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  1. Sign him somehow, someway. I’ve watched the twins and listened and followed since 61 Byron Buxton has the highest ceiling of any player in the game. I’d pay to watch him play every day. It would end my 60 year obsession with the Twins if they don’t. Imagine watching him lead another team to a World Series championship couldn’t handle that.
  2. I’m 75, big twins fan since 61 I would even listen to Ray Scott and Halsey Hall broadcasting late night west coast games. Seen all the great twins players and teams. If the Twins don’t sign Byron, I’m done. Instead of watching, attending or listening to almost every game, I’ll quit all of it for good. He signs, I’ll continue to be a super Twins backer. I’m stubborn and really mean this. I’m just 1 fan, but I’ll bet there’s a lot more like me. 2 of my best lifelong buddies are pledging the same thing. Cmon Twins, make the rest of my senior years fun, watching the best player ever lead the team. Thanks
  3. Buxton is the most important player to the Twins going forward. He’s the one we love to watch play by far the most.
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