as clueless as Patrick, and to experience all the pain of that game at once! As wagwon suggested, it is a great ride to "live and die on every pitch." What's wrong with this picture? We've endured years of mediocrity to get to this point, and now, for some of us, it's too stressful to watch!!
  5. I would suggest that when you speak to the manager, you might offer your critique in a more kind manner. I also will get caught when there is a difficult sentence, and wish for a little cleaner writing. At the same time, I bet there would be less of a reaction to your post from the likes of me if you left out the "cluster**" type of comment...
  6. The rule states that the batter must be "entirely outside the batter's box." The crazy thing - or at least until Cora lost his mind - watching on the MLB app - Jack Morris did not know the rule. How do you not know that rule? That seemed extremely odd to me. Also, how could Cora really believe that Rosario had left the box entirely? Rosey was way out there, but the box is pretty dang big. And it always has been. Cora's entire career its been that big... Man. That seems to betray the fact that the BoSox are not that good, are not playing that well, and are beginning to see a future that does not include them in the playoffs this year.
  7. Joe Posnanski wrote a great piece on how Ichiro was truly one of a kind. I remember it well, a fun read. I was surprised it was in 2010. You probably would enjoy it. (By “you” I mean a person who would read TD! https://www.si.com/more-sports/2010/03/25/unique-ichiro
  8. I wouldn't call you a heretic. I just find comments like this to be something less than insightful. I thought I was watching greatness. Those who played the game with him thought they were watching greatness. I value their opinion. As Big Al says, we won't have Joe to kick around anymore; but apparently we'll have to endure that kicking for a while before it finally fades into the background.
  9. I have been pretty frustrated with the bullpen stuff for a while. I have this question about MLB teams in general: Is the overuse of a reliever or the reliance on the hot hand simply the manager’s fault? What say does the bullpen coach have? If one guy is being overused or under utilized, does the bullpen coach just complain to his wife when he goes home? I have never looked, but do most other teams have a similar distribution among their relievers? Do most teams have a distribution that is much more even on their staff? Is our critique of Molitor based on an ideal that doesn’t exist? Also - re: Molitor staying with the Twins. Anyone who is going to be an MLB manager has enough ego strength to deal with a person of integrity like Paul Molitor sticking around with the Twins and continuing to bring his talents to bear.
  10. Part of what adds to the mystery of MOY’s lukewarm response to Astudillo is the fact that this is what he wants (needs) from guys like Buxton and Sano. They need to put the ball in play. I think he’s even said as much.
  11. Is overuse one word to two?Over use. Frustrating. Don’t they have a whole bunch of relievers?
  12. I should have simply checked - Buxton’s strikeout rate is over 42%. He seems so lost at the plate, and one thing that’s tough to watch is how passive and reactive he seems during his at bats. Byron is such a wonderful athlete who moves so well, and he looks like a statue up there, rather than the elite, athletic ball player he is. He doesn’t necessarily need a leg kick, but his present approach does not seem to offer him a chance to tap into his God given gifts. I sure hope he figures it out, it will be wonderful if he does.
  13. I’m with Seth on the overreaction suggestion. At the same time, I think Mr. Buxton needs to stay in the minors until he puts together a full week with a strikeout rate closer to 10%, rather than 25%, much less wherever he’s at for this short stint in Rochester. It seems to be near 40% this past week.
  14. I rather doubt Sano is a problem in the clubhouse. I do wish he - and for that matter, everyone else on the team, coaches included - would quit griping about strike calls. (Except Mauer, he’s the only one who’s earned that right) A couple days ago the thought occurred to me that I wish Sano and Buxton would go down to the minors and learn how to strike out less. Watching a Buxton at bat has been like fingernails on a chalkboard. (And I’m a huge Buxton bobo) (btw - should bobo be capitalized?) Baseball is so difficult, and it is easy for fans to forget that. Look at Goldscmidt’s struggles, or McCutcheon, or Kemp or or or... The Twins development of players MAY deserve criticism, but there are so many factors to all of this, little can be said for certain. As to disgruntled players. PG Wodehouse said of someone, that if he wasn’t disgruntled, he wasn’t exactly gruntled either.
  15. That is a good point, but I wonder: - It could be that if he doesn't slide, the swipe tag misses him because he's going faster than the catcher can swipe. Kepler possibly could have stayed on his feet and brushed past McCann there. I've seen many plays at home where sliding was the wrong option. Not that I would have been able to suppress the instinct to slide - but running through is always faster...
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